6 Best Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Maldives is one of the most loved nations among explorers as they will see nature at its best. For the individuals who love water, Maldives is a heaven as it is home to many sea shores, water bodies, water sports, among others. Maldives likewise has a rich history and houses some verifiable landmarks and historical centres. In this way, craftsmanship sweethearts will cherish investing energy in Maldives. It is likewise known for its rarities and cooking styles, and you will discover an eatery in each niche and corner of Maldives. In this way, here are the six best vacation destinations in Maldives that should be in your list of must-dos.

Tourist Attractions in Maldives 

1. Emboodhu Finolhu Island 

The Maldives archipelago involves near 1200 islands, and 1000 among them are utilized for the travel industry and agribusiness. Along these lines, as a voyager, you will undoubtedly be befuddled about which island to go to absorb the best of Maldives. You should visit Emboodhu Finolhu Island as it stands apart among different islands, in light of the fact that the water manors here are built so that it seems as though a blossom bud, and makes for an extraordinary ethereal view. For the record, Emboodhu Finolhu Island is home to around 55 water estates. You can likewise visit the Taj Exotica Resort here, and spoil yourself with top notch conveniences. 

Emboodhu Finolhu Island

2. Torrent Monument 

One of the significant attractions in the capital city of Male is the Tsunami Monument which is committed to the lives which were lost to the destructive Tsunami of 2004. The most amazing aspect of this landmark is how it is organized and is an incredible design wonder. It is a tube-shaped column with circles enclosing it. There is additionally a sea shore close to the landmark, and you can enjoy surfing there. The nightfall at the sea shore is another fascination with the Tsunami Monument filling in as an incredible image of recognition. Make it an absolute necessity visit place in your Maldives tour package

3. Counterfeit sea shore 

Maldives is home to numerous normal sea shores across its numerous islands. Nonetheless, the capital city of Male doesn't have a characteristic sea shore. Subsequently, they have built a fake sea shore that additionally passes by the name Artificial Beach. It is totally man-made and is near a characteristic sea shore. Counterfeit Beach is loaded up with fun exercises, and consequently, it is a significant vacation destination. You can enjoy different water sports here or simply take a walk around the sea shore. You can likewise visit nearby bistros, for example, Dinemore and Oxygen Café close to the sea shore to fulfil your taste buds. 

4. Whale Submarine 

Whale Submarine

This is another significant vacation destination at the capital city of Male in Maldives. A German-made traveller submarine will give you a visit through the submerged world in the Indian Ocean. It will take you up to 40 meters underneath the surface. The primary drop of 25 meters will empower you to see beautiful corals and different marine creatures like blue or yellow-striped Snappers. Normal Lion-fish, Yellow Box Fish and turtles. At 40 meters, the submarine will be stranded close to a cavern where various kinds of fishes taking sanctuary inside it would be apparent. Subsequently, this vacation spot ought to be essential for your Maldives bundle. 

5. COMO Cocoa Island 

COMO Cocoa Island

This island is one of the mainstream places of interest among irregular voyagers as well as the honeymooners. This island is home to around 33 water manors that are situated in a serpentine line and makes for an extraordinary aeronautical view. You can go for a walk along the sea shore on this island. In case you are an audacious voyager, you can enjoy different water sports, for example, plunging and swimming here. You can likewise spoil yourself here with the neighbourhood spa treatment as well as gorge on the heavenly cooking styles. 

6. Majeedhee Magu 

Maldives isn't just about sea shores, foods or waterbodies. Truth be told, shopping is an extraordinary vacationer movement here. Majeedhee Magu in Male is popular for its road shopping, and sees numerous travellers dive here to go overboard. You can purchase anything here, from pieces of clothing to extras, for example, watches, gadgets, makeup and satchels. You can likewise spend too much on the nearby art items here. Truth be told, shopaholics will be spoilt for decisions here. The shops stay open from 9am to 11pm neighbourhood time. Once in Majeedhee Magu, you can look at the neighbourhood touring places, or enjoy the cooking styles here.


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