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Things You Need to Keep in Mind for The First Time an International Travel

There's so much to see in the world, and you are so excited that you're going to go out and experience it. Even for a mature traveler, overseas travel can be stressful. However, for a first-time traveler, it might be completely overwhelming.

First, there's the pre-trip planning, such as getting a passport if you don't already have one, applying for visas, deciding where you'll stay and how you'll get from point A to point B. But the beauty of travel is that you don't have to know everything; it's a learning experience. As long as you have some basic information to cover the most critical components of your first international trip, you'll have plenty of room to develop and learn, as well as gain some confidence for your future journey overseas.

First Time International Travel

Travel agents | Guide of Corporate Travel Trends in July 2021

This is the era of the nomad. As the next generation of customized travel emerges, so will the study and development of a slew of new "intelligent" services. In recent years, command-and-control travel views have grown significantly, putting the passenger and the productivity of each journey at risk.

Guide of Corporate Travel Trends

Which Desert Safari is Best in Dubai?

Dubai is the land of manmade and natural marvels. Travel enthusiasts from all over the world follow their passion to seek thrills in Dubai. From dining in the Dubai Marina to dune bashing in a desert safari tour, this extravaganza is worth chasing! If you are more into adventures, go for a desert safari. This place is one ground for limitless fun. In the following read, you’ll discover what night camping in a deserted land looks like.

best desert safari in dubai

Plan Smart to Make Your Berlin Trip More Memorable

berlin trip

Best places to visit and things to do in Kerala for a thrilling experience

7 most amazing places to see and things to do in Kerala 

amazing places in Kerala

7 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2021

The year 2020 must have awakened the traveler inside you. The days spent inside the four walls of your house must have rekindled romance with the wanderer you tame so carefully. Now that the world has resumed its regularities, you can start planning your vacations as well. 

Got a problem? Can’t decide where to go? Know which continent you want to take over this time but unsure where to extract information about the place from? First of all, there are various places where you can plan your next visit - and numerous travel blogs where people discuss their first-hand experiences. 

Need to go on a road trip? Maybe someplace exotic with tropical beaches and beautiful scenery? Climb a mountain, possibly? Well, we have compiled a list of blogs that can help you plan your next trip! These bloggers know exactly what they’re talking about - they can help you plan out finances, hotels, and commute, etc. By following their guidelines, you can save yourself from the hassle and truly enjoy. 

7 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

9 Best Places to visit in Washington State

Places to visit in Washington DC

Process To Fill The Driving License Application Form Online

In a country like India, public transportation is available almost in every niche.But the luxury of having a car of your own is a desire for nearly everyone in today's age. Also, it is better to have an owned vehicle for immediate need in case of urgency. In India, if you want to drive a car or any other automobile, you must hold a legitimate driving license. Driving your vehicle without a Driving License (DL) is recognized as a punishable crime. Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 declared that no individual should be permitted to drive a motor vehicle without a driving license in a public place. So, make sure to keep your license with you while driving a vehicle, or you will have to pay the penalty for it. The driving license application was considered a lengthy and tiresome procedure in earlier times. But it has become quite manageable with changing times and technological advancements. Applying for it online is simple; this can avoid the trouble of standing in long queues for hours. So, if you are keen to drive a vehicle and do not possess a valid license, fill out the application form and accumulate the required documents for a driving license.

Driving License Application Form Online

Top 10 Places to Visit in Glasgow - the Dear Green Place in Scotland

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is knowns for its cultural heritage. It offers travellers a varied experience during their visit to museums, parks, historical monuments, and shopping sites. The city is full of characters and colours with a unique neighbourhood, amazing architecture, and an evolving destination for foodies. 

The vibrant city has plenty of sights and structures to visit if you plan a vacation in a Scottish city. If you are a history buff, the place has many cathedrals, churches, and museums to offer. It also has an eventful nightlife with some great clubs and a drinking scene.

Places to Visit in Glasgow

Top Places to visit in Uttar Pradesh and have truly “Amazing Heritage Grand Experiences”

Place to visit in Uttar Pradesh

Best profitable travel business ideas of 2021

Properly, starting any kind of commercial enterprise or travel business ideas doesn’t necessarily imply you stay in one location – even the so-called brick and mortar retail store permits touring.

travel business ideas

Why Serviced Apartments can be a great stay option for vacationers?

Radical shift in Travel & Hospitality Sector

The travel & hospitality industry is undergoing a radical shift and that is evident from the way travel is conducted all over the world post-pandemic times. One of the biggest factors that can dictate the course and direction of the travel industry is safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of travel operation right from travel reservation to hotel stay to transportation booking. Most travel industry experts opine that it will take several years from now for the industry to restore what has been lost since 2020. It is an uphill task for the industry to return to its primordial state as in the pre-pandemic era. Another important area of travel is business travel which nosedived into a new low like never before. The great fall started even before the pandemic when economic recession hit most countries. All said and done safety and convenience are the two factors that can easily influence the travel and hospitality sector moving into the pandemic. 

Why Serviced Apartments can be a great stay option for vacationers?

