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21 Health Tips at Winter Camp in Switzerland

Remaining healthy during winter camp can be daunting, especially for beginners. The season comes with illnesses like flu and cold, which can leave you sickly and weak, denying you an opportunity to enjoy your trip. You need a proper plan to stay healthy, safe, and have a successful camping experience. Are you considering going winter camping soon? Use these tips to maintain your safety and health. 


11 Best Landmark Monuments in Switzerland

If you think of Switzerland as just a hilly country, that’s where you’re wrong. Switzerland undoubtedly has the most beautiful mountains and also the home for many ancient and unique history-rich places. Apart from being the best destination for snow activities, it also protects many memorials and monuments as a pride. Here’s a list of 10 landmark monuments in Switzerland that you cannot miss out on.

10 best landmark monuments in Switzerland

● Chillon castle

● Zytylogge  

● The Lion monument Lucerne

● Castle of Chenaux

● Geneva Museum of Art and History

● Reformation Wall 

● Charlie Chaplin Statue

● Pyramides d’Euseigne 

● Augusta Raurica

● Freddie Mercury statue

The next time you plan your Switzerland tour package, make sure to visit as many monuments as possible. Now let’s virtually take a look at the monuments.

1. Chillon Castle, Geneva

Chillon Castle, Geneva

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