Popular Events in December

December month is the final month for the Chinese lunar calendar, and also the time of year when pearl jewelry is the most expensive. This is also the month of full-moon parties everywhere, as well as the Chinese New Year celebration, and it's the time for giving thanks for all the hard work everyone has put into this year. As we all look forward to the final month of the year, there are a few important reminders that we should keep in mind to ensure that we get our money's worth when purchasing or making jewelry for the holidays. Here's what you should know:

Event In December

Some popular December events are mentioned below.

Finland Independence Day

Finland Independence Day is the national day of Finland. It is celebrated every year on 6 December. The day was started by a grand Appeal by Finland's first President Finland Svanberg on behalf of the Finnish people to the Entente countries (the countries that made up the former USSR during World War ll). The Appeal called for the allied nations to help Finland defeat the German occupying forces and to liberate Finland from German rule. Following the Appeal, a meeting was arranged between the Allied and the neutral countries which had declared war on Germany, on what is now known as the Battle of Finland.

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UAE National Day

UAE National Day is observed on 2 December every year in the United Arab Emirates, also known as the UAE. The seventh federal state, Rajah Al Dhabi, was joined to the national framework on 10 February 1982 making it the final nation to become a member. On this day, all residents in the Emirates celebrate the Federation of Emirates and pay tribute to the founder of the state. This day is considered to be a great national holiday in UAE; a time for gathering and sharing the spirit of the nation. The federal government of the United Arab Emirates pays particular attention to mark this day with its strong focus on encouraging local industries and promoting trade. Exhibitions, seminars, conferences, business exhibitions, round tables, and forum discussions are held all over the world to coincide with the auspicious occasion.


Romania Unification Day

Great Unification Day is an international public holiday, celebrated in Romania, on 1 December, commemorating the unification of Transylvania (Bessarabia), B Romania, and Bukovina with the Romanian Republic in 1918. This great national day in Romania is also commemorated on other days as Romanian Unification Day and the Romanian historical dates. On this day when all three cities of Romania unite, B Romania and Bukovina become one state, and Romania becomes one nation. Romania became independent from the Soviet Union on 9 June 1989.