10 Confidence-Boosting Practices to Help You Love Your Body

Women judge themselves harshly over minor imperfections. They seldom take note of what is positive about their bodies. Here are ten ways you can learn to love the body you have. 

Boost Body Confidence

Let Go of Unrealistic Standards

Stand naked in front of the mirror and take time to discover your body shape and size and what is perfect about it. See your assets and value them. If you struggle with this, you may have body dysmorphic disorder.

Determine What You Can Change

If you need to lose a few pounds or tone your body, make a note of these things. Develop a healthy, realistic strategy for self-improvement. This means allowing time for weight loss while eating a nutritious, wholefood diet. It requires an exercise program that starts slowly and builds up. 

Don’t Become Fanatical About Changing the Way You Look

Life is about so much more than a perfect body. Don’t exercise to the point of having no time for a social life. Don’t develop anorexia or bulimia to reduce weight. You could end up with life-threatening symptoms rather than being the belle of the ball.

Schedule activities that allow you to care for others, such as helping out at an animal shelter or spending time reading to an elderly person who doesn’t get visitors. This will show you how much you have to be grateful for. 

Value Your Non-Beauty Assets

Make a list of all the things that are good about yourself. You are a whole person and so much more than just a body. What are your mental and emotional strengths? What contributions do you make to the world? Are you successful at work? How about relationships?

This is not an opportunity to find fault with yourself. It is a chance to get to know who you are and what makes you special. Add something new to your list every day.

Finding Balance

When you love your body, you will take proper care of it. You will practice good hygiene and spoil yourself with a bubble bath from time to time. Your nails and hair will be groomed. Clothing will make you feel comfortable. You will enjoy using your body by going for a walk, making love, or dancing.

You will also appreciate simply relaxing with your favorite hobbies. There will be time and energy for friends and family. Meals will be tasty and healthy. In short, you will lead a balanced life.

Being in the Body

You should be comfortable in your skin and get pleasure from the way it moves. If this is difficult, take up a body movement class such as yoga, Tai chi, Shaolin Qi Gong, or dancing. 

Appreciate Your Body

Studies have shown that expressing what is good about the body boosts self-esteem. Look in the mirror and watch your thoughts. If your inner voice starts to criticize a part of the body (‘my nose is crooked’) replace it with a positive statement (‘I have beautiful, soft hair’). Do this for ten minutes a day and watch your self-confidence grow.

Positive Affirmations

Find an online list of positive affirmations for the body. Print it and cut out each one. Put them in a box and read one daily, repeating it a few times. 

Dress for Your Body Type

You can flatter your body type by dressing to make the most of it. Research the best hairstyles and make-up for the shape of your face.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you are doing all of the above but feel that you have one imperfection that mars the rest, consider an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. For best results, seek out a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon.

Most importantly, remember that what you are on the inside and what you give to the world define you.


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