A Detailed Book Review on Jungle Lore

Jungle Lore is a classic favourite for people of all ages. It will take you back to your childhood glory. The book of adventurous life through jungle.

Jim Corbett’s Love For Nature: Jungle Lore

Jungle Lore is known to be the closest Jim Corbett ever came to an autobiography. In the book, you will be able to clearly see the true soul of a man and his love affairs with the Jungle, people and animals of the Kumaon hills. Jungle Lore is a classic story published in New York in 1953. The Oxford University Press published it.

Jim Corbett’s Love For Nature Jungle Lore

The name “Jim Corbett” brings the picture of ‘Man-Eater Tigers” to our mind. We all remember Jim Corbett as someone who has devoted his whole life to save mountains and children from the terror of treacherous creatures. He is known as the shikari, naturalist and conservationist and is famous for his stories of hunting in the Indian Jungle. He was obsessed with the life of Jungle. You will be captivated by Jim Corbett’s Shikar exploits no matter from what generation you might be. Only a few people know about Jim Corbett’s pioneering efforts at nature conservation. Jungle Lore reflects his adventures in the wild in his childhood days. 

Jim Corbett Jungle Lore

The morality of the Jungle Lore - sensitivity towards nature and man’s role in conservation is still an important message. The book takes us all back to our childhood days when we all had a hunger for expeditions. It was like reliving the glory of the golden days as he explained all the details of his expeditions of childhood through various incidents that made him a clever hunter. It was fun to read all the experiences he had with regular guns, catapult, and muzzleloader, showing his growing grip over the land he wandered. His fearless attitude and his zeal for adventure had made him an expert shikari. All the experience he had is coated with the idea of wildlife and nature conservation. He later declared that compared to a gun, a camera is a better weapon inside a forest to preserve the forest for the future generation.

It was amazing to see how well-detailed he was with mentioning all the plants, animals and even the sounds of the birds. My first perception of Jim Corbett was a hunter, but it changed after I watched the Jungle Lore. I see him now as a naturalist who learned everything about nature by staying closest to it.

Corbett flawlessly wrote each of his observations in the Jungle Lore. It may seem a little slow while reading, but we are unknown to the minute level of Jungle. But if you want to acquire knowledge about nature and the Jungle, this is the perfect classic story for you. It will definitely enrich your information. His love for India and nature is overflowing on every page of the book. You will also find several stories writing for you that are considered “myths” to the other side of the world. The haunting stories are enough to send a shiver in your spine.

I was lost amidst all the small and big incidents that happened at his young age. My favourite part of the book was how he learned to shoot, how he felt when he first hunted down an animal. He was the first person ever to realize Jungle, with all its beauty, is an aesthetic element that requires to be preserved in its natural wild form. 

Jim Corbett Jungle Lore Img

For Corbett, Jungle was his classroom where he can learn an endless amount of things. For Corbett, his learning or term-time at the jungle school never ended, and he never graduated. He couldn't do so since there is always more to learn, more to discover, and more to observe from the Jungle.

The book is still popular today as ever it was. But, unfortunately, the morals Corbett espouses are still ignored. The Corbett jungle is not the same anymore. The Siwalik Hills, especially where he roamed, are ravaged by erosion, denuded trees, and devoid of tigers and game. If he visits now, he will probably not be able to recognize his Kumaon homeland.

SUMMARY: Jungle Lore leaves a very important and poignant message for all of us. It begs us to stop the disasters from happening on mother earth. Throughout the story, it was known that he was acutely sensitive towards the fragility of nature, and he is quite well ahead of his time with the understanding of the need for conservation.

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