15 Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who Loves to Travel

Gift Ideas for Friend Who Loves Travel

Traveling lets us see the world from a better view. We're able to perceive the world's culture, beautiful architecture, and its soul through our very eyes. These reasons alone make traveling scary, liberating, and extremely life-changing.

Whether your friend is taking Paris as their runway or trying to get a better view of Hong Kong via trekking, traveling requires the right equipment. It demands the right gear to survive the whole trip — whether you're flying in style or traveling like a boy scout.

Besides getting the best shoes to wear or luggage to use, there are also essential things every traveler needs to bring, like an adapter or foldable water bottle.

If your friend loves to travel, below are the best gift ideas they'd surely love. Hop on and enjoy this virtual shopping experience we prepared for you.

1. So they stay hydrated 

flexible water bottle from Vapur

Long hours of trekking can be exhausting. Get this flexible water bottle from Vapur for a friend, so they stay hydrated after a full day of trekking. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures as they can expand it when it’s full and stash it inside their pockets when empty.

This lightweight water bottle is also freezable, which means your friend that loves to travel can enjoy more refreshing hydration. And the best part? It’s odor-free, easy to clean, and leakproof!

2. So they get a good night’s sleep 

pair of Mack's earplugs

Anyone who has ever gone backpacking knows that earplugs are a necessity. This quality pair of Mack's earplugs covers the ears away from crawling insects. These silicone putty earplugs also take the shape of our ears. Hence, it’s a perfect covering against chronic snorers or late-night drinkers from the next room.

3. So they travel light 

DryFox Quick Dry Travel Towel

Pick this DryFox Quick Dry Travel Towel for a friend that’s planning to take a road trip. This compact towel is essential for any backpacking trip as it’s lightweight and dries quickly. Those qualities are a must since regular towels are bulky and heavy, especially if they’re not appropriately dried. 

4. So they don’t exceed the baggage allowance 

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale from Etekcity

If a friend’s traveling from country to country and loves to buy souvenirs in places they visit, their luggage undoubtedly adds weight. To make sure your friend’s luggage doesn’t exceed its weight limit, give them this Digital Hanging Luggage Scale from Etekcity. This handy luggage scale is a lifesaver for travelers who constantly wonder if they’ve exceeded their bags’ weight limit. 

5. So they can charge their devices anywhere they plug it 

power adapter from Unidapt

A universal adapter is convenient and practical for any traveler. This specific power adapter from Unidapt lets your friend charge their smartphones, headphones, and any batteries in one device. It has four USB ports and different power plugs that are compatible with any charger.

6. So their devices get enough juice while traveling 

Portable PowerCore Charger from Anker

Like universal adapters, portable chargers are also a must when backpacking or going on a road trip. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend, this Portable PowerCore Charger from Anker is also suitable for travelers that don’t have access to a power socket. It has a high-speed 1,3000 mAh cell capacity, perfect for long hours of charging.

7. So they have excellent skin and good hygiene 

Departure travel set

Most people usually get lousy skin when traveling. It may be due to humidity or a new environment. Thankfully, Aesop solves this trouble through this Departure travel set.

This holy grail beauty set is vital for a friend that needs to maintain optimum skin hydration and good hygiene throughout the trip. It’s got seven travel-sized essentials that include a hand wash, hand balm, hydrating masque, face moisturizer, lip cream, mouthwash, and toothpaste.

8. So they get a comfortable sleep 

Travel Pillow from trtl

Send a friend this Travel Pillow from trtl, so they get a comfortable sleep anywhere they may be. It keeps their head in a better position, even while they’re just sitting, thanks to the hidden internal support and extra cushioning. It also weighs half a pound and isn’t bulky, thus the perfect compact pillow for traveling.

9. So they’re reminded of their travels 

LED Magnetic Desk Globe from Gresus

A friend that badly misses traveling deserves this Levitating LED Magnetic Desk Globe from Gresus. Each time they give it a careful spin, it rotates smoothly like magic between two magnetic ends for several minutes. The LED lights also add a lovely hue, making it look calming when looked at.

10. So they can zip up their dresses even when they’re alone 

The Best Friend Zipper Pull

Traveling alone can be a struggle for women as it may mean having to zip dresses alone. Luckily, The Best Friend Zipper Pull is here to help. This adorable action figure works two ways: it charms the receiver and serves as a pull-up device.

As such, your friend can attach it to their dress’ zipper to get an extended reach and zip it up all by themselves.

11. So they can find their jewelry easily 

Leather Travel Case from Mejuri

If your friend’s traveling for work, they’re likely to meet clients or business partners. Hence, they need to look their best, especially during social events or company meetings.

If they are the type to place their jewelry everywhere, this Leather Travel Case from Mejuri is just what they need. It has four necklace hooks with additional pockets, six holes for earrings, and a ring holder to complete. The best bit about it is that it looks stylish even when it’s compact and portable.

12. So they can locate their passports, boarding passes, etc. quickly 

Adventure Port from Lovie Style

Do you know what a traveler’s dream is? An all-in-one holder for their passports, boarding passes, phones, power banks, money, and credit cards!

This Phone Charging Passport Holder “Adventure Port” from Lovie Style is a wish come true as it is a perfect gift for a traveler friend. Besides holding all your travel essentials in one place, it is also lightweight and durable.

13. So they can capture moments 

Fujifilm X-T200 camera

Gift this Fujifilm X-T200 camera to a friend that loves to capture moments during their travels. This camera is a favorite among photography travelers as it offers sophisticated handling, manual control, a large viewfinder, a Vari-angle touchscreen, better 4k video features, and improved autofocus. It’s also the best camera for parents that love to photograph their little ones during adorable moments.

14. So they can travel safely 

TSA Lock by Kipling

It’s no news that travelers get pickpocketed often. So, locking their bags and luggage is a must.

With this, give this TSA Lock by Kipling to a friend to stay safe during the whole trip. It offers a necessary dose of security and protection against pickpockets and from the accidental opening of trolleys and suitcases. It opens with a secure passcode combination, so it lets them travel with peace of mind.

15. So they can travel safely 

Oat Milk Dry Shampoo

Take this Oat Milk Dry Shampoo for a friend that despises unnecessary oil, dirt, and odor during their travels abroad. This plant-based dry shampoo from Klorane helps hair maintain its volume, texture, and natural shine.

This dry shampoo is also hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly, and it doesn’t stain or leave a chalky residue.

Final Note

Seeing the world via traveling is the most incredible adventure everyone must partake in. It’s the greatest luxury everyone must give themselves.

We hope you loved your virtual shopping trip and now know what to get your friend that loves to travel. When you’re ready to get the best present for them, ensure that they offer the best gift delivery services for optimum gifting. Good luck!


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