6 Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

The colorful and remarkable tradition of equestrian sports dates back to Ancient Greece, more commonly known as dressage. Dressage is a term in French which means "training," and it is a celebrated sporting competition and exhibition that includes training horses to perform precise movements. Dressage is commonly perceived as the highest form of expression apart from all equestrian sports, and this type of horse training lays down the groundwork for other horse sport disciplines. 

Equestrian sports such as dressage combined training and show jumping is part of the Olympic Games. This form of competition is recognized as an equestrian Olympic event. Moreover, thoroughbred horse racing happens to be the most popular form of equestrian worldwide. For this purpose, people purchase pure breed horses, care for them, groom them, and train them for these sports. Hence, if you have a horse for training or any other purpose, you will need some tips to keep it happy. 

Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

These are some of the tips.

1. Take part in horse shows 

Every equestrian has hopes for a moment where their prized stallions make it to the spotlight. They’ve put their time and patience to the test in training their horses and maintaining their pedigree. Apart from practicing routines or training the horse on the ranch, try signing up for different horse shows for inspiration, as most aspiring equestrians are found there.

If you live around Branson, Dolly Parton’s Stampede is a popular place where you can attend horse show performances. Hence, consider visiting and writing down the list of things to do in Branson where you can network with experienced equestrians. You’ll learn tips and insights about training your horse to perform in front of an audience. Moreover, you’ll also learn some traits that can help you control and train your stallions better. 

2. Maintain a routine 

Horses take their routine pretty seriously, as it makes them feel comfortable and peaceful. Apart from that, a routine gives them some semblance of order and control, which is the ideal setting for an animal as proud as horses. Therefore, whatever time you dedicate to the horse to feed, train, groom, or take them out for exercise, you must strictly repeat it every day. Moreover, spending significant time with your horse is important, as each horse has different habits and personalities. Understanding their personality will not only help you in training him but also about what can make your horse happy. 

3. Keep them around friends and visual simulation 

Horses do not like to be alone by nature and can get sick if they feel alone or rejected. Therefore, you must ensure that your horses have many other companions apart from you. Ideally, a stable full of other horses that they can interact with would be ideal, but other pets and animals will also suffice if that is not the case. You can keep cats or build a chicken coop beside the stable, keeping its attention and providing visual stimulation. As horses are very friendly by nature, bringing as many horses and other animals around them will keep them happy. 

4. Give them a purpose

Every intelligent animal needs a sense of purpose in its life to survive, just like human beings. Hence, if a horse is untrained, does not stick to a routine, or doesn't serve a purpose, it may feel dejected. Horses need to feel valuable, like they have some purpose in their life as well. Hence, as an equestrian, the best thing you can do for your horse is to train them daily. Moreover, try to keep the horse busy by riding it whenever possible or giving it a task followed by a reward. These tasks can help the horse feel more productive, which will help keep them happy. 

5. Reduce the stress of traveling

As horses are appreciators of a strict routine, any change from their routine can quickly stress them out. Hence, if your horses are used to training and staying in their stable for weeks on end, traveling can pose a very stressful event for them. For this purpose, you should invest in transportation means suitable to the horses' needs. The best possible option is to accompany your horse on the trip to avoid separation anxiety. Moreover, ensure that the transportation is arranged according to the schedule your horse is used to. This aspect plays a major role in reducing any stress of traveling. 

6. Give them downtime 

Your horse needs some time to relax after a show or competition, just like your routine. This aspect of their nature is very similar to how human beings operate and require some rest to avoid burnout. Therefore, focusing on getting them back to their routine as soon as possible presents a comfortable and peaceful alternative to the commotion of shows and competitions. Moreover, focus on light exercises such as a peaceful walk by your side instead of intensive training for your horse. 


As a horse owner, you may have gotten attached to your horse, and their well-being and emotions matter a lot to you. All of your efforts into their care due to your attachment and love for them is easily noticeable to horses, as they can sense your emotions. Hence, the love and care you provide will make your horse happy by giving them a feeling of protection, care, and joy. 


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