Have you ever consumed water from a terra cotta pot? If so, you are already aware of its health advantages. There are numerous medicinal benefits to drinking water from clay or earthenware containers. When refrigerators were not in use, people used to keep water in earthen pots. It naturally keeps the water chilled. It is a traditional practice that is not only a healthier option than bottles or glass but also advantageous to your general well-being. While you might keep water in glass, steel, or plastic bottles, the advantages of a clay water pot make it a healthier choice. It enriches water in more ways than just giving it an earthy flavour. Continue reading about the amazing health benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot:

    drinking water from an earthen pot

    Alkaline in nature

    In today's world, most of the food you consume contains acid and lead poisons. Clay that has an alkaline character is used to make earthenware pots. These elements can interact with acidic foods to maintain the proper PH balance in your body. Your digestive problems are lessened by the alkaline quality of these pots, which balances the effects of the water's acidity.

    Therefore, the only way to maintain low levels of stomach and acid-related issues is to drink water from an earthen pot. So, drinking water from earthen pots improves health by balancing the body's PH levels.

    Good for throat

    In the summer, pots offer the ideal drinking water because the water kept in the refrigerator is too cold, and the water kept outside is too warm. It is soft on the throat and is quickly swallowed by those with colds and coughs because of its excellent cooling effect.

    Prevents sun strokes

    In the summer, many people experience sunstroke, which is a frequent problem. Your body's glucose levels will be better controlled and you will feel a slight cooling effect due to the vitamins and minerals in the water preserved in clay pots.

    It helps in improving the metabolism

    Clay bottles filled with water preserve your metabolism. If your metabolism is functioning correctly, half the battle is already won, thus, individuals having problems with their digestion, metabolism, or acidity can use this water to give their bodies this fantastic healing. For people struggling with their weight or those battling obesity, water kept in clay bottles is especially advantageous. 

    Naturally cool water

    Additionally, clay bottles keep water naturally cold. Clay is porous, which means it includes tiny pores that can be seen under a microscope but may not be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, these microscopic holes assist water in percolating and absorbing heat energy to produce gas and evaporate. As a result, the water in these clay pots finally cools.

    In addition, refrigerator water is too cold, and while it may taste wonderful in the summer, it can be difficult on the throat. Water in clay containers is always at the ideal temperature, hydrates appropriately, has a cooling effect, and is soothing on the throat. This chilled water is kept in clay bottles so you can drink it without any regrets.

    Parting words

    As a result, the above-given things are about the health benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot. You get many advantages from consuming water from a clay water pot. The water in the clay pot doesn't become extremely cold, but it stays consistently cool. 

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