Does Language isolation affect health? Understanding the Impact

It is felt that language isolation might affect health with the different. Let us know how and why language isolation can affect one’s health.

Impact of Language Isolation: Does it Affect health?

Learning a language is not simple as using an algebra calculator. It is essential to know some languages. English happens to be a universal language understood by people globally. Hence, learning this language is necessary to proceed in life. There are many cases where people have faced bullying because they do not understand the English language. Therefore, all educational institutions prioritize learning the language. Students learn the importance of the language in school, and the teachers make sure that they know the language properly. But, how does not understanding the language can affect your health? Is it true that people have faced health issues because of language isolation? Let us dig deep into the subject and understand how and why it affects health.  


Language isolation affects health

Learning a language is not easy. It takes a lot of time to understand all the elements of a language. English, being a critical language, needs to be learned by all. Parents also prefer to send their wards to English-medium schools to help them prepare for the future. However, many students take a longer time to understand the basics than others. Many instances show that people are bullied if they do not understand English. If we take a deeper look into the matter, we might understand the adverse effects of language isolation. 

Research by the University of Georgia has stated that Mexican-Americans living in low English speaking neighborhoods are at greater health risk and early death. Presently, we have become entirely dependent on the internet and technology. The people who are not well acquainted with the language face difficulties in seeking healthcare solutions. It will result in a lot of complexities. Your health will be worse if you do not understand the language well. The doctors will be unable to communicate properly if you are unable to speak English fluently. Hence, learning the language is essential for everyone. 

Isolation is a significant factor that affects health. As mentioned earlier, there are cases where people are not accepted in society if they do not understand the language. Kerstin Emerson stated “If you are linguistically isolated, you are very likely to be isolated socially, and we know social isolation contributes to mortality.” It is evident from several instances that isolation in itself is a massive problem and can affect anyone's health. So, if someone is not accepted because they do not understand the language, they are likely to adversely affect their health.

Digging deep into the situation, you will understand how social networking gets affected due to the language. You will not have any friends or neighbours to talk to if you do not know the language. Communication is very important to maintain a social network. Being isolated is, therefore, very common among people who are not well acquainted with the language. 

It is not only the responsibility of others to accept people into their society. You will also need to have the urge to learn the language. People with little or no understanding of English tend to translate everything into their mother language to understand. It will not serve the bigger goal. You will be unable to communicate with others if you continue doing so. You must be willing to learn the language to be accepted in society. Else, isolation will follow.

Language Isolation>Loneliness>Effects on Health

It is necessary to understand the after-effects of language isolation and how it affects health. As mentioned earlier, some people do not have any knowledge of the common language. Society does not accept them and isolates them completely. It has an adverse effect on the health of an individual. They are unable to cope with the situation and face the effects of being alone. The National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) stated more than one-third of 45 years old adults feel lonely, and one-fourth of adults more than 65 years old and more are considered socially isolated.  

Now, when you know the effects of language isolation and how it leads to loneliness, let’s take a look into the health effects of loneliness to understand the relation properly:

  • Social isolation increases the risk of premature death and can have severe effects compared to smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.
  • The risk of dementia can increase as a result of social isolation
  • Heart disease and stroke has been a result of poor social relationships is seen in many cases
  • Depression, anxiety, and suicide are the most common effects of loneliness

These are serious concerns, and people have suffered as a result of social isolation. You cannot imagine how language isolation can lead to loneliness which can cause these diseases. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions from the beginning if you see someone with such symptoms. In the following section, we will discuss how to prevent language isolation and keep people safe. 

Ways to Prevent Language Isolation

Learning a language that is used globally is essential. Yet, there are cases where people risk their lives for not knowing the specific language. But, is it only the person's fault, or do we also have some responsibility towards them? You might feel somewhere we are also responsible for isolating people who do not know a language. Yes, if they are not willing to learn it, then it is not possible to help. But, if you see a person who is willing to learn, do not make fun of them for the wrong pronunciation. Instead, correct them and help them learn. Many people give up learning because they cannot tolerate bullying. It is not good to make fun of someone who is trying to learn.

Social status plays a significant role in language isolation. Let's take an instance of a famous footballer. The footballer is well accepted in society, has all the luxuries, and has the talent to make some money. Now, if you go through any interview of that footballer, you will realize that the person cannot speak a language other than his mother language. So, do you isolate him for that? Well, no. He is accepted because he is popular and has the talent to make everyone proud. Therefore, he does not need your acceptance. So, if he can be accepted, why can't the people who are not aware of the language be too? Social status might be the answer to this.

It is always better to help the ones who do not know the language. However, those people should also be willing to learn the language. It is a two-way process. You cannot blame society if you are not willing to learn a language to communicate. Similarly, society must extend the helping hands to support them in the process. 

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