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7 Best Beaches In Turkey For A Fun Beacation

Turkey has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with clear blue water and golden sand. People come from all over the world to sunbathe, swim, and relax on these beaches. The beaches of Turkey, located well away from the crowds, provide the ideal setting for relaxing and unwinding from your hectic schedule. To make the journey more exciting, collect pebbles, walk along the beautiful coastline, or take in the scenic views that these beaches provide. Scuba diving, jet-skiing, and kayaking are only a few of the exciting water sports activities available on Turkey's beaches which are filled with some of the most vibrant cafes and restaurants where you can drink cocktails and dine on the best local cuisine. 

So sink your toes and cool off in one of Turkey's top 7 beaches, which offer the perfect blend of fun, frolic, and adventure. 

1. Iztuzu Beach


Iztuzu Beach
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