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Motu Patlu is an Indian entertainment, interesting, dramatical and amazing serial available or free on Nickelodeon. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya.It is adapted from the classic comic strip on Lot Pot. Motu Patlu was premiered on 16th October 2012, beginning with episode “JON BANEGA DON”. It focuces on two friends, Motu and Patlu, living in a fictional town called Furfuri Nagar, however later in the series they live in another city known as Modern City.


Why is Motu Patlu famous?

All over the world Motu Patlu was one of the most searched television serial or show. It has gained very good views on its episodes and telecasting of this show

Motu Patlu has reached a good place in the heart of the viewers of this show and it become very famous among them. Usually kids watch this show with very excitement and enjoys while watching. It is most popular among childrens, moreover adultd also watches this with their kids. It is directed by Mr.Suhas Yadav and Miss. Deeps Sahi and J.S. Mehta is the producer of this show. It is having a theme song named “Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi” which is sung by Mr. Sukhwinder Singh and compressed by Sandeep Shandilya.

Main characters

MOTU: Motu is a man who serves as one of the central leader of this show. He likes to eat samosas very much which increases his power in a way that is likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect, giving him the ability to defeat his enemies or rivals. Samosas also increase his intelligence, speed, power, vision and so on also allowing him push several heavy vehicles and buildings. He often faces troubles because of his actions and always look for easiest way to earn more and more money. Motu is a positive and good natured man who always wants to help others, but with bad luck or disappointedly he can be easily fooled by people especially John.

PATLU: Patlu is a very thin man who serves as one of the show’s central leader. He do not likes samosas as Motu but really likes to read the newspapers. Patlu is also not strong and powerful as Motu. He is a bald-headed person or we can call him hairless who always wears a yellow coloured tunic with orange leggings, and paired this with brown-framed glasses, and brownish black shoes. His dialogs are “Idea!” and “Motu kuch karo!” ,whenever Motu causes problems and troubles he says this.

INSPECTOR CHINGUM: He works as a police inspector who believes that no criminal can hide from him, but he mostly manage to catch them by luck and with the help provided by MOTU and PATLU. He is having a South Indian accent of Rajinikanth. He is a concerned police inspector. Chingum drives a police jeep and a motorcycle both. Sometimed he is helped by two constables, named Hera and Pheri. He has a black coloured big mustache and brownish hair with silky tecture who always wears a khaki police uniform with stars and badges on it and a name tag which decorate it and a police cap. Sometime he also wears sunglasses.

GHASITARAM: He is a faint-hearted person who usually claims to have a 20 year of experience in various fields but only some of the experiences are useful to others. He a Bengali man. Motu and Patlu mostly do call on him for various kinds of helps in certain episodes. He is also the lab assistant of Dr.Jhatka who also helps him with experiments and uses Motu ans Patlu for inventions testing.

DR.JHATKA: He is a scientist and in some episodes he is also shown as a dentist. He is a Punjabi person as his accent is like Sardar. His inventions are usually very good and impressive but are of not so much use to the townspeople. He drives a flying car of yellow colour.

JOHN: John serves as the main enemy of the show. John’s intention is to become a powerful and big DON. But his plans always fails very badly because of Motu and Patlu and being taunted by other people and arrested by inspector Chingum. He is not afraid of inspector Chingum but is instead afraid of Motu Patlu. He is a shorty person and faces discrimination for that among people. He is very masterminded in thievery and always carrys pistol. He wears a blue flower print shirt with brown belt and dark blue pant with blue caffs and black brownish shoes. He wears 3 gold chain in his nech and a locket J writtened on it and so many rings in his figure.

NUMBER 1: Number 1 is John’s person who serves as a supporting person for him. He always encourages him in his doings and appreciates John’S short poems but usually John beats him up in return. He has a brilent idea to trap Motu and Patlu but John never lisen to him and in return he beats him.

NUMBER 2: Number 2 is also John’s person who rarely spraks. He has a oversized nose and bandage on it and has a dark mark on his one eyes. He has a dark brown hairs and very chubby and a tall man.

CHAIWALA: He has a tea shop near Motu and Patlu’s house but his real home is never showed. He prepares Motu’s favorite samosas and Patlu’s favorite tea in the whole city. Motu always steals samosas from his shop but chaiwala does not like his food to being stolen.

BOXER: Boxer is Motu’s and Patlu’s neighbour, who is a very aggrisive man having accent like Sunny Deol. He wears boxing gloves of red colour and a white tank top and red coloured shorts with strips on it. The text “BOXER” is written on the back of his shirt in red colour with orange outline.

What we can learn from Motu Patlu: Motu and Patlu always helps each other. This show gives a very positive sentiment about standing by our friends and helping them whenever they need you. No matter how bad the situation we should always support each other.

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