The Ways to Cope with Pre-Wedding Anxiety & Stress

It is totally natural to feel some anxiety and stress in the lead up to your wedding. Getting married is a big deal, and you may have planned this day for years.

It’s vital that you don’t go over the top or let pre-wedding anxiety get to you too badly. In this guide, we’re exploring some of the methods you can use to try and deal with the sort of stresses you might feel before getting married.

Pre-Wedding Anxiety & Stress

Create a Sustainable, Stress-busting, Self-care Routine

Whether you’re getting married or not, a self-care routine is nothing short of essential. Even if you can’t fight the feeling of anxiety and stress, you can minimise it with a healthy routine or you can even make your body benefit from stress. 

Self-care involves your mental and physical health, and by creating a simple routine you are much more likely to stick with it and do the things that you need to keep your mind in the right place in the months approaching your wedding.

Don’t neglect your health just because there is a big event on the horizon. The ten minutes you spend making yourself a coffee in the morning and sitting in the sun are not a luxury, they are part of your wellness routine.

Whether you need to schedule time to go for a walk, or take a bath, or even pick up the phone and chat to an old friend, your self-care cannot be neglected, no matter how much time it feels like the wedding is taking up.

Feel Grounded and Present with Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation techniques are a way to be present in the moment. They are some of the most effective ways to deal with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness techniques could be as simple as just doing some breathing exercises including noticing your breath in and out. Some techniques involve things like noticing the world around you, sights, textures, sounds… There are many different ways in which you can approach this.

YouTube also has a number of brilliant guided meditation videos, and there are courses you can take and apps you can use if you are an absolute beginner. These can take you through what it takes to meditate. It’s not always easy for beginners but it can be a great way to stop focusing on the stressful event on the horizon.

Know that Others Have Gone Through it

Sometimes it helps just to remind yourself how many marriages go on all the time, and how many you have attended. Most people go through this at some stage in their lives.

This means that you are usually in capable hands. For example, if you are using a certain wedding venue, there is every chance that they have carried out hundreds of ceremonies just like yours. To them, it is just business as usual.

This may feel like a massive thing because the idea is that you only do it once, but the wedding industry is huge, and people get married every single day, without a hitch (pun intended).

Make Wedding Shopping Fun With Your Partner

If you’re worried about the wedding shopping, too, then that is going to add even more stress to your big day. Instead, shop along with your partner and make sure you have some fun with it.

When shopping for your wedding bands there don’t have to be any big surprises, you can go along with your partner and pick the one that matches your diamond engagement ring perfectly.

Make your wedding shopping decisions together, and remember that this is your day, so you should be able to choose what you want.

Allow Room for Some Mistakes

In the history of humankind, the idea of a wedding going totally to plan is almost unheard of. 

Of course, the reason that we plan our big day is because we have an idea in our head of exactly how we’d like things to pan out. If this comes true for you, then great, but don’t put any extra pressure on.

Mistakes happen. If something doesn’t run exactly as you wanted on the day, try not to stress too much about it. The main thing is that you and your partner are together and that you can tie the knot.

Ultimately, if the DJ is ten minutes late, or your maid of honor forgets her shoes, these are not things that are going to make a difference, and they may even be things you laugh about in the years to come.

Focus on the Future

To take some of the stress away, you can always look beyond the big day. Remember why you are doing this in the first place, because you want to spend the rest of your lives together and build an amazing future.

The wedding is just one part of it, and after that you may even get to relax by sunning yourself on a beach for a few weeks.


If at all possible, you should try to overcome the stressful feelings in the run up to your wedding, and embrace the day for what it is.

Yes, there is always a lot to sort, but you can only do your best when it comes to the logistics. Trust that, with a bit of preparation, everything will be alright on the day.

It’s natural to feel some nerves, but this is a day to celebrate your love and to spend time with your family. Using some of the above techniques can ensure you get the best memories out of the day.


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