Pandemic Staycation Ideas that Will Keep Your Negative Thoughts at Bay

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How to Cure Pandemic Burnout With a Staycation

COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. Around 3,319,936 people have lost their lives, and industries and corporate sectors have been hit hard. But, even worse, people are becoming exhausted- mentally. Unable to get out, or meet friends face to face has been very hard. 

What Daily Life Now Look Like…

The latest "office drop-in" is Skype. Our inboxes are flooded with emails, journals, and newsletters like there's no tomorrow. Videoconferencing and phone calls can help us remain linked and updated. But, they drain a lot of our emotional and mental energy, which is already in short supply due to the pandemic, leaving us fatigued.

This new dynamic, which we are all experiencing, has the potential to worsen a variety of mental health problems, including burnout. People are dealing with stressful and traumatic incidents in their personal and professional lives that are being exacerbated by current conditions, making them more challenging to handle.

Take Care of the Burnout Issue

How to Take Care of the Burnout Issue? 

If the statistics are to be believed, then mothers are the ones who bear the brunt of the pandemic's stress. In 2020, four times as many women as men have left the workforce, owing to the burden of childcare and virtual education. Despite the fact that many two-parent opposite-gendered couples both work from home, research indicates that mothers still bear the brunt of household responsibilities.

Burnout, like other mental health issues, does not go away on its own and requires a concerted attempt to alleviate. A staycation may not be your usual holiday, but it can still help you avoid burnout, reclaim control of your everyday routine, and minimize stress. Finding ways to care for yourself when caring for others is particularly crucial for those working on the frontlines of COVID-19. Here are a few pointers to consider when planning your staycation:

Clear Away Everything Related to Work 

You do not want to work where you sleep, and you also don't want to sleep where you work. Clear your desk space, tuck your laptop away, cover your papers under plants - whatever it takes to build a physical space that doesn't draw your attention back to your job.

This should alleviate the sense of stress and frustration that comes with feeling hurried when you're thinking about the looming Skype call at 9 a.m. 

Pursue a Hobby 

All this time, you were unable to paint portraits or read novels due to office pressure. Now that you are spending most of your time home, why don’t you rekindle your lost desires? Start your first recipe, art project, or book by pulling out that old resolutions list. 

Begin with one item and work your way up. When you're on a staycation, there's no need to rush or feel rushed. Many people agree that it is difficult to concentrate on even easy, one-time tasks. However, taking a break from work will relieve stress and encourage you to engage in relaxing activities.


Pursue a Hobby

Recreate the Experience

A staycation can be as much enjoyable as it is soothing, even if it isn't on a tropical island or in the mountains. Recreate the feeling of being away from home on holiday. 

If you were planning a trip to a tropical spot…

Plan a tropical-themed dinner, such as pineapple chicken, coconut rice, virgin pina coladas. Play ocean sounds on your phone or TV to set the tone. Plants, berries, and decorations from the tropics can be used to decorate your space.

If you wanted to explore a new city…

If you wish to visit a new city, learn about the local foods, museums, and monuments. Put a view of a city skyline on your windows. Cook or bake new recipes that are said to be the best in town by the locals.

If you wanted to go camping…

Make a tent or a pillow fort in your living room if you want to go camping. For homemade s'mores, roast marshmallows on the stovetop or warm in the microwave. For a night of "sleeping under the stars," project stars on your ceiling with your phone.

You can also pack your stuff and spend some time in Airbnb SuperHost properties or Getaway House cabins. 

Go Off-Grid at Home 

Find ways to regain your time at work if you can't take a staycation. If necessary, block off one or two days, or even a full week, on your calendar. This will help you cut down on the amount of calls or meetings you have with coworkers and outside contacts. Hence, you will get more time to plan the next project and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Just imagine how pleasant the experience will be. You won’t have to wake up and take a look at the messages or emails. You can meditate or do some light exercises. After you finish your breakfast, you won’t have to sit down in front of the computer. You can spend your time any way you want. You can watch a movie or play chess, enjoy time with your family, etc. 

Plan Your Next Travel Destination 

When it's safe to fly again, use your staycation to schedule your next domestic or foreign trip. This involves doing research on the state or nation you want to visit, making a reasonable budget. You can select your perfect hotels, study popular phrases in a new language, and compile a list of regional foods to try and monuments to see.

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Plan Your Next Travel Destination

Have Some Fun Time with Your Siblings or Parents

When you are working, you don’t get enough time to spend with your family members. You can use this time to strengthen your relationship with your parents, kids, siblings or friends. Today, we have technology at our disposal. During the staycation, you can call your friends and have a nice conversation. 

Or, can enjoy fun games with your siblings inside the house only. You can shoot videos and post them online with hashtags such as ‘#lockdowngoals’ ‘#staycationactivities', etc. When it comes to your parents, you can spend time cooking new recipes or by decorating the house. 

These are some of the ways by which you can spend your staycation and avoid getting burnt out. However, if things seem too troubling for you, you might take counselling sessions and act as per the instructions laid down by the counsellor. 


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