How Many Calories you Burn Throughout the Day

How Many Calories you Burn in the Day

Energy is essential for carrying out the basic life processes, you may wonder you are burning calories, when you are breathing, digesting, during basic cell processes. The life process can’t run without energy, so we are burning calories every moment. We can’t survive without it, we also burn calories during walking, moving around, and performing daily routine tasks of life. The TDEE calculator is a great source to calculate our daily calorie requirement, this can only if we find, what is my TDEE value is? The TDEE represents total daily energy expenditure and the TDEE calculator by helps to analyze our daily requirement of calories. 

In this, we are discussing, how many calories you burn throughout the day? and how can you enjoy a happy life? 

The basal metabolic rate:

The basal metabolic rate is the formula to calculate your requirement of calories at rest. When you are able to know your BMR value, then you only have to add the activity to calculate what is my TDEE, the total daily energy expenditure calculator explains to you, your daily requirement of calories. To calculate your basal metabolic rate, you have to add your weight, height, and age to the formula. The constant factors are different for males and females as they have different metabolic speeds. You also have to add your sex in the Basal Metabolic Calculation. So we calculate differently for male and female persons.

The formula for a male to calculate their Basal Metabolic Calculation is:

66+(6.2 x weight)+(12.7 x height) –(6.76 x age)= BMR for Male Persons 

For women, we use a different Basal Metabolic Calculation(BMR). The BMR calculations for women, as we are using different coefficients for women, as they have a different metabolic rate from men.

665.1+(4.35 x weight)+(4.7x height) –(4.7 x age)= BMR for Female Persons 

When you add your daily exercise and workout routine, then you can calculate your total daily energy expenditure by using the TDEE calculator. It is essential to know what is my TDEE, to find the total requirement of your calories.

Our age and weight:

People consider it natural to gain weight after a certain age, there is no scientific reason for that if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and burning the required amount of calories, you can be a fitter person after sixties. Obesity is the result of our careless behavior, if we are eating too much and not burning the required amount of calories, then what would be the result, we may have extended tummies and fats around our bodies.

It all depends on your routine and lifestyle, which make you an athletic person or a fatty person having irregular body shape. Fat people may have an extended tummy and extended butt, which is quite an annoying body shape.

The benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a smarter and healthy life. A person regularly does exercise and burns the required calories normally to enjoy a happy life. He normally avoids visiting the doctor, due to his effort and workout. It is encouraging to calculate TDEE, by using the TDEE calorie calculator. It is essential for your health to calculate TDEE, and estimate how many calories you require to burn every day.

People who exercise and follow a routine pattern for their life can live longer, as there is less degradation of cells. Our body does degrade with the passage of time as we get older. This process is known to be Entropy, you can slow down this process by burning an adequate amount of calories and working out a routine.


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