Top 5 Organic Beauty Brands You Need to Know

There are many brands out there that offer organic products. we have here a list of the top five brands in the country today.

Many people are today choosing organic beauty brands over conventionally produced products. This means that there is a big market for organic beauty products that you can choose from. There are many brands out there that offer these products, which is why we have here a list of the top five brands in the country today. These are brands that customers have sworn to and very easily recommend. There is a range of pricing as well, as some are luxury brands, while others are not, so you can easily choose which brand suits your need and also your budget, so you don’t burn a hole in your wallet for them.

  • Lotus Organics+

Lotus Organics+ makes its products from pure essential oils, pure butters, and cold-pressed oils that have been exclusively and selectively handpicked. They have a reputation for being the best organic beauty brand in the nation. The botanical extracts they make their products from are safe for your skin and will not cause adverse effects to your body. They make hair, body, and skincare products that do not compromise on the high quality that they offer you. They take effort to minimise exposure to natural allergens, artificial fragrances, and toxic chemicals. Their natural skincare and haircare products are made of Irish moss, macadamia nuts, acai berries, Irish moss, argan oil and other such completely safe and natural ingredients for products that are made. 

  • Lotus Herbals

This brand began in 1993 under Mr Kamal Passi with the aim of providing natural and safe beauty solutions to all. Lotus Herbals has been in the market for 25 years and has gained a reputation of being the most trusted when it comes to manufacturing natural and herbal products with scientific research. A lot of research and effort is spent making each product so that they can make products that are natural, sustainable and environmentally conscious. It has multiple subsidiaries that cater different products to customers in all inclusivity. 

  • Soul Tree
SoulTree is an Indian Ayurveda Beauty brand that gives guaranteed beauty and also skincare products. All their products are made from real formulas that are ayurvedic and are made from ingredients that are safe and natural and cause no harm or damage to your skin. They export to places like Japan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Australia, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Switzerland. They cater to clients all over the world and very easily practically offer the excellent quality that they promise you when their products are sold. 
  • Lotus Professionals

Lotus Professional is another subsidiary of Lotus Herbals, and they provide premium care for skin and hair across India and also overseas. They focus on making plant-based solutions for skin and hair using actives that are natural and of high quality. They use ingredients that are vegan, clinically proven, and perfectly safe. They are professional in the service that they offer of salon treatments and home-care programs that are personalised. All of their products are made with formulas that are perfectly balanced, non-irritating, and fast-acting.

  • Lotus Botanicals

Lotus Botanicals aims to create balance and harmony between nature and science when it comes to the products that they make. Let’s talk about their brand ethos that plays a significant role in all that they manufacture. They deliver products that are made from ingredients that are safe and are made from plant extracts in all their purity. They are mindful of the environment at every stage, from sourcing to delivery.


Organic products can be affordable and don’t necessarily have to be very expensive. We hope that this list has helped you choose a brand that can give your skin the nourishment and care that it needs without damaging it like other chemical-filled products do. It must be noted that chemical products look like they’re working in the beginning but cause damage later on. Organic products do not do this even if they take time in the beginning to start showing effects. These products are also excellent for the environment so that you can practice conscious consumerism. We, therefore, suggest Lotus Herbals organic beauty products for the best results that do not have adverse effects.

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