Prepare Your Trip to Thailand in 2021

Today I am writing this article in order to give you some tips as preparation for your trip to Thailand in 2021. Itineraries, vaccines, visas, or even periods for travel in Thailand, I tell you everything. I will also explain Villa Mahabhirom for the best accommodation.

Things in Thailand

Visa for Thailand

Getting to Thailand in order to visit the country is relatively easy. For people wishing to stay 30 days or less, no formalities are necessary. Enter the territory, by seeing land or air with a valid passport, the visa will then be affixed to your passport. No need for prior requests. You will then have the opportunity to stay up to 30 days on Thai territory. You may be able to extend your visa for 30 days once there.

If you wish to stay longer in Thailand, it is possible to request, before leaving, a tourist visa, valid for 60 days at the Thai Embassy.

Vaccines for Thailand

To go to Thailand it will not be compulsory to vaccinate yourself. However, although no vaccine is required, some are highly recommended. This is the case for vaccines against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid fever as well as the vaccine against DT Polio.

If you plan to travel to certain rural areas, such as the border with Laos, the malaria vaccine is recommended.

Also, watch out for rabies. No vaccine to be carried out before your trip but be aware that this disease is present in Southeast Asia. If you come into contact with “suspicious” animals such as stray dogs, then it will be necessary to go to a hospital very quickly in order to receive treatment against rabies (several injections are necessary several days apart).  

Most popular routes

Thailand is a relatively large country. Unless you plan a trip of a month or more, you will need to choose your itinerary carefully. Different places in the country attract a lot of tourists. This is the case with Bangkok, of course. The largest city in the country is Thailand's main air hub and is an almost mandatory stopover point if you plan to travel across the country. Even if this is not systematic, the cheapest flights, from Europe, usually arrive and depart from Bangkok.

Another tourist region in Thailand, the south within particular the region of Phuket, one of the most touristic in the country. Renowned for its parties but also for its dream beaches located not far away.

Another tourist city in Thailand, especially at the end of the year with one of the most famous festivals in the country: Chiang Mai. The city, located in northern Thailand, organizes a party every year: Loy Krathong, which sees thousands of lanterns fly away during two evenings of parties.

Best times to go to Thailand

The best time to go to Thailand will depend mainly on the climate. Indeed, two seasons are distinguished in Thailand, a dry season and a wet season (where the rains are abundant). Temperatures remain relatively high or even very high throughout the year even if, in the north of the country, it can be a little cooler after the rainy season.

The summer months, from May to September are not recommended. Temperatures can rise relatively high and the rains can be heavy. Winter in Europe is one of the best times to go to Thailand. The rains are much less frequent or almost non-existent in some regions and the temperatures are a little more pleasant.

Times to Go to Thailand


Now Come to Villa Mahabhirom, upscale accommodation in Chiang Mai

During my road trip, I visited the city of Chiang Mai. This step was initially not planned in the schedule since most of our trip was to take place in Laos. It was a few weeks before our departure that we noticed that one of the most famous festivals in Thailand:  Loy Krathong, known as the “lantern festival” was taking place there for 3 days at the time of our visit.

So here we are in Chiang Mai but it is not about the city that I am going to tell you about today but rather about my accommodation, quite simply fabulous.

Let's start the visit with the location.

First of all, let me tell you about its location. It is located relatively close to the airport, away from the city, which allows it to be quietly positioned, far from the ambient hubbub of the city. To reach the city, most of the time we used the Uber app which, for a handful of baht, takes us to the gates of the old city located 3 kilometers away.

To end on its location, note that one of the most prestigious temples in the city is located a few minute’s walk from the hotel, Wat Umong which I recommend.

A real haven of peace

As soon as you enter the hotel grounds, you feel in a haven of peace like the calm of the place strikes you. The hotel is actually made up of several small "houses", each of these houses being a bedroom with a small living room and a large bathroom, but we will talk about the bedroom a little later.

The hotel is centered around a very beautiful central swimming pool with all around the "common" buildings such as the reception, several terraces for breakfast but also a bar, a little further there is a library as well as several small lounges which are available to customers.

The general feeling returned by the hotel is that of serenity, in fact, you move in the middle of omnipresent vegetation which provides an effect of space and appeasement. The decoration of the hotel is refined in a particular style, a mixture of styles mastered wonderfully.

The rooms, between modernity and tradition

After exploring the hotel, book your comfortable rooms. These look like little bungalows on stilts. Your room is therefore located on the “first floor” like traditional raised houses, in particular, to prevent insects from entering.

Our room was divided into 3 rooms, a good size room with a king-size bed, an “office” and living room area, then a large bathroom, all white, with a bathtub, a large shower with amazing backflow preventer valve, and Japanese toilets.

The bedroom was well insulated with several air conditioners, ideal for staying cool, away from the heat that is sometimes difficult to bear outside.

Breakfast, a must that not to be missed

Let me tell you about breakfast. This is very generous, you will have the choice between different types of breakfast, American, European, or even Thai. Whatever your choice of breakfast, it will be accompanied by a basket of local fruits such as dragon fruit, very popular in Thailand.

We, therefore, end the visit to Villa Mahabhirom. The hotel will be an ideal place of relaxation and serenity, a stone's throw from the center of Chiang Mai.


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