How much does boat hauling cost in the USA?

Owning a boat is a pride in itself. You have the perfect facility to drive yourself to your desired destination all in class and zest. However, unlike other classic vehicles like a bike or a car, you cannot drive your boat on the road and it can only be sailed. Also, you would need professional guidance to direct you on how to haul your boat as traveling on road is way different to that of sailing it on water.

boat hauling in the USA

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Hauling a boat

Besides, there is a lot of difference between the cost incurred for transporting your car and bike to that of a boat. Surely, they are going to be on the higher side for the latter, with the prices differing from location to location. A lot of factors go into estimating the overall price and being well aware of the approximate costs will only save you from spending extra chunks of money or getting duped.

So, if you are reading this article, that means either you own a boat (that’s fantastic) or you are probably thinking of hauling a boat. In both cases, this blog will surely be of excellent use to you. From gaining an understanding of what exactly is meant by boat hauling (for newbies) to that of knowing other intrinsic details like costs and tips, this blog is going to be an ideal read for you.

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Approximate rates and estimate for hauling a boat in the USA

When it comes to boat hauling, you will have to call a professional shipment company unlike that of calling a truck service for transporting other vehicles. Hence, it is recommended to have a better knowledge of how the average amount is calculated before calling various companies to check their rates.

Height and width of the boat

To begin with, an average-sized boat that is approximately 12 feet and has to be transported from Florida to Maine will cost you around $7,000 for each shipment. So the first criterion to remember is the height and width of the boat.

Origin and destination

The next criteria that play an equally important role are the point of origin. The rates tend to vary from location to location. You will have a different rate if the base of shipment is west and the rate per mile will vary if it is from the East. The average per mile cost for hauling from East is $2, whereas from the West it is $1.5 per mile cost.

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Size of the boat

The rates of boat hauling tend to differ again based on the size of the boat. For example, the average cost of a boat that is bigger than 9 feet adds an extra $2.5 for each foot. Thus, to calculate what will be the average charges you can begin by taking the base rate as $2.5 per mile and then multiply it by the total number of miles you would want to cover. Thereby on average, you will end up spending a good $7,000 on a 3,000-mile journey.

Season of travel

The cost of boat hauling also depends on the season. As the condition of the sea tends to vary from season to season and weather plays an important role when it comes to boat hauling, the season must also be taken into consideration. Also, the charges may be slightly on the higher side during certain seasons and less during others, also based on the availability and sea traffic.

Now that we have covered what the charges for boat hauling can be in the USA, lets also run a quick view through some other factors which can affect the costing. This includes restrictions and taking care of the safety factor.

Restrictions you may face during boat hauling

If you are driving an oversized boat, then it does need some maintenance. Also, the driver may not be able to drive it continuously and park at certain points before continuing further. Herein, taking insurance is a good investment as it will save you from incurring additional costs due to damages and other issues. You can collaborate with any boat hauling company, ask if they do provide an insurance cover so that all the additional charges are covered therein.

A good insurance cover will save you extra money from being spent

Owning a boat is surely a big investment and this thus requires good maintenance. Taking insurance will not only assist to protect your boat during the daytime but also at night. The company will take full care of ensuring your boat is free and damage and if any issue arises it is properly covered in the insurance.

This along with taking the proper route will assist you in saving extra cost incurred on boat hauling and ship your boat safely to your destination.


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