Top six places to visit in Iowa

 Iowa is the state situated in the Midwestern United States offering the most beautiful places and well known as the best distinct charm of the Midwestern US. Due to unique beach towns, lakes and parks are some of the natural tourist attractions in Iowa. Iowa always entertained the tourists in various forms including snowmobile excursions in winter to the festivals and flea markets in summer. Visitors enjoy the beauty of Iowa and find pleasure in many cities. In this article, we provide our readers with the best places to visit in Iowa with their uniqueness of the place.

1. Iowa City

Iowa city is the coolest, most lively, and most youthful place located in the east of the Iowa state near straddling banks of a river. It is the hometown of the prestigious universities of Iowa that revolves around its bustling campus. When you start your day in Iowa city you highly note the enjoying of breakfast at Bluebird Diner. In this city, you enjoy many hip and vibrant places that are filled with tantalizing restaurants, concert halls, museums, and brewers. The old Capitol building of Iowa city is the most beautiful and prominent educational institution in Iowa. The most tourist attraction in Iowa is its National Historic Landmark which is excellent for its natural history. 

2. Snake Alley, Burlington

Snake Alley is a street located in Burlington city of Iowa. Snake Alley is one of the best things to do in Burlington Iowa which was constructed in 1894 helps to connect the residential cities with commercial cities in Iowa. The visitors are enjoying walking, cycling, and driving on the snake alley roads. It consists of two-quarter caves, five half-curves, and drops around 55-60 feet over a distance of approx 276 feet. The 100 years go back the snake alley is known for the business district of Burlington, but now it is well known for its beautiful tourist attraction. 

3. Des Moines

Des Moines is the most populous and capital city of Iowa that is situated in the center of the state. The many visitor attractions places are located in the city of Des Moines like Botanical Garden, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, and Blank Park Zoo. The museum known as Den Moines art center is very famous for its rotating work of photography, sculpture, and painting. The visitors have enjoyed the art since 1948 in the museum. The city also has some vibrant visitor attractions like East village and Valley Junctions that give brilliant boutiques of the historic building. In the summer season, you can enjoy the fresh cheese and wines from the farmers' market.

4. National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

National Czech & Slovak is the most famous institute situated at the bank of Cedar river which dedicates the history and culture of Czech & Slovak people who lived at the bank of the Cedar River. The museum and library meet the educational traveling displays, and special events of permanent exhibits for the whole family. The library and museum have sloppy roofs that are drawn from Central European style. The history of the Czech and Slovak museums shows the faces of freedom exhibit. 

5. Amana Colonies

The Amana Colonies were founded by the German settlers in around 1855. Aman Colonies in Iowa is a collection of seven villages that are situated in the east of Iowa. Amana colonies are nowadays becoming a well-known place for tourist attraction for restaurants and unique traditional shops. Due to reflecting German heritage, the Aman Colonies have been listed in the list of national historic landmarks since 1965.  Across the Iowa state, the Amana Colonies are well known for their annual festivals that include sausage-making Wursfest to springtime Maifest. You enjoy the German traditions at Amana Colonies.

6. Grotto of the Redemption

The Grotto of the Redemption is a unique attraction that visitors must visit in Iowa. It is situated in the West bend of Iowa well known as West bend Grotto which is a series of nine grottoes and each series shows the life of Christ. More than one lac people every year head to these grottoes that are made upon 4 million dollars of minerals and rocks are being used to create this beautiful place. All nine grottoes are made up of precious gems and stones and handcrafted by the pastors of that area.

End of Article 

You are reading the above places and their uniqueness, So you plan for the trip. The above cities are the best place to visit in Iowa. Plan your trip to Iowa to enjoy the nature, educational universities, historic places, and culture of Iowa state in the United States.


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