A Guide To Customizing Your Own Hoodie


A hoodie is one of the most versatile articles of clothing in the modern wardrobe. It's a staple for both men and women, and is worn in almost every season. As such, there are many ways to customize your own hoodie that can help it stand out from everyone else's boring black or grey hoodies.

Figure 1: a variety of stylish customized hoodies

Hoodies were originally intended as undershirts, but have evolved into items on their own due to their versatility. They've become an essential component of any casual outfit - going well with coats and jackets during chilly weather while also suiting up nicely with some dressier clothes when you're trying to look more professional at work or school. In fact, hoodies have become so versatile that they've taken on a life of their own - often being worn by people even when it's not particularly cold outside.

Figure 2: A man wearing a blue hoodie with some nice jeans and casual shoes

The Conventional Hoodie:

Typically made with zip up fronts and drawstrings to adjust the fit, conventional hoodies are generally baggy and loose fitting (see Figure 1). Due to this fact, they're ideally suited for those who want to customize them in order to make their clothes more unique compared to everyone else's clothes. Typical customization options include screen printing or embroidering logos onto the front of the sweatshirt (whether as an advertisement or as something more personal), adding decorations to the hood, or putting patches on the backs of the sleeves.

Figure 3: A young woman wearing a simple black hoodie with her hair in a bun

Drawstring Hoodies:  These are similar to conventional hoodies but have drawstring string pulls instead of zippers (see Figure 2) - this makes them tighter around the neck and looser everywhere else for those who don't like baggy clothes. You can customize your own drawstring hoodie by tying yarn around certain parts to create patterns or using markers to write something cool on it.

Figure 4: A young woman wearing a custom dyed tie dye hoodie

Scoop Neck Hoodies:  Another common type of sweatshirt, the scoop neck (see Figure 3) has an extremely wide collar that can be easily embroidered or screen printed with various designs. These types of hoodies also look good when decorated in any other way, which can include adding patches and badges to customize your own unique style. DIY tip: Try applying iron-ones for making cool designs and keep experimenting with colors and patterns.

Turtle Necks:  Similar to scoop necks but having a much lower collar (see Figure 4), turtle necks are not just for winter - you can customize these types of hoodies using the same embroidering and screen printing techniques mentioned earlier. DIY tip: Try dying your own sweaters with tie-dye or bleach to make them stand out more.

Figure 5: A man wearing a black pull over sweatshirt

Pull Over Hoodies:  As opposed to zip up varieties, these are simply draped over the body's upper half without being zipped at all (see Figure 5). They are just as easy to customize by adding patches, iron-ones, or other decorations, although you'll have to be careful when washing them so that they don't get messed up while in the wash machine/dryer.

Figure 6: A woman wearing a blue hoodie while walking her dog

Other Styles:  Some other types of hoodies include those that have a front pocket for putting things in, a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm, and those with an attached cape or capelet (similar to capes seen on super heroes) that can be worn when the weather gets colder. As you can see below in Figures 6 and 7, there are many options for customizing these varieties of hoodies just like the others mentioned above.

Figure 7: A young woman wearing a custom dyed tie dye hoodie

Although it is possible to customize any type of hoodie using screen printing or embroidering/appliqué techniques, sometimes you might want something more interesting to add a personal touch. In this case, try using marker pens or paint pens because they give you the ability to customize your own style in ways that might not be so easy with embroidery.

Figure 8: A young woman wearing a handmade knit hoodie

How To Make Your Own Hoodie:  It's actually possible to make your own hoodies without having any sewing/embroidering skills. If this sounds interesting, then take a look at Figure 8 - it shows an example of someone who knitted her own custom-dyed hoodie from scratch! DIY tip: Look online for tutorials and follow instructions carefully when trying to customize your own clothing without having previous experience.


 There are many types of customize hoodies out there that you can customize in various ways, but some may be easier to customize than others. Figures 1-7 show examples of some basic styles and how they might look when customized, whereas Figure 8 shows what is possible when you know how to create your own piece of clothing from scratch.



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