Everything You Need to Know Before Attending the 2021 Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio


Stagecoach Country Music Festival

For music lovers, an added benefit of the longer, warmer days is the return of the summer festival. The next few months will be filled with country music festivals with your favorite artists, seemingly endless sunshine, and, of course, frozen drinks. But you don't have to be a concert fan to have a good time at one of these weekend festivals.

The festival's secret is to go at your own pace and not feel like you have to watch every act to get your money's value. To taste the waters, we went to the first big festivals of the season: Coachella's rural sister, Stagecoach, which is held at the same event space in the Indio Desert, Calif., Is the highest-grossing genre festival. In the world.

Here, attendees swap hippie headbands for cowboy hats and gladiator sandals for boots and do-it-yourself under a neon moon featuring some of the country's brightest stars. This year's top player has been Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, and Garth Brooks, with talents like Kacey Musgraves, Kelsea Ballerini, and Brothers Osborne rounding out the roster.

What to pack?

Cowboy Boots: Wear ripped boots that you don't mind getting dirty, no sandals, no heels, nothing expensive, and nothing that will give you blisters during those long days on your feet.

Bandana: Bring a bandana, not for the "festival" style but the airborne dust; the wind blowing from the surrounding mountains is no joke.

Sunglasses: Even when the sun goes down, cheap sunglasses will protect your eyes from the dust above.

Sunscreen: If you only bring one thing from this list to your summer music festival, do it with SPF. Make sure these are souvenirs to take from the desert as keepsakes, not sun damaged furs.

Folding chair or blanket: You will see all ages at Stagecoach Festival, including older peoples relaxing in lawn chairs or blankets.

Water bottle: empty, of course, and less than 40 ounces. Liquids are not allowed in safety, but you can refill them at the hydration stations inside. You will be happy to avoid overpriced water at the food stalls.

A small bag: you will need something to throw away all of the above. Nothing too big or bulky, please! Security won't let you in with a big bag, anyway, and your fellow festival-goers will thank you when the crowd inevitably draws in comfortably. Are our hands still too full? Reserve a locker and put your things away.Get your Stagecoach 2021 tickets by Tickets4Festivals.

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Where to stay

The toughest ones can stay put. Many music festivals, including Stagecoach, offer camps. Bonus: Campers can make the most of tailgating with family and friends on weekends.

We were invited to the trendy Ace Hotel near Palm Springs but could have camped in our Chevy Silverado's bed, whether at the resort or offsite.

How to navigate

Speaking of Chevy, cars are the best way to travel, at least on Stagecoach, as long as you have a designated driver.

We tried a bus and Uber, but given the long walks and the waits, you'd better park in the lots provided (free!). You will still have to walk to the entrance, but your path will be aligned afterward. The comfortable seats in our van were a welcome respite from the headlining performances.

Depending on you where you are staying, there is also a transportation pass option that could take you to and from the location.

What to eat and drink

The food at the festival has improved a lot, with a variety of options including, of course, barbecue. Guy Fieri's Stagecoach Smokehouse served savory styles from across the country. Be ready to pay extra unless you're packing your picnic on the tailgate.

When you're out of the fairgrounds, visit the King's Highway Diner in Ace for breakfast, and the iconic Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneer Town for dinner and a show. For cheap fast food, there's always the self-service In-N-Out Burger.

Postponed Stagecoach Festival Offering Performances This Weekend

What else to do?

Just because you have a full line-up every day doesn't mean you have to watch every act. It would be three very long days and three nights. Choose programs in moderation to avoid burning yourself. Spend this free time exploring other event offerings, lounging by your hotel's pool, or visiting nearby attractions such as Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, Pioneer Town, or Cabazon Dinosaurs.

Different brands also host "activations" or evenings on weekends. While some are reserved for customers, others are open to the public or ticket holders.

However, if you decide to do Stagecoach, remember that it is about having a good time with good people, with good music. Who knows, as the Garth Brooks song says, you might meet new friends in low places.


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