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 Are you looking for the best activities in Knysna? Then you've arrived at the right place. In this article read about top 9 Things to Do in Knysna.

The quaint town of Knysna, with its shimmering lagoon, quirky shops, and delicious oysters, is no longer a secret, but it remains one of South Africa's Garden Route's most picturesque highlights.

Knysna, which is neatly tucked along the N2, is home to many amazing things to do. While most visitors pass through Knysna quickly to places like Plett, Storms River Mouth, and the Addo National Park, it's worth spending a few days here to get acquainted with everything this lovely South African town has to offer.


Here are 9 of the best activities & Things to Do in Knysna

1. Visit the Knysna Waterfront

This city has many unique attractions & Things to Do  one of which is the Waterfront. The waterfront is a vibrant area with some of Knysna's best restaurants and a variety of shops selling everything from clothes to jewelry to souvenirs. It's a lovely place to do some retail therapy, take a relaxing stroll, eat the freshest seafood imaginable, and admire the marina's luxurious yachts.

34 Degrees South is a must-visit for the best seafood. The gourmet deli at the restaurant offers an incredible selection of sushi, seafood, and lip-smackingly delicious treats. Drydock Food Co is another great option if you're looking for more great seafood. The calamari is delicious! It's also a great place to watch the sunset over Western Head!So its must be there in the list of Things to Do in Knysna

2. Take a boat ride on the Knysna Lagoon.

One of the best things to do in Knysna is taking a ride on the historic John Benn.

Another enjoyable activity in Knysna is a cruise on the beautiful Knysna Lagoon. There are several departure points, but the waterfront serves as the main base for some of Knysna's best lagoon tours, and several tour operators can be found here.

The John Benn (a double-decker floating restaurant) is one of Knysna's oldest and most well-known cruise liners. The 90-minute tours take you across the Knysna Lagoon to the Knysna Heads.

On the other hand, a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht is genuinely magical. While it is more expensive than other lagoon tours in Knysna, it will not disappoint! The changing skies as you cruise along the estuary into the Indian Ocean are undeniably memorable! 

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3. Check out the Knysna Heads.

No trip to Knysna would be complete without seeing the town's most recognizable landmark, the Knysna Heads. The Heads are two towering cliffs separated by the Knysna Lagoon, which empties into the Indian Ocean.

Both Heads provide stunning views of the calm lagoon and raging sea below, but the Eastern Head is the more accessible. The fantastic East Head Viewpoint is only a short drive through suburbia away. A lovely trail with well-maintained walkways all along the cliff can be found here. Don't forget to bring your camera because the views are simply breathtaking! This is one of many Things to Do in Knysna .

4.Take a stroll around Thesen Islands

Thesen Islands is an excellent area in Knysna that should be on your to-do list!

This chic marina development area, located on the Knysna estuary and linked to the mainland by a bridge and causeway, contains 19 artificial islands right next to the Knysna Waterfront. While the residential area, which includes over 500 colonial maritime-styled houses, is off-limits to tourists, you are free to walk around the main square. You'll find many boutique shops, galleries, quirky eateries, and breathtaking scenery in the city's heart.

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5. View Noetzie's castles.

Castles are probably the last thing you'd expect to see in Knysna. But, just outside of town, you'll find Noetzie, a charming cove with a beautiful beach and several exciting castles.

Noetzie is a one-of-a-kind destination in Knysna and a true hidden gem. The setting here is breathtaking, with the castles and dense forest of the Sinclair Nature Reserve behind you and the sandy beach and blue waters of the Indian Ocean in front of you.

There are only a few castles along the pristine beach, which creates a truly romantic atmosphere. Unfortunately, because the courts are actual residences, you will not be able to look inside. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic place to have an actual one-of-a-kind experience and see the castles yourself. Although the beach is small, it is ideal for sunbathing, picnicking, and cooling off in the water. Just a heads up: don't go too deep because the currents here are very unpredictable! The people who are interested in history and want to see amazing castle so they must add this place to the list of Things to Do in Knysna

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6. Wander through the Garden of Eden's towering ancient tree walkway.

Garden of Eden, just outside Knysna, is a beautiful place to get lost in the sublime Tsitsikamma forests.

The walking area consists of two low-key trails that follow well-maintained boardwalks through dense forest and gentle streams. While the trails aren't the longest (or most difficult) in the area, what's hidden within these forests makes it a must-see attraction. So its should be in the Things to Do in Knysna

There is an abundance of plant and animal life and towering trees, some of which are centuries old. There are also numerous benches and picnic tables scattered along the route, ideal for taking a break or having a picnic in the woods!

This 4-hour Diepwalle Forests guided hike offers a fully immersive experience in Knysna's ancient forests if you're looking for something a little more challenging. The trail takes you through indigenous forests teeming with giant sacred trees, tranquil streams, and an abundance of incredible wildlife. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Narina Trogon!

7. Knysna Oysters are famous for their fresh oysters.

If you happen to be in Knysna during July, you're in for a real treat! Knysna hosts a 10-day oyster festival to celebrate the town's famous home-grown oysters and love of seafood.

The Oyster Festival is a big deal, with people from all over South Africa and abroad enjoying this unique Knysna experience. It is without a doubt one of the best festivals in Africa, with oyster tastings, live music performances, buskers on street corners, and numerous themed activities.

While you can sample Knysna's incredible gourmet oysters almost anywhere along the harborfront, this oyster cruise is much more fun. That way, you can enjoy Knysna's fine oysters, South Africa's best wine, and breathtaking views all at once! Do you want to try amazing food from different city of south africa but you are confused how to plan travel , you can simply book a South Africa trip. Live your best life today. 

8. Buffels Bay is a great place to go swimming.

There are so many beautiful beaches along the Garden Route that it's challenging to track them all. Buffels Bay, on the other hand, is the place to go if you want a pristine stretch of white sand!

Buffels Bay (also known as Buffelsbaai or Buffalo Bay) is located in the Goukamma Nature Reserve, approximately 21 kilometers from Knysna. It is surrounded by rolling hills covered in fynbos and a beautiful beach ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and seashell hunting. It's a great place to unwind, soak up the atmosphere, and even get some food. The Buffalo Bay Waterfront Restaurant serves a mouthwatering cheeseburger, and if you sit outside on the massive wooden deck, you'll have a spectacular view of the entire bay!

The Buffalo Bay Trail is a low-key hike with spectacular views if you enjoy hiking. The trail is about 4 kilometers long and ends near the mouth of the Goukamna River.

Buffels Bay is almost always crowded because it is one of the best things to do in Knysna. If you want the best spot, don't arrive too late! Dolphins are frequently spotted playing in the waves between July and October.

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9 . Take the sunset at Brenton-on-Brent Sea's Beach, just outside Knysna.

The sun-drenched shores of Brenton-on-Sea are another must-see on your list of things to do in Knysna. Brenton-on-Sea, located only 15 minutes from town, is a tiny seaside hamlet best known for its laid-back vibes, spectacular scenery, endangered blue butterflies, and epic sunsets.

It's a beautiful place to spend a relaxing day, and you should go for more than just the sunset! Make a point of visiting Brenton Beach in addition to the quirky cafes and posh eateries. This stunning 7-kilometer stretch features soft golden sand and azure-colored waters. It's ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or taking a long walk along the pristine coastline that has made this part of South Africa famous. You can even walk to Buffels Bay if you want!

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