Kitchen Designs to Support Healthy Eating Goals

    With the rise in food delivery services and the ever-present temptation of fast food, many homeowners may not be using their kitchen to its fullest potential. While it’s easy to beat yourself up over your eating habits, the problem may lie not in your willpower, but rather in your kitchen design.

    The good news? Designing your kitchen to promote healthy eating isn’t an expensive endeavor. In fact, updating your kitchen's aesthetic and functionality may be enough to encourage you to stay home and cook.

    Healthy Eating Goals

    Add some kitchen entertainment 

    Not everyone enjoys cooking. In fact, some consider the process stressful and exhausting — especially after long work days. While you can’t force yourself to like cooking, you can add some worthwhile entertainment to make the process more enjoyable.

    Mount a TV on a neighboring wall so you can watch your favorite drama while dicing onions. Install some speakers to blast a true crime podcast or audio book as you food prep. Buy some counter stools so you and your family can catch up while adding spices to your next stew. If all else fails, just blast your favorite artist’s album and host a dance party to numb the dullness of cooking. 

    Color plays an important role

    Whether we’re aware of it or not, color greatly affects our moods and habits. For your kitchen, you’ll want calming and natural colors like blues and greens. Alternatively, steer clear of colors like reds or yellows that may increase your desire for fried foods. 

    Not to mention, updating your interior paint is a great way to increase your home’s value so you can better compete with homes for sale in your area

    Keep fresh herbs and spices handy

    Ensuring you always have the right ingredients handy is the best way to promote healthy eating. Create a list of your favorite herbs and spices to guarantee your cabinets are stocked at all times. 

    Likewise, always stock your kitchen with the ingredients of all your go-to meals. So long as you always have the ability to create these meals, you’ll be less inclined to find sustenance elsewhere.

    Keep your kitchen’s functionality in mind

    Set up stations for chopping. Keep your knives and small appliances handly. Always declutter your counters of junk. Install extra storage space in the form of cabinets for the kitchen, so your pots and pans are easily accessible.. 

    At the end of the day, you’ll cook more in your kitchen if your kitchen is set up to promote easy cooking. Make sure your prep spaces are clear and your favorite cooking gadgets are easily reachable.

    Remember, not only will updating your kitchen’s functionality improve your own healthy eating goals, but kitchen upgrades are proven to increase the value to your home, so don’t be afraid to make some smart investments.

    Hide the temptations

    When it comes to organizing your pantry and fridge, keep your healthy foods on full display and shove those chocolates and candies to the back. If you don’t see your problem foods, you’ll be less tempted and more inclined to reach for those veggies. 


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