How to Prepare Your Car For A Long Road Trip In UAE

Road trips can be a lot of fun especially when you have planned it with your loved ones. You anxiously await the whole year for the time to come when you are ready to pack your bags and finally hit the road. You leave all your troubles behind for some time and have a lot of fun, making good memories which you will cherish for years to come.

In a road trip, the most important thing you need to be certain of is your car. Since everything depends on your car, you need to prepare your car for the trip and make sure it is good to go. Suppose you drive a BMW, and it breaks down in the middle of a road trip.

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Now, let us get back to our topic. Today’s article will educate you on how to prepare your car for a long road trip in the UAE.

BMW Car Repair for Road Trip

Preparing a Car for a Trip

Here is what you need to do:


Make sure to check your engine oil. Check the color of the engine oil. If it's black, it means that the oil needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it will damage your engine and reduce the efficiency and performance of your car. If it is yellow, it means the oil is good. Oil needs to be replaced after certain miles or a 3-4 months’ time whichever may come first. Check your engine oil level as well and make sure it’s not low as it can leave you stranded on the side of the road. 


Car battery is responsible for providing energy to start your vehicle along with functioning the electrical components of the car. So before taking your car on a long road trip in UAE, check the condition of your car battery. Inspect the battery terminals if they are rusted or loose, they will cause problems in starting your car. Your car battery may be weak if your car starts in several attempts, front lights have become dim or there is rust on battery terminals. If your battery is 3 years old, get it checked by an expert.  


While on a road trip, the driver may not be fully focused on the road as he may be enjoying the scenery, talking with his loved ones or looking for directions. So it is vital that your car is perfectly visible for others to see on the road. Make sure that all your car lights are working which include your headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals.


While going on a long trip, it would be wise to keep an emergency car kit which may prove very important if the worst happens. A typical emergency car kit includes 

Tire pressure gauge

Fire extinguisher 

Emergency stop sign 

Car jumper cable 

Tyre inflator kit 

Tool kit


It is very important that you check the condition of your car tyres and be completely sure that they are in top notch condition as they will be covering a lot of distance in different conditions and roads. If either of the tyres is worn out, then immediately get it replaced instead of swapping it. Lastly, ensure that tyre pressure is at the recommended level before embarking on your road trip


Apart from engine oil, there are other fluids which you need to check as well. These include your car coolant, steering fluid, brake fluid etc. If the coolant level is low, it may cause your car to overheat and lead to engine damage. 


While going on a long road trip, always keep a spare tyre as you never know when you may hit some debris or pothole during your long journey and damage your tire. If you have a spare tyre, you'll be able to replace the tyre and be up and running again instead of being stranded on the side of the road and in an area which is unfamiliar to you. Make sure you have the tire changing equipment which includes a jack, wrench and tire lock key. 


Make sure to check the oil and air filter. If they are dirty they will affect the performance of your engine and your engine will consume more petrol as well. So get the oil and air filter replaced if they are dirty.

BMW Car Repair

Final Thoughts

If you still have any questions in mind or suggestions, feel free to let us know. We request that you inspect the car fully before setting out on your trip. Lastly, share the post with your friends and family so that they can benefit from the above information.

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