Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

    Health conscious people must have searched this question so many times if collagen causes weight gain. Let’s talk about it today. Collagen is the major component of connective tissues which is responsible for making numerous parts of the body as it is an essential protein in the body. Collagen protein is responsible for our bones, hairs, nails and joint cartilage. Now the answer to this question is No! Collagen protein doesn’t cause weight gain.

    Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

    Role Of Collagen

    It’s such a small protein, it holds a major value in our bodies. Collagen is vital for building blocks of our body which helps in taking care of ligaments, skin and many other tissues. It is even very vital to keep our skin looking young and youthful while hiding the wrinkles.

    ● Apart from this, collagen helps build muscles as it is responsible for making creatine.

    ● The bone health is taken care of with the help of collagen and lowers the risk of muscle tear and fractures.

    ● It takes care of the health of joints by reducing chances of joint pain and promoting mobility.

    ● The skin naturally looks youthful and glows after preventing pimples and wrinkles, and promoting hydration.

    ● Collagen plays a vital role in managing your heart’s health, circulatory system function and giving structure to the arteries.  

    If collagen has so many roles then why people ask questions about if collagen makes you fat. 

    Weight Gain: Why Does It Happen?

    If you are gaining weight then the reason could be consumption of more calories than burning them. We know that gaining weight is extremely uncomfortable but it can be taken care of with a proper care of consumption of calories. Let’s understand the reason in an elaborate manner.

    ● Consumption of excess calories: Sometimes there are eating disorders which don't let a person understand if they are consuming more than required calories and they may cause sudden weight gain. Even if there are no disorders, someone who is not aware of their eating habits can get a shooting weight. 

    ● Sedentary lifestyle: Nowadays many of us are stuck in front of our laptops and phones in order to work or relax. Moreover, this has become a habit during pandemic years. In this case if we are not working out and just consuming food in one place then the weight tends to go only upwards.

    ● Underlying conditions: There could be some underlying issues bothering you like imbalance of hormones, thyroid, autoimmune disorders, etc. which become the reason for unexplained weight growth. In fact, some medicines related for the disorder can also push up the weight.

    Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

    Once again, No! As explained above, collagen is an important and vital element for helping you build muscles and maintain healthy weight. Don’t worry, collagen is not something like building your muscle in a day with a big explosion. 

    On the contrary, it helps you with improvement of metabolism. In fact, collagen helps build lean muscle mass and burns out extra calories, ultimately leading to weight loss. Moreover, collagen makes you feel full and you don’t feel hungry very early. In fact, some researchers claim that they prefer collagen supplements rather than protein supplements for better weight loss.

    What Can You Do To Lose Weight?

    Apart from consuming less fatty foods and in proper intervals, you can try other methods to cut weight like:

    ● Keep moving your body from one place to another in between your sedentary lifestyle or else the metabolism tends to slow down by itself.

    ● Avoid the consumption of sugar as well as fruit juice because they can hinder weight loss.

    ● Drink limited amounts of tea and coffee as little amount can increase your metabolism to some extent.

    ● Practice eating food at a slow pace and allow your body to digest the food you are consuming at the moment. 

    ● Take proper sleep as poor sleep can infuse weight gain.

    ● Include whole food and even protein in your diet.

    Wrap Up

    We are sure you have figured out that collagen doesn’t allow you to gain weight and it is not even harmful when you are consuming it for good purposes. If you are trying to lose weight then you must look for healthy ways to cut weight rather than thinking more about collagen. The blog has referred to other ways for cutting weight above. What are your views on the same? Share them with us in the comments below. What are the methods you are following to stay healthy and avoid getting overweight? Share your practices, ideas and practices that you follow to keep the same and our viewers in the loop. 


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