Vineyards to City Food Tours: Top Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Did you know Andorra is considered a popular foodie destination? Unravel similar rare food tourism trends that can shape your future travels in 2021.

6 Hot Food Tourism Trends That Will Make You Want To Travel Today

International vacations are back on the table. After almost a year and a half of border closures, in 2022, the fun of touchdown in another country goes hand in hand with COVID-19 well-being protocols. And, the thrilling new world of traveling is rewriting the recipe for food-focused holidays more than ever before. 

Often when we travel, our taste buds dictate our experience or choice in the destinations. Travel is all about experiences, and food pushes us further into an experience. When you book a flight to Naples in Italy, you enjoy the garlic butter melting on the top of a crunchy loaf. You go to France and scour the streets for a flakey croissant and a glass of orange juice in the morning. 

Hot Food Tourism Trends

Food provides you with traveling confidence- the fresh fruit market that tends to pull you out of bed on a Monday morning to make you travel to the Victorian white drizzle cake-making class where you meet your cheerful fellow travelers. 

For all the foodies out there, count on this blog to witness certain traits in your itineraries, like hands-on experiences and a special focus on sustainable produce. Here, we will explore the remarkable trends shaping culinary travel adventures for food enthusiasts worldwide. 

Let’s dive right in! 

The Top Travel Trends For Food Enthusiasts To Watch Out For In 2021 

  •  Interactive Culinary Experiences 

As per AAA’s travel survey, an estimated 22 million Americans are predicted to take a culinary-focused vacation in a year. 75% of Americans feel that food and dining are an important part of their travel experiences. 

In fact, Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Business Officer, asserts, “Meal is essentially the most highly effective expression of any tradition. And, we all know that avid travelers gather experiences, not trinkets.” In 2022, the food connoisseurs will be looking for other worldly-eating experiences to counteract the mundanity of the previous year. 

For hands-on culinary adventures, gather pattern honey from hives in Balinese rice paddies, learn to churn out cheese in Mykonos. You can also go for an adventure where you can participate in a non-public cooking demonstration with a culinary chef in Paris.  

  •  Embracing The Farm-To-Table Dining 

One of the most widely practiced food trends globally, farm-to-table dining, implies serving food that's grown locally and sourced straight from farms, ranches, wineries, and other produce. This concept is quite celebrated among the most time-tested trends in food tourism due to its immense useful benefits. It informs the diners precisely where their food comes from. 

While on your summer vacation in Ireland, you can visit one such farm that doubles as a distillery and apple orchard. Here, you can take a peek inside the aromatic distilling process as well as savor the tastes of their homemade ciders, spirits, and syrups. Similarly, on your France tour, you can gain extensive knowledge on and taste locally made cheeses like Saint-Nectaire, Caperon Fermier, and Forume d’Aurieres. 

  • A Deep Connection With Delicacies and Tradition 

Globetrotters tend to crave an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the food and culture of the locations they are visiting. The sightseers desire to know the places where their meals come from, the beautiful culinary routes of every dish, and the way the substances have been acquired. 

A brand new show, dubbed as the S.A.L.T (Sea and Land Style), presents spectacular gastronomic experiences that seize the flavors of every onshore vacation spot. Onshore excursions like village market journeys immerse you within the delicacy tradition, whereas cooking courses in the onboard S.A.L.T Lab will provide you with a feel for traditions and regional substances. 

  •  Intriguing Winery Visits 

Intriguing Winery Visits

According to the same AAA survey, about four in five claim they have engaged in such impeccable activities as touring wineries and distilleries in their latest vacation experiences. 

Wine tourism is among the admired culinary travel trends that show no sign of slowing down any time soon, and for good. Akin to food, wine can educate travelers a lot about the exotic destination where it’s made. On your next summer vacation in Portugal, you can easily hop between the wineries in Alentejo and Dao regions and the Douro Valley, sipping earthy varietals each area is popular for. 

If you are a Barolo lover, you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the town of the same name in Northern Italy. 

  • Special Emphasis On Contemporary Produce 

The latest market research report of Technavio asserts that sustainable and organic culinary tourism is predicted to grow to post a CAGR of over 9% from 2019 to 2023. On this new period of meals journey in the modern era, the paddock-to-plate revolution dominates supremely. An increasing number of cafes and eating places are turning into regionally grown and sourced meal eateries. They are constantly supporting farmers while keeping an eye on sustainability at all times. 

See how this sustainable agriculture works while visiting Thailand for your next holiday. In this tour, you can pay a visit to an organic farm to gain an in-depth understanding of eco-friendly agricultural practices and actively participate in a hands-on planting workshop alongside the farmers. 

  • Satisfying Taste Buds With Enriching Food Tours 

Instead of focusing on a single restaurant or dish, food tours are one of the outstanding trends we are absolutely in love with. They introduce tourists from markets, cafés to street-food stalls- all in one fell swoop. 

For your next vacay, choose to go on a guided food tour of Galway in Ireland, where you can taste traditional and modern Irish foods along with sipping craft beer.  You can also opt for the Food of Modena Walking Tour in Northern Italy, where you can taste local specialties like salami, tigelle, and cheese. 

Food traveling is an amazing way to meet new people or to just soak in the culture of your exotic destination. It offers the brilliant opportunity to learn local recipes, taste something new, or even find an event or festival hosted in a beautiful city garden in the most spectacular spots of a country. No matter where you go for a vacation or who you are traveling with, there can be nothing better than traveling with your tastebuds. Bon Voyage! 

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