Top Best Punjabi Food Dishes You Shall Try

If you want to look behind the reasons why all the foreigners succumb to taste the remarkable Indian culinary then the answer is the diversity of taste this cuisine offers. This culinary has a lot to offer to people belonging to different ethnicities. Dishes from Punjab are very appealing to the taste buds as people are fond of the luscious ingredients used in their preparing. These dishes are attractive enough to be tried. All the dishes are mind-boggling especially the dishes made up of meat and the side orders that are mouthwatering too. People tend to find the BestPunjabi food restaurant even in Australia as their taste buds demand something unique and tasteful.

There is a variety in these dishes whether it is roasted mutton or chicken curries. The dishes keep on getting doubled as there is a lot of variation in them. Punjab has its entity and recognition when it comes to a different genre of food. It gives a more pertinent approach to the foods. There are dainty dishes that are not specifically made up of mutton but other specialties also make their way to your heart. These dishes include Pani Puri which is a lighter dish that has the remarkable taste of spicy tangy and can be also added with the sweet taste you yearn for. The vegetables are also cooked in the befitting way they are in the form of spicy curries and gravies.

Chicken Biryani:

Chicken biryani has also the best taste as its specialty get’s increased when Aaloo Tikki or Shami Kebab is served with it and when raita and salad are topped on their sides. Biryani is the best dish served in Pakistan and India equally enjoyed in mutton and chicken for its spicy taste. This dish is also Mughlai but widely loved in India and Pakistan both.

Goat Vindaloo Hot Spicy Curry:

It is also tendered spicy dish It is a dish of complex flavours enjoyed by the Majority of Indians. It is a fiery dish cooked with chillies, garlic vinegar and other spices giving a taste similar to paneer tikka. It has a spicy taste and meat gets marinated to be saucy as well. It is also served with lamb, shrimp and chicken but the taste it gives with mutton is remarkable. Meat is marinated overnight to give the perfect taste. It has the perfect curry which is saucy and spicy.

Nihari Gosht:

It is the best popular dish enjoyed in Punjab. It is the dish inspired by the Mughals emperors as it is cooked with mutton along with the bone marrow cooked on the low flame until it gets tender. The recipe of Nihari involves constant cooking for more than 6 hours.  It is a widely enjoyed dish in the neighbour countries Pakistan and India.

Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka:

Tandoori Chicken is another famous dish of India in which marinated chicken is handed over to a clay oven or tandoor. It can also be cooked on a traditional barbeque grill providing the rich taste that entices you to eat more.

A blend of spices and yogurt is applied to the chicken for a while so that they get amalgam with it. Paneer Tikka is another masterpiece of India culinary as it is made of the stirred paneer. It further includes besan, garam masala and yogurt giving it a spicy tangy taste. Paneer tikka is marinated with chunks of paneer and special spices and then cooked in the tandoor for the tender taste.

Palak Kofta:

You may have heard about the meatballs but these are small balls made out of potatoes and spinach a purely vegetarian dish that is loved not only by Punjabis but others too. It is a north Indian pure vegetarian dish. Paneer is a dip into the onion tomato paste. It is also popular in north India as the famous dish of Punjab and is also loved in Australia. There are also other dishes like Tadka daal and Punjabi Kadai Chicken served at Punjab curry café that is too rich in taste.

Pani Puri:

Punjabi Restaurants in Alexandria have the best menu list for different foods. When it comes to side orders Pani Puri also has the best taste. It is considered the best on the street food list for its memorable taste.  It comes up with both sweet and sour glasses of water it's your choice which you opt to choose. The rich taste of this is loved for the spicy taste it gives. It is a dumpling filled with the chickpeas, potatoes and flavored water.   You can also try bhelpuri which similar to it presented in the form of chaat.

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