Role of Vaccine for Travel Post-Pandemic

Background of Vaccination program

The year 2020 had been a smooth-ride for active travellers across the world until a virus Tsunami took the world by storm. The Novel Coronavirus, or more popularly the COVID-19, whose traces were first discovered in the quaint town of Wuhan in China, will go on to consume millions of lives, destroy livelihoods clinically and shatter an already fragile global economy.  By March 2020, almost half of the world went into lockdown to contain the menacing pandemic which was spreading its ugly tentacles over the world with full vigour. The first wave of the pandemic that began around March 2020 left the whole world baffled and clueless. And those who actually survived and considered themselves lucky still lived in a perpetual fear of uncertainties and complexities.

Role of Vaccine for Travel

Facts About Best Tents Tall Enough To Stand Up [2021]

The greatest camping tents for tall people are those that allow you to stand up in them. However, dome tents with larger dimensions are available, allowing a taller individual over 6 feet to lie down comfortably without having their legs twisted and cramped up.

Best Tents Tall Enough To Stand Up

The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

Be it the scent of maple syrup, thunders of Niagara Falls, the excitement of the Ice Hockey event, or the unheard stories of Northern Lights, Canada is a multi-faceted destination. Plunging valleys, lofty mountains, crystal glaciers, dramatic cliffs, limestone caves and giant waterfalls, the country has an endless variety of geographical features. You can scale gorgeous coastlines, kayak through rainforests, browse Asian market, stumble upon polar bears and whisper ‘ah’ watching the incredible attractions. You will come for the landscape, and stay for the people. 

To help you decide the itinerary, here are the most beautiful places in Canada that will bring out the photographer in you:

1. Banff National Park

The first national park in Canada, Banff stretches in 6,641 square kilometres and is tucked in the magnificent Canadian Rockies. It was back in 1883 when the railway workers found a natural hot spring, — eventually, the area was expanded and the park was born. Today, it is dotted with hulking mountains, a thousand glaciers, a modern spa, outdoor pools, regional museum, hotels, cafe and more. It is a perfect weekend getaway where you can explore numerous activities in every season. Go for white water rafting, golfing, mountain climbing, canoeing, bird-watching, skiing and fishing. Do not miss the world’s most photographed Lake Louise.

Banff National Park

The Wilderness – Perfect Tourist Destination in Himachal Pradesh

Who doesn’t love to spend quality time in the laps of mountains? The cold climate, tranquillity, a little adventure, and a whole lot of fun are what you can get from the beautiful ranges of the Himalayas in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda is among the most charming, scenic, and serene places in Himachal Pradesh. This place is situated at an altitude of 2708 meters and is blessed with the spectacular view of a beautiful valley, majestic Himalayan ranges, gushing Sutlej River, dense forests, and whatnot. So, for your next trip to Himachal Pradesh, you must consider visiting Narkanda for the overwhelming landscapes and peaceful views. Narkanda is surely a delight for all nature lovers and thus, this place has several stay options ranging from budget accommodations to luxury resorts. It is an absolute chance for all nature lovers, adventurers, and backpackers to get what they want. Take a trip to this beautiful town to explore the beautiful stay properties, the majestic mountains, and evergreen forests. 

Dedicate A Morning/ Evening For One Of These Best Walks To Take In Chennai.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home” - Mary Davis

Walking at your own pace, admiring the magic the sun creates as it rises and sets, and enjoying the cool breeze - what is more romantic and refreshing than a morning or evening walk? And the numerous health benefits of walking are the icing on the cake! Going for a morning/ evening walk is a part of our daily routine, and most people are so particular about it that they do not wish to break their walking routine no matter what. So, we have come up with this article on the best walks to take in Chennai to help you keep up with your routine even as you enjoy your holiday. If you are also looking for amazing deals and discounts on flights to Chennai or other Indian cities, then Indian Eagle  is the best OTA you need to visit!

best walks to take in Chennai

Romantic Places To Dine On Bali Honeymoon

Romantic dining in Bali is all about indulging in delectable cuisines at some of the most picturesque concept restaurants in the world while making lifelong memories. Depending on your interests and romantic notions, each dining establishment has something special to offer on the Bali honeymoon packages. It could be anything from a cave dinner to a relaxing dinner cruise, a new age meal in an aphrodisiac beach picnic in bed, or even the typical golden hour sunset beach dinner. Beautiful settings such as a riverside, infinity pool, and bird's nest-like canopies add much more to the romantic getaway. 

Here are some of the most exclusive locations to commemorate your love for your partner:

1. Samaya Bali


Samaya Bali

The Samaya Bali is a great storey for your romantic endeavour. This beachfront restaurant's authentic flavours, combined with the stunning view, guarantee a memorable dining experience. Dinner, in particular, is a leisurely affair with a variety of fine foods that can be enjoyed in a private beach dinner setting. This romantic hideaway has been enhanced by the alfresco atmosphere of dining under the stars with crashing waves. One of the most romantic things to do in Bali is to eat dinner under the stars.

