Insights about reasonable accommodations around the University of Western Australia

When Aaron Fletcher planned to move to Australia to study at the University of Western Australia, he spent a great deal of time finding the right kind of accommodation. He was looking at both on-campus accommodations and places nearby. Since he was new to the country, he was having a hard time figuring out the living situation.

accommodations around the University of Western Australia

Studying in Australia, more specifically in Western Australia, comes with many promising prospects. But making that transition is the part that turns out to be harrowing, and finding great accommodation is one such crucial aspect of it. There are thousands of considerations that students need to consider when choosing accommodation in Western Australia; be it cost or convenience.

Now, figuring out the accommodation can be utterly confusing for students. But you can simply avoid all of that with a systematic approach. Let’s ponder over some insights on finding affordable accommodation in Western Australia. 

Types of accommodations students can explore in Western Australia

On-campus student accommodation

The universities and some vocational institutions in Western Australia offer full-time students with different accommodation options like residence halls or residential colleges.

Residential colleges tend to be a little expensive and offer accommodation with meals. These accommodations may also come with sporting and social facilities, libraries and computer facilities.

Halls of residence are essentially located close to the campus grounds. These accommodations comprise at least six rooms per unit other than a kitchen and communal living room. Your fees will be inclusive of some cleaning services, and in some cases meals as well.

Each university or college will have specific accommodation options, so it’s best to liaise with the institution directly to get an idea of on-campus accommodation.

Renting a room

If you don’t have enough resources to afford the rent for an entire property, you can consider renting a room. Students and families often rent out furnished spare rooms in their apartments and houses.

So, that’s a great way to live independently without making a hefty expenditure. Use websites such as  to search for rooms for assignment help student who live  in Western Australia.


This kind of accommodation means living with a local Australian family for all or part of your course duration. It offers an excellent opportunity for international students to experience the easy-going Western Australian culture and lifestyle.

You will find either single or shared rooms at these homestays. Meals are generally included, but there are more affordable self-catering homestay options as well. Also, since you’ll be living in someone else’s house, you’ll have to clean up after yourself, particularly in shared areas.

Guesthouses and youth hostels

Hostels tend to be privately-owned or run by non-profit organisations like Youth Hostels Australia. 

Many such organisations offer dedicated Twin Share and Single Student Rooms with personal desks and five-star facilities like a movie room, a swimming pool, communal kitchen and a shared bathroom. You can look for privately-owned youth hostels as well.

Tips to look for the perfect accommodations

Research about the accommodations

Start digging deeper early on time to get some idea about what’s available in the market. Give yourself at least a week or two in advance to understand your options when it comes to the living situation. If you plan on using public transport to get to college or university, research on public transport stops too.

Use and Google Maps to get an idea of what’s available in your price range. 

Spend some time deciding on the type of accommodation

You must have a clear idea about the facilities that you can't do without, and what are just add-ons. This will make the process of finding accommodation a lot simpler. Ultimately, you’re trying to create a list of places to look into. This is a better option than looking at a large number of properties and finding you’ve wasted time looking at properties that aren’t going to be suitable.

Think about your budget

Accommodation differs in cost based on its location and additional services provided. You can usually expect accommodation costs to be higher in metropolitan cities, with a lower cost of living in regional hubs and outer suburbs.

As you research, remember your budget and be willing to compromise if required. Also make sure that you will not have to cover additional expenses on top of rent, such as groceries, and utilities (electricity, gas and water) if they are not included in the rental fee.

Stay informed and manage your expectations

If you’re new to the country, you’re obviously unfamiliar with how things work (like when to pay off rent, what must be signed, when to check-in). The service you'll avail comes under rights and responsibilities, both legal and cultural.

It’s crucial that you learn all about the rental issues before committing to a place. Otherwise, the rental process might be tough. So, you must understand everything about signing a lease, paying a security deposit, placement fees, paying rent in advance and clearing fees, among others. Having knowledge about all of these will allow you to manage expectations and avoid surprises at the end.

Think about your initial length of stay

The kind of accommodation you’ll select will have a major influence on the length of lease you sign. For instance, most of the On-Campus Colleges and the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) providers require students to sign long term leases. However, many students opt out of living in these types of properties.

The recommended first stay for students that don’t stay at PBSA is at least eight weeks. This will provide students with proper flexibility to take an appropriate decision once those eight weeks are up. If you like the room, you can contact the provider within the initial few weeks and extend your stay. If you don’t like the room, you can use the time to search, inspect and find a new room once you arrive in the country.

Wrapping it up,

For international students, moving to Western Australia, and finding suitable, affordable accommodation is definitely a concern. But there are multiple options you can explore depending on your requirements once you follow several useful ideas. 


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