What snacks to carry while Travelling?


Traveling is no mean feat. Alongside finding the perfect travel destination, the best rates, figuring out route, packing the right stuff, it is also important to be ready for the commute challenges.

One important and neglected part of traveling is what you eat during transit. In order to maintain your energy levels, and not be stuck with hunger pangs, it is very important to pack your snacks well.

What not to take while traveling?

Before delving into the dos, it is important to also explore the options that you should not be considering. Traveling is not a solitary experience, most of the time. Hence, one also has to be considerate about the needs of other people.

It is very important then to steer clear of all the smelly food items. Eggs, fish, cheese that has strong odor and even vegetables like cauliflower that have a strong smell should be avoided.

Important features of snacking during traveling

It is crucial to think in terms of nutrition when traveling. You might be on a holiday, but it does not mean that you throw the instructions of your top nutritionist in Lahore to the wind.

So, use your food as a source of revitalization, rather than binging. When you eat better, your energy levels also get a boost. On the other hand, if you take too much sugar, your body will experience sugar rush followed by an epic crash, that will make you rue your choice of sugar!

Moreover, there is the obvious factor of not taking perishables. For shorter flights, even with contingencies, there is a greater chance of commute being done in a few. People can then take risks in such cases. However, for longer flights, it is best to take dry items that have greater shelf life.

Another important factor are the flight policies for different countries. In many places, dips and semi-liquid items like yogurt and spreads like peanut butter come under the domain of liquids and gels, only a limited quantity of which is permitted for travel. Hence, they can then be confiscated by the airport authorities in case of any violation.

And, well, airport food can be expensive. People with limited traveling budget cannot afford to spend money on exorbitantly priced items. Packing from home thus is the safest option. Not to mention the fact that no one wants to get sick when traveling. While you know you prepared healthy and hygienic food for yourself but cannot account for the restaurant.

What snacks should we take then?

The best snacks are those that are made from whole grains. Due to the high fiber content, these foods give a feeling of fullness without the high sugar index. Following are some such nutritious snacking options:

Trail Mix

As the name suggests, trail mix is excellent for the en-route snacking. It generally contains nutritional foods like nuts, dried fruits, seeds. For guilty pleasure, candy bits can also be added, albeit in moderate quantities.

Trail mix is composed entirely of dry items, so it is very easy to travel with them. As it was originally intended for hiking trips, it contains sufficient energy to keep your body going through a tedious traveling routine. Best part about trail mix is that it can be customized as per your preferences.

Prepared packages of the mix are also available for quick grabbing on-the-go.

Granola bar

Another popular travel snack is the granola bars, or bites. Since they are packaged, they are very travel friendly. The bars are made from oats, nuts, sweeteners and other options like dried fruit, seeds etc. as well.

The nutrient count varies as per the brand chosen, but almost all are packed with fiber, proteins and good fats. This ensures satiety and also energizes the body as well.

Moreover, the granola bar is great for hypertensive and diabetic patients, making it an appropriate travel-snack for everyone.

Coconut chips

Unlike the sodium-laden potato chips that get you zero nutrition, coconut chips are made by baking coconut flakes. These are excellent because they are full of fiber and have good fats in them that give your body and mind a boost.

Instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeal can be easily made by adding hot water to the bag. Since oats are packed with nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, they make for a perfect meal regardless, but especially during transit.

Oats also are effective for maintaining blood sugar levels. For a taste boost, you can also top your meal with a handful of nuts.


Perfect for those who want a sugar fix as they travel, dates are an excellent travel snack. They are also travel friendly since they do not go bad easily. There is variety in terms of not just the type of date, but many add-ons also exist like chocolate or almond filling.

Dates are full of essential macro and micro-nutrients. As they contain natural sugar, unlike candies, they do not lead to sugar crash. Their benefit for the brain and body are the cherry on top of the cake.

String Cheese

Cheese lovers can take up string cheese packets with them. Full of calcium, protein and vitamin C, string cheese works well with fresh fruits as well. As it does not have a strong odor, it’s safe to eat in public as well.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

An extremely convenient choice is simply taking up different types of dried fruits and nuts. But those with preexisting conditions like hypertension should be careful about the nuts being roasted. It is best to confer with the best nutritionist in Karachi to be sure about safe and healthy options for yourself.


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