Steps To Get the DevOps Foundation Certification


A lot of people are eager to learn how leading companies around the world approach team dynamics and automate their infrastructure. The answer to this is simple: acquire DevOps skills. You can actually leverage the fundamental DevOps practices to transform organizational processes with Lean, Agile, and ITSM. Considering the importance of DevOps practices, KnowledgeHut has brought to you their latest DevOps Foundation Certification Training course on its immersive learning platform. The course prepares you through building the requisite DevOps skills to transform processes with Agile and Lean and break the silos between Development and Operations.

DevOps Foundation Certification

I. Overview of DevOps Foundation Certification Training  Course

The DevOps Foundation Certification training course is designed with the aim of helping you train and grow DevOps skills. The training will be provided by experts from the industry who have gained extensive years of experience in this field in imparting experiential learning with real-world success stories, case studies, engaging activities, and much more.

The DevOps foundation certification training will be a 2-day comprehensive program in which you will be learn how to introduce common DevOps practices into the functioning of your organization so as to carry out frequent deployment, reduced lead times, and production of high-quality software. You get to explore the foundational principles of DevOps which is very useful while exercising skills in action at the workplace. Additionally, you learn how top companies break down organizational silos and approach team dynamics and automate infrastructure. By the completion of these  Devops Foundations Classes you will become a master of the core DevOps practices, the key concepts concerning Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, testing, security and the Three Ways. Overall, you become competent to contribute value in scaling DevOps for your organization. When you successfully complete the course, you are offered DevOps Foundation® certification.

The DevOps Foundation® certification is a professional designation offered by the DevOps Institute to only those practitioners who successfully showcase their understanding by acing the exam, thus validating their expertise as a DevOps professional. 

II. Reasons to Get the DevOps Foundation Certification

The demand for excellent DevOps skills and expertise is high. Leading companies look forward to hiring DevOps professionals who can help their organization grow in the industry. According to the latest 2020 DevOps Trends Survey, there were at least 99% of the respondents around the globe who agreed that DevOps has had a huge positive impact on their companies. 

Grand View Research shows that DevOps global market is expecting to grow at a CAGR of 25% by the end of year 2025. Its practices are adopted across various industries including IT, Healthcare, E-commerce, Retail, Banking and Finance. The reason behind the high demand of DevOps is because it is effective in reducing lead time, deploying more frequently, and producing higher quality software. As per Glassdoor, various leading companies like IBM, SAP, Autodesk, Intuit, Capital One, and Informatica are hiring DevOps experts offering around an average of $700k per annum.

Now that you are aware of the importance of building DevOps skills, don’t forget to capitalize on its growing demand and excel in this industry with you bright career.

III. Steps to  Get the DevOps Foundation  Certification

With the latest DevOps Institute certifications, you get the best opportunity so far to strengthen your knowledge and expertise of DevOps processes and its core concepts. The DevOps Foundation® certification validates your expertise as a professional and gives you the base to take advantage of networking opportunities with the experts in the industry. If you are not sure where to start to get certified, just follow the simple steps below: 

1. Get trained

Enroll in the latest DevOps Foundation course as available on the immersive learning platform of KnowledgeHut and attend the 16-hour comprehensive training.

2. Take the exam

Then you have to take the DevOps Foundation exam that contains 40 MCQs. It will be an open book online exam of 1 hour and you are required to score at least 65% to successfully pass the exam.

3. Get the DevOps Foundation certification

Once you have passed the exam, you can download the DevOps Foundation certificate and accelerate your career.

IV. Final Remarks

There are as such no eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil in order to take up the DevOps Foundation Certification course. But for better understanding of the complex concepts, it is recommended that attendees to the course are equipped with basic knowledge of IT terminology and have some work experience in the IT sector. Thus, anyone can attend this course if they are interested in discovering DevOps as a culture. So, join the course today and capitalize the significance of DevOps in faster innovation of the team and delivering high business value to the organization.


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