Grill Grate Cleaning Tips That Will Come to the Rescue of Grill Master

The winter chill is here! What does it mean for all the self-claimed grill masters there? It’s time to get your BBQ grill ready to cook up a storm. The worst sight for any grill master is the built-up grease that taints the beauty of the griller. Griller is a treat to your home, so why leave it yucky and dirty. One tip from experts is to clean gas BBQ grill grates to prevent fire hazards. And, when we say clean it, don’t procrastinate till the next grilling session.

Rescue of Grill Master

Whether you are a grill master or a newbie, all grillers must know how to clean their grill the right way. In this blog, we are going to talk about some easy to keep your grilling shining at all times.

Before You Start the Cleanings Session

First, you need to find out whether the grill grates are made of porcelain, cast iron, or stainless steel. How you will clean your grill grates and what products you use will depend on what grill grates are made of. Before you start scrubbing those grill grates, have a look here, grill master!

clean your grill grates - grill master

Porcelain grates: 

With porcelain grates, you will get freedom from rust as long as their finish is intact. Your grilling gear must contain a soft-bristled cleaning grill brush or nylon brush that will clean all the mess.

Cast iron grates: 

With cast iron grates, you can use stiff wire brushes.

Stainless-steel grates

They don’t require much special care like porcelain or cast iron grate.

Cleaning Method for Grills Masters and Newbies

Burning Method

We are not telling you to put the griller on fire. We are just saying to put them at a high temperature so that the remaining food or grease easily comes off. You can do this in two ways. Either wrap the top of the grate in aluminum foil and turn the grill on high and then close the lid for 15 minutes. Or, use the brush and brush off the dirt. The second method is to use grates in a self-cleaning oven and start the cleaning process.

Soaking Method

For starters, make sure the grill is cool. Now, fill the large bucket with hot water, put baking soda until you have a good lather in your bucket. Drop the grates in the bucket and soak for an hour. Scrub them with a steel wool pad to remove the debris and rinse the grate with a garden hose.

Brushing Method

You can use this method after every time you use your grill. Steps involved in this method include:

  • Use the cleaning grill brush at the top of the left side, along the wires on the grate.
  • Continue in the same manner till the grill is all clean.
  • Shake the brush over a garbage bag to get rid of debris.

Whether you are cleaning porcelain grill grates or cast iron grates, keep the instant cleaning grill brush from Great American Griller with you to make your cleaning session easy breezy.


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