Costume Ideas for a 90s-Themed Costume Party

The 90s was a decade of transformation. We saw the rise of new technologies, shifting social dynamics, and increasing cultural diversity, all while the Clinton administration attempted to unite a country reeling from rapid changes and conflict. The decade was the most enterprising one in terms of fashion and culture. There is no doubt about it. The flaunting styles and looks we see in the 90s are seen in different forms now. We are still fascinated by the best style ideas from this decade, and with good reason too! Here are some of the costume ideas for a 90s-themed costume party you can try.

90s-Themed Costume Party


For those with a penchant for 90s fashion, it is hard to resist the demands of Daria. This character is considered by many as the epitome of coolness. The punk-punk girl with a rebellious heart can never be defeated through harsh school work, and we are sure you would look like her at any event. You can easily pull this look off by wearing a pink top and blue jeans or even puffy blue jeans with a white shirt and pink flats.

Daria's outfit ideas include the following:

-A black leather jacket.

-A gray polo neck.

-Pink and black striped stockings.

-A dark pair of glasses.

Her hair is simple, with an optional dark purple lipstick too. With these few costume ideas for a 90s-themed costume party, you can have the most stylish outfit that all will envy.


This is the ultimate 90s style essence. The grunge-glam girl, who is at par with her stunning good looks and sharp wit, is the epitome of this generation. She jumps in her vintage convertible, out of which she flaunts a tight black mini-skirt and pumps. She has full fringe-wavy blue hair and wears it let down with a leather jacket. The look is completed with a beret, bright red lips, and thick black eyeliner.

A denim jacket, blue bell-bottom jeans, and pumps are some of the other accessories you can add to your costume ideas for a 90s-themed costume party. Along with these, you can also carry an old-fashioned compact mirror and a small gold chain with a cross pendant. This way, you will have a completely clueless look that will leave the others in awe. 90s costumes are more stylish than the current ones. The costumes are such that they can be worn even today. If you follow the instructions, you will look great at any party, and all the people there would have a hard time taking their eyes off.

Hocus Pocus

If you love Halloween and you love the 90s, then this is the costume for you. Hocus Pocus is a 1993 American comedy fantasy film. It stars Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker in lead roles. The film centers on three witches who are accidentally resurrected in Salem during the time of a famous witch-hunt. You can bring this to your party by wearing lime green pants with black cap sleeves, a white shirt, blue pants, a cape, and a ratty grey wig made of hair extensions.

You can add a range of accessories to this look by wearing a black beret, oversized hoop earrings, and multiple layers of sunglasses. You can also carry around a voodoo doll to give your costume ideas for a 90s-themed costume party more of an authentic touch.

Sailor Moon

This retro anime series is one of the most popular and iconic shows of the 90s. It is based on the actions of Sailor Moon, who is given the name of Usagi, to avoid confusion with another character in this show. The show has many plot twists in which Usagi and her friends defeat evil forces and free their home planet from their dark lord. You can be an absolute classic when you wear a 90s outfit inspired by Sailor Moon. This can be achieved by wearing a white turtle neck with a red bow, knee-high socks, and a white mini-skirt with a red belt.

You can add some accessories to this look by wearing a pair of red boots, gold hoop earrings, hair clips, and multiple necklaces. This way, you will have an outfit that perfectly depicts the elements of the 90s fashion.

Wednesday Addams

If you are a fan of the iconic series, The Addams Family, then this outfit is perfect for Halloween. Wednesday Addams is the creepy and stylish daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. Popular for her macabre sense of humor and eccentric personality, she loves to flaunt gothic outfits. You can wear a black half-sleeve shirt with a short white skirt, knee-high black socks, and boots.

A small black and white cape and a pair of green contact lenses or glasses will complete your costume ideas for a 90s-themed costume party. You can add accessories to your look by wearing a red and white striped bow and black fingerless gloves around your neck.

Power Rangers

This action-adventure show, based on the Japanese series KyÅryÅ« Sentai Zyuranger, became one of the most popular shows in the 90s. It features five teenagers who an alien wizard chooses to become Power Rangers. These rangers help fight an evil space witch named Rita Repulsa with their arsenal of superpowers and advanced weapons. This is one costume that is sure to flaunt some serious 90s style. You can wear a dark blue shirt, high black boots, and red cargo pants.

You can add some accessories to complete your 90s costume look by wearing a pair of green earrings and a black headband. Underneath, you can also wear a dark green cape. You will have an outfit that will make you stand out in any crowd at your Halloween party.


The show that brought the nerdiness of the 90s to all of us is still discussed today. This is a show that highlights the most hilarious and sometimes insensitive moments of human life. It revolves around George Costanza, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, and Kramer. You can be one of the most popular characters at any party wearing this 90s-inspired costume.

You can wear an oversized shirt with a pair of blue pants or shorts for this look. You can wear a blue cap and slip on black flip-flops to complete your look. Walking around as any of these characters will make you a fan-favorite among every other attendees at the party.


The fashion and style of the 90s can be seen in almost every aspect of the culture. This includes music, television shows, celebrities, etc. The decade had all the ingredients that made it one of the most influential decades in fashion. The style that the decade popularized included grunge, hip-hop, and many other styles. The 90s costume ideas for a Halloween party we have given you above can help you turn your party into one of a kind. Try them out at your next party and see how well they work out for you!


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