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A room divider can also give your home a makeover without spending too much.


The room divider is the little sister of the room partition, but it also has its charm. Its function is simple:


Room dividers are used to give rooms a different look or to create special atmospheres in your home. They are often used in bedrooms and offices, but they can also be hung up in living rooms to define separate zones. They have already been around for centuries, even though back then room dividers were mainly made out of wood or cloth, while today there are more innovative materials, such as room dividers made completely out of glass. The room divider creates maximal transparency within your room without taking away any view on what lies behind it - if you want to be able see through it, room dividers made out of glass are the perfect choice.

·         One of the biggest advantages room dividers have over room partitions is that room dividers can not only be used to separate spaces, but they also create the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. Room dividers almost always consist of two or three parts and provide a room with height. A room divider gives your room an open appearance - which might be one reason why office owners like them so much, as their employees can communicate through the room divider without disturbing other colleagues. Plus: room dividers don't cost too much to buy or maintain!

·         Room separators can be moved around whenever you need more space for another activity. They are available in different room sizes and designs - from room dividers made out of wood to room partitions with or without glass. The room divider can be a room partition as well, which you can take down whenever you need more room for your guests.

·         If you have an open space in your living room, it might be a good idea to split the room into different zones with room dividers. A room divider will not only give you a cozy corner, but it also saves the appearance of your living room! If you don't want to go for a separate sofa set-up every time your friends come over - simply place one or two room dividers across the room and make them almost invisible by putting some plants on top. If privacy is what you are after, room dividers can be set up in your house with different room partitions to create separate rooms with no windows.

·         Room dividers made out of glass are perfect for small spaces - they can turn one room into two without making the room look smaller than it actually is. If you have an open living room or bedroom at home and just want to give it a cosier look, room dividers made out of wood will not only do that but also create some privacy in your room. A room divider does all this without taking away any light from the room! One of the most important aspects room separators have over room partitions is that every part of your room will get more light compared to a complete wall-to-wall room partition.

·         If you have a room with high ceilings and want to add some extra beauty to it, one room divider will do the trick. High room dividers made out of glass or room partitions always add elegance and style when they are correctly proportioned to smaller rooms, so buying an extra room divider might be a good idea for your home!

·         In case you have multiple rooms in one house and you want to give each room its own character - room dividers can help you achieve this without breaking the bank! A room divider is also great for making small bedrooms feel bigger. If you don't like that your children fight over their shared bedroom all the time - try adding a few room dividers and make them use the room in turns.

·         Have you always wanted to turn your room into an office? Room dividers can help you achieve this! If you place room dividers across your room, it will give you the impression of having a separate room without giving the room additional square-meters. This way you can make use of all your room space for work - put up your desk behind room dividers and enjoy the cozy feeling while working!


Room dividers are good room partitions, room separators and room partitions. They provide extra room space while adding heights to your room's appearance. You can place room dividers across a room, making it look bigger - or you can use them to separate rooms in your house! Room dividers are easy to set up without breaking the bank. The biggest advantage room dividers have over partition walls is that they allow every part of the room to get lighter compared to complete wall-to-wall room partitions.


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