7 Fun Things To Do In Waterford Ireland During Rainy Days

    Locals and tourists alike know that rain is inevitable and even unpredictable in Ireland. The skies may be bright and blue in the morning but may suddenly turn grey before the sun goes down. That’s why Irish folks always come prepared. They don’t limit their source of fun to activities that can only be enjoyed when it’s dry and sunny. 

    Things To Do In Waterford

    If you’re looking for a city where you won’t run out of things to do during the rainy day, Waterford is a strong contender. The oldest city in Ireland is packed with fascinating indoor and outdoor activities that will make you get up, grab an umbrella, and step outside of your home. 

    Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun! From visiting a fascinating museum with a plethora of Viking and Medieval treasures to having a bowling competition with your family, here are 7 of the best things to do in Waterford during a rainy day. 

    👉1. Indoors but make it luxe: Pamper yourself in a hotel

    If you’re planning to stay dry and comfortable indoors, why not do it in a luxurious hotel? Sure, your house is cosy, but staying in a nice hotel allows you to take a break from chores and give you a different scenery.

    Look for a hotel in Waterford that’s close to the city’s premier attractions. Relax in a deluxe suite with a glass of wine on hand. Visit their in-house restaurant and bar and treat yourself to a delicious dinner prepared by chefs. Make the most of the hotel’s amenities while enjoying the cold weather. Isn’t it a great way to spend a rainy day?

    👉2. Spend the rainy day in the Viking Triangle

    Ireland’s oldest city boasts more than a millennium’s worth of history dating back to the Vikings era. If you’re looking for the best destination to uncover Ireland’s Viking past while sheltering you from the rain, there’s no place better than the Viking Triangle. 

    The Viking Triangle is Waterford’s cultural and heritage quarter. It is home to some of the best places to see in Waterford, thus opening you to a wide array of activities and memorable experiences

    ● Reginald’s Tower (Treasures of Viking Waterford) - the oldest civic building in the city, and a dedicated Viking Museum.

    ● The Medieval Museum (Treasures of Medieval Waterford) - home to an extensive collection of medieval artifacts, including two National Monuments: the 800-year-old Choristers’ Hall and the Mayor’s Wine Vault.

    Bishop’s Palace (Treasures of Georgian Waterford) - an impressive Georgian townhouse that houses a fine collection of local treasures, paintings, and the world’s oldest surviving piece of Waterford Crystal. 

    The House of Waterford Crystal - a crystal factory and museum with the largest collection of Waterford Crystal in the world.

    Christ Church Cathedral - a historic protestant cathedral where Strongbow (second Earl of Pembroke) tied the knot with Aoife in 1170.

    Viking Sword and Longboat - two outstanding relics in the Viking Triangle. 

    👉3. Climb the Reginald’s Tower, the oldest civic building in Ireland

    Now that we’re in the Viking Triangle, let’s talk about Reginald’s Tower even further. This round tower is the oldest civic building in Ireland, and the only monument in the country to retain a Viking name. It was built by the Vikings after 914 AD and was rebuilt by the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century. 

    Today, it’s a dedicated Viking museum. You can go inside and climb the stairs to the top. Here, you’ll learn all about the Viking’s arrival in Ireland via video screenings and physical displays. 

    👉4. Sign up for an interactive history class

    Feeling bored with all this museum-hopping? Sign up for interactive tours, where you can wear VR helmets or see tour guides in period costumes!

    Let’s start with the Virtual Reality Vikings Tour (a.k.a King of the Vikings’ VR Viking Tour). The fun tour allows you to see for yourself how Vikings lived in Waterford by using virtual reality. Another fascinating tour is the one at Bishops Palace. The tour of the 18th-century house is guided by in-character staff in period costumes, making you feel like travelling back in time

    If you’re in Dungarvan, you may pass by Waterford County Museum. The free admission museum is kid-friendly, with Victorian/Edwardian clothes and books on display, and replicas of Norman swords, helmets and tools, and other period items they can handle. 

    👉5. Be amazed in the House of Waterford Crystal

    Visiting this gem of a city isn’t complete without taking a trip inside the House of Waterford Crystal. As its name suggests, it is where the world-famous Waterford Crystal is intricately made. If you’re a gem enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the factory tour that includes crystal blowing and furnace, crystal cutting, quality inspection, sculpting, engraving, and designing. Don’t forget to bring home some souvenirs!

    👉6. Visit a gallery and soak up Waterford’s art scene

    Aside from the trio of museums in Waterford's Viking Triangle (a.k.a. Waterford Treasures), there are other cultural spots you can visit in the city —like an art gallery. If you’re more of an art enthusiast than a history buff, you’d love to check out Waterford’s art galleries including the GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford, Greyfriar’s Municipal Art Gallery, and the Theatre Royal Art Exhibition. 

    👉7. Discover Waterford’s indoor family activity centres

    Waterford also has several play centres for your family day out. 

    Activate Waterford, which has indoor recreational areas like bowling alleys, a climbing wall, bouldering, and a roller rink, is one great place. Another one is Splashworld, an indoor waterpark in the Southeast. Runamuck and Pirates Adventure are two other fascinating indoor activity centres kids and kids at heart will enjoy. 

    Just because it’s cold and wet outdoors doesn’t mean you and your family will spend the day playing board games ‘til you all yawn. Waterford is a city packed with wonderful attractions and opportunities that all beg to be discovered, rain or shine. 

    This article is from our guest writer, Carmina Natividad. let us know your thoughts in the comment section


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