Marathi Wedding Planning Checklist - Maharashtrian Wedding Preparation


Marathi weddings are a gorgeous and grand affair that one has to witness to understand its true beauty. People always love companionship and getting together and thus they are looking for their ideal match online. Finding the perfect life partner becomes easier with Marathi matrimony

Marathi Wedding Planning Checklist

While under normal circumstances, the guest list is well over a hundred people, most families are now opting for smaller and more intimate ceremonies. The guest list is being cut short to fifty in most cases. 

So, after the COVID situation, how would you have the most beautiful wedding safely? Here are a few tips to help you out in Marathi wedding checklist.

Decide On The Budget and The Guest List.

If you're planning your wedding amidst the pandemic, you need to begin by discussing a few things to ease the entire process, so you can start by working out a budget and deciding on the scale of your wedding. Have this discussion with your family, your partner, and their family. And while you are at it, talk about the number of guests to invite from each side.

The government is asking people to strictly avoid large gatherings. Thus, it is important to restrict the number of guests attending your wedding and set realistic expectations. Your best bet is to hold a small ceremony with only your immediate friends and family staying in the same city while letting others witness the event online. It will keep your guest list short, and you will be able to offer a safe environment for the people present.

Consider the Safety Protocols 

Following safety protocols are a must when it comes to having a wedding during this time. And start implanting the safety protocols before the actual day of the wedding. For instance, you can ask your guests to get tested before they attend the ceremony. Let them know about the safety precautions you'll be taking at the wedding.

Rituals like HaladChadavane and Sankalp will need you to get in touch with other members. So, it is better to check their temperature and have their hands sanitised beforehand. Right from when the guests start arriving, and especially on the wedding day, you can set up a station for temperature checks. Make sure that the temperature of each guest is checked before they enter the venue. 

Also, keep hand sanitisers at every nook and cranny of the venue and encourage the guests to use them frequently. It is also a good idea to order a bunch of masks and distribute them among the guests. Couples are even opting for Zoom weddings and weddings from home these days  , and you can also consider that.

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Create A Wedding Website Or A Facebook Page

Creating a wedding website, a WhatsApp group, or a Facebook page is a great idea because that way, the excitement about the wedding day grows even more. This is the online space where your friends and family can discuss your wedding plans and ask you about all the special things you are planning for the big day. After all, it is the happy faces and hearty blessings of the friends and family that make the Marathi matrimony so beautiful.

Use this space to get suggestions from your close ones about how to decorate the Mandap, plan your rituals, suggestions for your outfits etc.

In the pandemic, your wedding page or website will also serve another purpose of letting the guests know about the safety protocols. You can also let your invited guests inform you about their status of arrival on that site. 

Get All The Crucial Things Arranged In Time.

Are you planning to hire a wedding planner, or do it all yourself? Do you have any special kind of flower decorations in mind? Is there a particular place in town where you want to get married?

Regardless of which of these questions get a "yes" from your side, you need to make sure you get it all sorted in time. It is important to keep the timelines on track as loads of things are difficult to access and find in the current scenario.

You need to keep enough buffer time to ensure that the resources like clothes, flowers, and other necessities reach on time as deliveries might be irregular. There is an evident scarcity of resources and manpower. And even the price points of Marathi wedding essentials or Marathi wedding checklist have shot up to some extent. With the farmers hit badly by the pandemic, things like flowers and food are both available at higher rates than usual. You will need to account for these price hikes beforehand.

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You Should Plan Specifically For Each Of The Ceremonies

The beauty of a Marathi wedding lies in its many ceremonies that are rooted in tradition and hold a deeper meaning for the couple and their families. In order to make sure that each of the ceremonies goes as ordained by the customs, you will have to plan for every ceremony specifically. 

Where would the bride and groom sit during the 'Antarpat' ceremony? Who will be a part of the Varat? Where will the Gaurihar Puja be performed? All these questions and more would need to be answered beforehand so that there isn't any delay in the ceremonies and everything goes smoothly.


Marathi weddings are the perfect example of the philosophy "simple is elegant." Whether one takes part in the wedding or is getting married themselves, it is impossible not to marvel at the beauty of the occasion. And with proper planning as per the tips given above, you can make the day even more beautiful for both of you.


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