5 Advantages Of Using Elisa Kits

Immunoassays play a significant role in the medicine and research world. Through immunoassay tests, clinicians have sped up service provisions to patients, shortening hospital stays and decreasing the severity of illness. This is due to quick identification and assessment of disease, leading to taking necessary measures. There are different types of immunoassays tests and tools used for analysis. Immunoassay kits are well-designed tools aimed at accelerating the research process. However, all the immunoassay tools differ in function, speed, and sensitivity. Understanding the differences will help you determine the best assay kits that you can choose to use.   

In this article, we will focus on ELISA Kits, surveying the various advantages associated with these kits.

What are ELISA Kits?

ELISA kits are tools created to detect various proteins and molecules such as peptides, markers for infectious diseases, drugs, and hormones. Elisa Kits are well designed, making them quick, convenient, and accurate for the research, detection, and quantification of targeted molecules or samples. ELISA kits differ from other immunoassay kits since they provide quantitative and more specific results.

ELISA kits are majorly used for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests, which are carried out to detect and measure the presence of antibodies, peptides, hormones, and protein in the blood. Antibodies are blood proteins synthesized as a response to specific antigens. In case of infection, the ELISA test is used to investigate and analyze the presence of antibodies in the body. ELISA kit is also an effective diagnostic tool in plant research. They can also be used in quality control, especially in food industries.  

Using ELISA kits, different ELISA tests can be carried out, including Indirect Elisa, Sandwich Elisa, and Competitive Elisa. All these tests differ in where the Antigen and antibodies are coated or placed when conducting research.  

Antigen-antibody concentration can be measured effectively using ELISA. ELISA works under a simple principle: the target antigen is bound by particular antibodies, which also count the number of antigens bound. The plate must be coated with antibodies with high affinity to maximize the assay's sensitivity and accuracy.



Here Are the Advantages Of Using Elisa Kits

1. High Sensitivity

An enzyme is naturally a catalyst that can spark rapid catalytic reactions by just an introduction of a small amount and hence producing an apparent chromogenic reaction phenomenon. The enzyme, which is the reporting group in the ELISA, makes it highly sensitive. Therefore, this process can be said to be an amplification process. Using ELISA, antigen or antibody tracer can be achieved at the subcellular or cell level. In addition, the quantification process for either Antigen or antibody can also be done in the microgram or monogram levels.

2. Strong Specificity

The selectivity of the antibody or Antigen makes the ELISA strongly specific. Antigen or antibody binding happens in the epitope of an antigen or antigen-binding site of an antibody. Since the chemical structure and spatial configuration of the epitope and the antigen-binding site are complementary, the reaction between the Antigen and the antibody exhibits a significant specificity.


3. Ready to use

The 96-well plate with capture antibody coating, standards, detection antibody dispersion reagents, clean buffers, substrate, and stop solutions are all included in the ELISA kit. The ELISA Kit is prepared for use, and the experiment can be finished fast. This means that the ELISA Kits are fully compact and need no extra preparation once you have acquired them.


4. ELISA Kits Do Not Require Radioactive Substances

Other immunoassay methods, such as radioimmunoassay tests, require radioactive substances to function correctly. Compared to radioimmunoassay, ELISA kits do not need radioactive substances such as radioisotopes or any radiation counting apparatus. Radioactive substances are susceptible, especially when they come into contact with the human body. In addition, they are costly and can make the whole process very expensive. Therefore, we can say, using ELISA kits is safe and affordable compared to other methods.  

5. Simple To Perform

Another fantastic advantage of using ELISA kits is that they are not complex and are simple to use for any research. For example, when carrying out a blood analysis, you will only need a simple blood sample that you can obtain from the arm or the fingertips. They are automated; hence, the research and the quantification are carried out automatically.  


Bottom Line

The ELISA kits have more advantages compared to other immunoassay methods. With ELISA kits, you get clear and more accurate results. In addition, you get precisely what you want because of the quantification features of these kits. Further, it’s possible to test for antigens and antibodies using the Elisa Kits. Due to these benefits, the ELISA kit is a practical biotechnical tool with many applications, including scientific study and the clinical diagnosis of illnesses or ailments.


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