10 Cheapest Regions In The World You Should Visit

Explore the most beautiful cheapest countries in the world. Browse through this list of countries to take your pick from the countries you can visit.

10 Inexpensive Countries To Visit In The World 

After the two-year-long slump that the world went through, traveling can feel like a blessing. Anyone with the willingness to travel will be grateful for the opportunity.

But not a lot of us can afford to travel to expensive destinations. And while these expensive destinations have their appeal, but the more expensive a place is, the more you have to adjust the length of your trip and your activities there to stretch your dollar.

That said, traveling the world can be affordable if you visit the right places! There are plenty of gorgeous destinations in the world that make excellent vacations, but they don’t cost a fortune to visit.  

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1. Cambodia

Southeast Asia is well known for its affordable travel destinations. It’s also incredibly beautiful and rich in art, history, flavourful food, religious architecture, and picturesque natural landscapes. And Cambodia has it all. 

One of the most beautiful places in Cambodia is the ancient Khmer temples in Siem Reap. You can take a tour of the museums and palaces in the capital city of Phnom Penh. 

Pro tip: A hostel accommodation in Cambodia can cost as little as 4 USD per night, and you’ll get a full meal for as low as 1 USD.

2. Laos

Laos is another affordable country that is a backpacker's paradise. From the serene Buddhist temples to the calming waterfalls and forests, this region is a travel destination for history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. There are stunning specimens of architecture that can be found around the country, like Monuments, palaces, temples, museums, shrines, and. 

As you travel through the country, you’ll find waterfalls scattered around the landscape, including the Pha Pheng and Khone Falls, Kuang Si Waterfall, Tat Sae Falls, and more. 

Pro tip: Entry fees to many natural attractions usually only cost 1 or 2 USD. 

3. Vietnam

As one of the best tourist attractions in the world for street food, Vietnam should be on your travel bucket list. The markets in Vietnam are stunning; you can indulge in a wide variety of local dishes without spending a whole lot of money. 

Vietnam is also famous for its beautiful natural attractions, which include the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong. 

Pro tip: Accommodation and transportation are both quite inexpensive here, which explains why Vietnam is one of the cheapest Asian countries to visit.

4. El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country widely regarded for its natural beauty. There are plenty of beautiful beaches, lakes, volcanoes, and waterfalls to explore, as well as some fascinating archeological sites. 

So if you love nature and history, El Salvador is the place to be. As with most countries in South and Central America, food is cheapest if you decide on trying the local dishes. 

Pro tip: You can get big plates of local food for 3 USD, whereas a meal of foreign food like pizza or burgers costs closer to 10 USD. But if you travel on a backpacker budget, you can get by in El Salvador on 30 USD per day.

5. Colombia

Situated in the north of South America, Colombia is an underrated tourist destination. With serene beaches and marine life on the coast and colorful architecture and historic villages inland, Colombia will not disappoint. 

Some of the activities you can do in Colombia include touring coffee plantations, hiking along with the volcanoes, snorkeling near the northern beaches, trekking in the national parks, and exploring the cities of Medellin and Cartagena. 

Pro tip: Hostels in Colombia cost around 10 USD per night, and public bus journeys around the country cost only a few dollars.

6. Romania

As cliché as it may sound but Romania is truly a hidden gem of Europe. It is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions and is extremely cheap. The most popular region has to be the Transylvania region, which comprises numerous impressive castles and quaint, charming, colorful villages. 

You can also explore the wilderness, including the majestic Carpathian Mountains and the beaches surrounded by the Black Sea. 

Pro tip: Travelling on a budget through Romania means you’ll probably have to spend around 30-40 USD per day, which makes it one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe.  

cheapest countries to visit in Europe

7. Poland

For history lovers, Poland is a great place to explore. To visit the fascinating museums and historical attractions, you most likely won’t have to pay more than 5-10 USD as entry fees. Poland is also home to plenty of colorful, photogenic architecture, which you can explore and photograph for free. 

You can get a hearty meal in local food that usually costs less than 10 USD, and hostel accommodation generally costs around 8-10 USD. 

Pro tip: Poland is recognized for its delicious food and incredible sceneries of western European countries minus the exorbitant prices and the swarms of tourists.

8. Guatemala

Guatemala is a geographically diverse and stunning country. It’s just below Mexico, and it’s also situated in close proximity to the USA, so you can find flights there for as cheap as 100 USD. Guatemala boasts of a thriving Mayan culture. You’ll find many traditionally dressed locals living the same way their ancestors did. You’ll probably hear other indigenous languages other than Spanish here as well. 

Guatemala consists of beach towns, mountains and highlands, and tropical rainforests within its borders. 

Pro tip: You can try paddleboard on Lake Atitlan, swim in natural lakes and waterfalls in the rainforest, and explore Mayan ruins in the north. The best part? You can do it all on a backpacker budget. 

9. Nicaragua

If you’d like to travel somewhere inexpensive, then Central America is the place to go. From the low prices of food, activities, and accommodation to the short and affordable flights to get there, traveling to Central America is indeed cheaper than you think. And Nicaragua is no different. 

Most travelers tend to flock around near San Juan Del Sur, a beach town known for parties, or in the towns of Leon, Managua, and Granada. 

Pro tip: Popular activities you can try in Nicaragua include sandboarding and hiking on volcanoes, exploring the Spanish colonial architecture in the cities, and surfing at the remote beaches.

10. Morocco

As far as African countries are concerned, Morocco is one of the most affordable. It’s not as inexpensive as Southeast Asia, but it’s still one of the cheapest countries to visit if you can get past the tourist traps. 

For instance, Marrakech is a colorful and chaotic city in Morocco. Most travelers visit this city to explore the massive Medina and to book guided tours into the Sahara Desert or the Atlas Mountains. 

Marrakech can be pretty affordable if you buy your food from local eateries rather than the fancy restaurants in Jema El Fnaa, which is the main tourist square. Hostels around Morocco essentially cost between 8 and 10 USD, and tours are affordable as well. 

Pro tip: You can check out the Blue City of Chefchaouen, the beaches along the west coast, and of course, the mountains and the desert.


Traveling to a new country on a backpacker's budget is possible if you know where to go. All these countries mentioned above are a delight to visit when you want to keep your travel expenditures to a minimum. 

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