Best Places to Go For a Trip Nearby Delhi

Live without strain and so travel with no regrets in life:

Nowadays life is full of depression filled with stress and dry thoughts so to overcome and handle that we need to make a trip or something which produces a smile on your face. Many people like a strange and thrilling journey for excitement. 

weekend trip near delhi

Best location to travel to make inner feeling rich:

Delhi is found in the northern part of India. It has many historical places with more important in commercial also. The special place in Delhi is "Dilwaalon ki Dilli" places it is full of nature and there a lot of places where you can enjoy with full of joy. Many famous places in Delhi make the flavour of rich architectural with full scenarios.

Trip Nearby Delhi

Few important tourist places include Tajmahal, Mud fort, Damdama Lake, Mulwar and Alwar etc…

1. Fort made with mud:

Kuchesar is the one the village that is found nearby Delhi and is perfect for one day trip. It is a famous mud fort built by the Jat ruler and is the traditional and one of the historical places located in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. 

Fort made with mud Kuchesar

2. Picnic Spot near to the mud fort:

Near Kuchesar mud fort, there is a beautiful picnic spot by the river Ganges in the middle of mango orchards. It is the best and famous picnic for the one day trip.

River near kuchesar mud fort

3. Agra the world wonders:

Tajmahal is located in Agra, The great which the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built this for the memory of his beautiful wife. It is full of art found in India and one of the admired and made with a masterpiece minded in which every person loves to visit once in their lifetime. This building symbolizes the sign of love.

4. Backdrop Lake:

The lake named Damdama in Gurgaon is truly an exciting one to spend a day at. Just one hour is located near Delhi. This is the temporary home for the nature lovers during the weekends. This is one of the families picnic spots, which have the facilities of boating, bird watching or nature walks.

Backdrop Lake Damdama Gurgaon

5. Murthal and Alwar:

It is placed with tasty food items in which mouth-watering taste will shed down. when you walk on roadside dhabas here serves some of the best food items. You can also enjoy and have great days here. Alwar, the historical prominent place found with full of masterpieces in it. It makes you take a selfie in front of the building.

Amrik Sukhdeve Murthal
Haveli Murthal Sonipat

6. Best way to book a trip:

You can book the trip with many holiday packages and offers also provided to you if you are eligible for the packages. You can choose the transportation like bus, car, train and flight to your facility. Online booking is also possible for registering your transport. You can enjoy the trip with more facilities that you can have by the online booking system.

Final words:

Now you get the idea to plan your trip. This trip will make a lot of changes to your life also in which trip takes people to meet the hub of joy.

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