How to Choose the Best Bridal Package - Essential Tips

The $50 billion-Indian wedding industry constitutes one of the major contributors to the growth of the event industry in the country. Making use of this growing industry, several entrepreneurs, including designers, makeup artists, and such other industry players, introduced customised bridal packages. While several such packages are available in the market, choosing the best often becomes challenging due to various essential considerations involved. 

Thus, it will be wiser for brides- to-be to know about what these packages are all about and things to consider before settling for one, enabling them to choose a suitable option. Before that, here’s a brief look at what these packages comprise.

Bridal Package

What is a bridal package?

Typically, bridal packages refer to makeup packages that include all kinds of makeup and beauty solutions that a bride needs to look perfect and feel confident on her wedding. Based on a bride’s requirements, these packages can be of different types. 

Moreover, brides here get a chance to customise their services that come with such packages. It allows them to choose one that suits individual tastes and makes them feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Nevertheless, several kinds of bridal packages in India are available that also include a makeover, beauty, and pre-bridal beauty services. Thus, it is vital to assess the requirement first that will help you choose the best of them all.

How to choose the best bridal package?

Following are some essential aspects that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best bridal package.

● Check the package provider’s trustworthiness and market reputation

Before choosing bridal packages, it will be wiser to choose certified and professional makeup artists. Since makeup can break or make an entire look, brides need to hire someone who is well-known in the market to ensure the bridal essentials are met. 

In this regard, starting from freelancers to reputed makeup artists, one can choose as per the budget. 

● Examine the makeup products used

Every makeup artist has his/her brand preference when it comes to bridal makeup. Thus, a bride needs to check if the brand will suit her skin type or not. 

If necessary, the bride can also take appointments for a trial session to better ascertain the quality of the makeup product used and its impact on her skin. Nevertheless, based on this factor, the price of these packages varies. 

● Choose as per your budget 

One of the factors that play a crucial role in choosing from the available bridal packages in India is the price tagged along. The cost of booking a makeup package for a bride usually depends on several factors like the number of specialists and artists involved, products used for makeup, travel cost of the makeup artists, duration of the services, and the likes. 


Destination Wedding

Nevertheless, when these prices add on to the other wedding-related expenses like a destination wedding cost, etc. the total amount becomes substantial. Thus, financing options like a loan against property can prove to be a great financial product that will help individuals to pay for these expenses without exhausting their savings. 

Moreover, availing this fund has become less complicated as select NBFCs also extend pre-approved loan offers. These offers expedite the loan application process and thus save a lot of time. You can check your pre-approved offer instantly with your name and mobile number. 

● Check for the services covered

Besides makeup, some of the best bridal packages also include hair, saree draping, and other assistance along with the dressing. Moreover, such packages also often come with pre-bridal beauty services like facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa, and several other sessions. 

Individuals can look for these packages as well so that they can be stress-free on their wedding day. However, the more detailed these services are, the more will be their costs. Thus, you need to know about taking a loan for a wedding to tackle the expenses that may be incurred while availing such services. 

● Ensure the availability of add-on services 

Some bridal packages also come with several add-on services like makeup of the bride’s friends and family against extra charges. However, in such cases, inform the makeup artists beforehand of the headcounts for a better idea of the cost involved. 

Several such packages also offer destination wedding assistance, full-day services, etc. Ask the best bridal makeup artist in hyderabad if the package also includes the bridal makeup for other events of a wedding ceremony like reception, cocktail parties, and others. Nevertheless, while considering such add-ons, make sure to shell out a high cost from your pocket as they often come costly. 

Besides considering these factors, you can also look for unbeatable destination wedding venues under Rs.20lakh when planning to host the ceremony at an exotic destination. It will help you to plan your wedding in a better way, without exceeding the budget or exhausting your savings.


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