2. Zanzibar Beachfront Restaurant 

Zanzibar Beachfront Restaurant

Zanzibar, known as Bali's best Italian restaurant, was founded several years ago by a group of expatriate Italians. Zanzibar welcomes you to Bali with its specialities of Pizza, Pasta, and Seafood dishes, as well as its romantic beachside setting. We recommend that you choose a romantic dinner on the beach as one of your choices.

3. Hilton Bali Resort


Hilton Bali Resort

A romantic Bali dinner on the beach in the ethereally beautiful settings of Hilton Resort will leave you with lifelong memories. This resort, which is situated on the pristine Nusa Dua Beach and features Hilton's signature elegance, offers breathtaking sunsets over the vast ocean waters and white sands.

You will enjoy a hearty meal of inspired International and Asian seafood and grills while surrounded by flowers and lanterns. 

4. Di Mare Restaurant


Di Mare Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant is known for its intimate atmosphere, which is ideal for couples looking to spend quality time together. Space is decorated in white and blue to offer the impression of being in a fine Greek restaurant.

Di Mare, perched atop a 280-foot cliff, provides spectacular bird's-eye views of the endless expanse of brilliant blue waters, framed by starlit skies. Enjoy delectable seafood, Balinese curries and rice with subtle spice and herb flavours, desserts, and foreign wines and cocktails.

5. La Lucciola, Seminyak

La Lucciola, Seminyak

The La Lucciola, also known as 'La Looch,' is a Seminyak pioneer that looks out onto one of the most beautiful stretches of Seminyak beach and is one of the best resorts in Bali. They serve traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a hint of Asian spice. The seared pan fillet of coral trout with pancetta, marinated artichokes, wild rocket, and preserved lemon dressing is a crowd favourite at Beach Dinner at Seminyak.

6. Ju Ma Na Restaurant


Ju Ma Na Restaurant

Nature and flavours play an important role in romance. The savoury, smoky aromas of three different barbecue offerings at Ju Ma Na Bar & Restaurant pledge that you can enjoy every bite with the inherent peace that surrounds the place.

From seafood to popular Indonesian cuisine, or the romance of a lavish picnic hamper, there's something for everyone. Blend the best of rich flavours and tranquilly with In-Villa Dining in Bali.

7. Nusa Dua, Cave Dining


Nusa Dua, Cave Dining

Due to its breathtaking natural rock formations, Bali makes for an ideal location for a romantic and private cave dining experience. It's a scene straight out of a dream, with hundreds of candles, the calming sounds of ocean waves, a cool breeze, and your private rocky alcove. A Private Romantic Dinner in the Cave is guaranteed if you are on one of Bali's Hidden Beaches.

8. Canggu



Enjoy a delectable gourmet meal as candlelight flickers on the sands. A special Rejang Dance on the beach, a live Balinese Gamelan, two players of the Bamboo Rindik guitar, and a classical violinist playing in the background can all be added to your beach dinner in Bali experience.

9. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

The pristine sand, the pink and golden hues of the setting sun on the waters, the calming ocean breeze, and a lavish private romantic meal with your loved one—this about sums up an unforgettable idyllic dining experience at Jimbaran Beach. There are several ways to enhance the beauty of this experience.

10. Swept Away


Swept Away

Swept Away is a charming and idyllic restaurant tucked away in the heart of Ubud. It is situated on the banks of the River Ayung, engulfing guests in the calming sounds of the rushing water as well as views of the lush rice fields and distant hills.

Bali isn't just a tourist destination; it's also a natural paradise. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that visitors can't stop reminiscing about. And it is for this reason that couples flock to Bali for a romantic getaway. The experience of Bali honeymoon packages cannot be described in words. Couples will take the Bali honeymoon packages to learn more about the island's rich cultural and artistic heritage. Pickyourtrail packages prove to be the ideal companion in your adventures, with such a diverse selection of options for a memorable honeymoon.

Keep reading this travel blog "The Weekend Gateway"or you can also write for us.

7 Best Beaches In Turkey For A Fun Beacation

Turkey has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with clear blue water and golden sand. People come from all over the world to sunbathe, swim, and relax on these beaches. The beaches of Turkey, located well away from the crowds, provide the ideal setting for relaxing and unwinding from your hectic schedule. To make the journey more exciting, collect pebbles, walk along the beautiful coastline, or take in the scenic views that these beaches provide. Scuba diving, jet-skiing, and kayaking are only a few of the exciting water sports activities available on Turkey's beaches which are filled with some of the most vibrant cafes and restaurants where you can drink cocktails and dine on the best local cuisine. 

So sink your toes and cool off in one of Turkey's top 7 beaches, which offer the perfect blend of fun, frolic, and adventure. 

1. Iztuzu Beach


Iztuzu Beach

How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Travelling?

You must be wondering that why do you need to stay motivated to travel? It is something people often wonder about. Well, with the fast pace of life and people burning themselves out, it is crucial. Everyone needs to take a break and escape. It is the only way to lead a healthy life and find what you like. You cannot just stay inside your house and wait for the next office day. It can make your life into a monotonous routine. It is the last thing anyone would want.

Keep Motivated for Travelling

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