7 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2021

The year 2020 must have awakened the traveler inside you. The days spent inside the four walls of your house must have rekindled romance with the wanderer you tame so carefully. Now that the world has resumed its regularities, you can start planning your vacations as well. 

Got a problem? Can’t decide where to go? Know which continent you want to take over this time but unsure where to extract information about the place from? First of all, there are various places where you can plan your next visit - and numerous travel blogs where people discuss their first-hand experiences. 

Need to go on a road trip? Maybe someplace exotic with tropical beaches and beautiful scenery? Climb a mountain, possibly? Well, we have compiled a list of blogs that can help you plan your next trip! These bloggers know exactly what they’re talking about - they can help you plan out finances, hotels, and commute, etc. By following their guidelines, you can save yourself from the hassle and truly enjoy. 

7 Best Travel Blogs to Follow

Let’s get started with the list, shall we?

Marek, Indie Traveller

Marek followed a completely different life plan until one day when he decided to take a trip to Thailand. This two-month trip soon turned into a world-round trip as he decided to quit corporate slavery to live fully in the world unknown. Currently, he resides in Lisbon - this Portuguese city serves as his base where he plans all his trips. 

Today, he is not just a traveller but also a travel guide. He is known for helping individuals who want to go on solo trips; he helps by guiding people regarding finances and suggesting places to travel where they can get local experiences. After leaving the 9:00-to-5:00 shackles, he has crashed a wedding in Laos and watched the football world cup with some Argentinian hippies in Cordoba. 

Furthermore, the travel enthusiast has written a 280-page guide on travelling around the world without worries. He knows how to travel on a budget, and he has offered several tips on budgeting your trips. 

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Debra, Travelling Well for Less

Previously Debra worked in the travel industry, and so, her 12-year experience has helped her score some of the cheapest deals out there. She has one simple philosophy: You don’t have to spend a truckload of money to travel. She believes that the best trips are impulsive and on a budget. 

She started her travelling journey back in 1994, and from fare deals to airline miles and credit card points, this mother of two has found the hack to travelling the world! She loves travelling alone and flies approximately 180,000 miles per year. And if you’re hoping to find a way to travel the world on a limited budget, try following her recommendations and tips. 

Yoshke & Vins, the Poor Traveller

We all talk about the things that we must do when we’re travelling. Do you know what you’re not supposed to do? If not, you must check out The Poor Traveler! Yoshke and Vins are two hilarious travellers who know exactly how to turn their bad time around. They laugh about and openly share their bad experiences. They also advise on how to save money to travel to your favourite place in the world. They can also provide tips on how to spend your money better while travelling. They are highly informative and have been featured in several prominent magazines. 

Agness and Cez, Etramping

Are you trying to save money to travel the world? Do you want to go on a trip that gives you an experience of a lifetime? Do you want to share the tales with your grandkids one day? A short getaway in Barbados or hiking in the Himalayas? Honestly, if you want to feel inspired and plan your next travelling destination, this blog should be your go-to! 

Darren & Shelly, Finding Beyond

This blog is run by a British couple travelling on and off for the last decade or so! Although they don’t travel all the time, whenever they do, they make sure to go on trips, trips that last for months. They believe that long-term trips cannot go well without a properly executed and well-strategized plan. 

Their story is the same as others - they planned a trip to Asia and had a one-way ticket in their pockets - and that was it. There was no looking back for them. They move around and offer great recommendations to newbies who are hoping to travel around the world. 

Eden, Mint Notion

Of course, we all save money to travel the world. But do you know what an even better idea is? You need to start focusing on building efficient financial habits! In her blogs, you will find her focusing a lot on this idea. She is a shopaholic as well as a travel enthusiast. But in her blog, she discusses how she became a minimalist and mindful of money. 

Shocking enough - she graduated from a leading business school with an MBA in Strategic Planning, and that too, without any debt! Looking at her experiences and winning at life, you can adapt and learn about life and save money. Check out her blog, as she provides clear and precise instructions on how to travel on a budget. 

Lost With Purpose

Are you interested in travelling far away? Do you want to see places that are less travelled? Do you want to discover the hidden getaways? When we think about travelling, we often dream about places like Paris, Denmark, and Toronto. But what about Pakistan, Iran, Peru and Maldives? These places are often at the receiving end of an underwhelming response. And man, is it wonderful! They suffer from bad publicity but Alex and Sebastian, founders of Lost with Purpose, show you the other side. 

In Conclusion

Thus, the time to transform your life has come! If you want to travel the world on a budget - see the most beautiful sights and get high on adrenaline - check out the blogs mentioned above. They’re run by professionals and not by any random essay writers UK which means they know what they’re talking about and they can help you make your own travel plans.


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