Top 6 things to do in San Francisco

    Many of us are familiar with the city San Francisco. For those who are not, I will give you a brief knowledge about the city. It is located on the west cost of California. On one side, San Francisco lays on the North of the Pacific Ocean. It has an elevation of 52 feet (16 m) on above sea level on average, which makes the city to have a perfect weather all through the year.

    things to do in San Francisco

    Although the SF is only 49 square miles, it has verity of activities for you to do and enjoy. You can truly have fun in this incredible city with your kids and family or if you even traveling solo. In fact, for some of us, visiting san Francisco can be a dream come true. Thus, here I will highlight the best 5 places to visit in San Francisco and point out fun things to do there.

    1- The Golden Gate:

    You probably seen a picture or heard of the Golden Gate. It is in fact, the most famous bridge in the world.

    The golden gate has been featured in many movies in old days and today. There a few of many:

    Dark passage in 1947, A view to a kill in 1986, x-Men: The last Stand in 2006.

    What to do there?

    You can take a walk across the Golden Gate or have a bike ride. It spans 1.7 m across the sea. Thus, you might want to take a bike for a quicker ride.

    Off course, do not forget to bring your camera. You might want to record this moment. The astonishing overview of the ocean and the overlook of a beautiful nature. It creates such a wonderful senic. No wonder, it is the most captured bridges of camera from all over the world.

    You can learn about the history of the bridge and enjoy the onsite exhibits and free walking tours. And this experience will be much wonderful if you do not have to worry about your luggage. There are centres where you can store your luggage in SF.  Golden Gate is a charming place and you do not want it to get spoiled. So book a luggage storage facility to avoid any inconvenience during the sight-seeing. 

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    2. Ride a Cable Car:

    Those cart cables has been functioning since the 19th century. Until this day, you offer an exhilarating ride all over the city. The ticket costs 18 dollars. However, it is totally worth it where you can exprience astonishing views of SF landmarks.

    There are the lines ride. However, Powel/Hyde is the best. It goes from down town to Hyde Street pier close to Fisherman's, wharf. It has the most spectacular views of waterfront Alcatraz. You might also enjoy the ride down hl of Lombard St

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    3- Visit Alcatraz Island- ( The Rock):

    Alcatraz is notorious prison located in San Francisco bay. It is located 1.5m off shores of San Francisco. Ever since the prison was built, you do not hear criminal escape this prison. It was built for those who cause continuous crime and prison is their only option. You might be familiar with some infamous prisoners such as Al Capone and Robert Franklin Stroud. They are hold captive at Alcatraz Island.

    However, it was close in the 1960s, and today is one of the most famous attraction in SF. People come from all over the world to learn about the prison life and hear some incredible stories.

    The Alcatraz prison, the most feared prison in world, also inspires the creation of movies, such as Escape from Alcatraz in 1979. Another famous movie is called "escape the rock or die trying: Alcatraz" in 2018. This movie was inspired by real events that occurred inside the prison. From the name, you could tell that it was about a group of prisoners who attempted to escape the prison. Whether they escaped or not, is for you to find out. You should watch the movie. No more spoilers.

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    4- Visit Fisherman’s Wharf:

    In Fisherman's wharf, there is an area called PIER 39 Marina. It is a places where colonized by sea lions. You can enjoy their interactions and perhaps take some pictures. I promise the view is breathtaking.

    You can then talk a short walk to visit one of the greatest landmarks in SF. You will be walk distance from the San Francisco Dungeon and Madame Tussauds, the Museum of 3D Illusions, the Cartoon Art Museum, Ripley's Believe it, and historic Boudin Bakery. If you ever get angry, then you have some options of restaurants to visit.

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    5- Visit The Marvel In San Francisco's Scenic Beauty

    It is about 49-mile drive all around the city of San Francisco. Prepare to get your mind blown by the drive scenic of historical and iconic places in san Francisco.

    If driving does not suit you, then walking around the city should:

    You can walk around art trails such as the Predidio hike.

    Urban Hiker SF has verities of options and popular destinations for hickers, such as Castro, twin Peaks, and cout tower.

    6- Visit one of San Francisco beaches:

    San Francisco may not come in mind first when thinking about California beaches. The south coast is more famous than Coastal California beaches. However, it does behold an amazing weather and astonishing views. You can truly see some staggering cliffs and glacial water from a far distance. It can put your mind in ease.

    Something worth mentioning during the winter San Francisco can get cold and foggy, so not the best time for a swim. You should definitely visit during the summer time.

    My favorite beach in San Francisco is the Clipper Cove Island (AKA: Treasure island). In my opinion, it is the best beach to visit in San Francisco in the summer. The best time to go there is early afternoon because that's when the most sunshine and less shade.

    Later on, it might get dark and shady roght before sundown. That's where you should go to Mersea restaurant and have a unique dining experience with your especial person. It is a unique container-style restaurant and bar that you would never find anything like in any other part of the world. You experience the luxury and find out why it is known as the heart and soul of the treasure islands).

    There are more to see and discover in this incredible city. San Francisco can truly turn you into a fan even if you do not like the city. You just need to get to know it a little more and find out about hidden gems in the so called the Golden Gate City.


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