Touring Facts You Should Know Before Embarking on A Golden Triangle Tour

India's jewel of the golden triangle has incredible diversity in its history's sight and sounds. The busy bazaars and auto rikshaws add to the beauty of this country in many ways. You can also find some fantastic monuments and majestic mosques at their noisiest and most chaotic. Hopefully, the sights will relieve you from the views of crowds and heat, but the vibe will indeed have you coming back here again and again. If you are not aware of the golden triangle and how it influences India's culture, we will discuss just that here. It is essential to know some crucial touring information before embarking on a golden triangle tour

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What is the Golden Triangle?

The golden triangle is a tourism route between Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The place gets its name because it forms a triangle when you plot it on the map. People often start their tour from Delhi, moving to Uttar Pradesh's cities, and then end in Rajasthan. It is India's most popular tourist route, and you can embrace all the extraordinary religious and historical monuments in a 4 days golden triangle tour


 What the Places of Interest in India's Golden Triangle?

Delhi is where most of the tourists start their tour as most international flights live there. The exploration of Delhi can keep you enthralled for a lot of time. A few good places to get a complete summary are the Mughal red fort, qutab minar, and the india gate from the british era. You can also feel the significant amount of crowd bleed into the city streets of chandni chowk, old, and new delhi. 


The taj mahal is the best sight you can see in Agra. This magnificent structure's marbles give off a unique shine as they come from various parts of asia. The mughal emperor Shahjahan spent a lot of time imagining and monitoring this monument's construction, and it shows well. You will not have difficulty finding taj as you can spot it from very far. 


At the corner of the triangle, we have Rajasthan's capital Jaipur. Tourists more commonly know it as the pink city because it has a cluster of pink-coloured houses close to each other. You can wander around the town to find another historical place of interest known as the hawa mahal. The Mughals constructed this palace to home the royal ladies of their empire. The castle has about 953 windows which look like small honeycombs when you see them from far. 


Jaipur also has the incredible city palace, where you can pick up some exotic threads if you are on a golden triangle tour 3 nights 4 days. The clothes of jaipur made from cotton and silk are popular all over the world, and tourists come over to buy them here. 

What is The Best Place to Take Shelter From Crowds?

The best way to escape the crowds throughout the country is by stepping inside one of the many temples. During afternoons, the temples and monuments of the golden triangle remain empty most of the time. You can find a few tourists roaming about, trying to take shelter, same as you. 

Other than that, you can visit the city center or swaminarayan akshardham. The akshardham is a hindu temple built-in 2011 using traditional methods, but the wall's engravings represent a far older era. Although photography is banned, it is still a large complex with many things to see and do. The peaceful environment allows for a reflection moment away from all the noises of life. 

The fatehpur sikri is a fantastic hidden city that was once home to the mughal emperor akbar. He stayed in this city for a long time but then had to leave because of some punjab dispute. The inhabitants also left this city in ruins soon after akbar's abandonment. This city is a booming tourist attraction that calls in tourists worldwide to take refuge under the red sandstone structures. The city is enormous, and the best way to explore it is on a 4 days golden triangle tour. 


What is The Best Method of Touring Golden Triangle?

Golden triangle has an excellent connection to the public transports floating around the city. If you are on a firm budget, the cheapest way is to take a bus. Indian bus journeys are crowded but entertaining in their way. You will also get a look at rural india from the windows of your bus. You can easily book a ticket early as well if you visit the nearest bus stop or ticket counter. 


The other best way to getting more from this place is to book a golden triangle tour 3 nights 4 days. You, will, have a significantly good time touring the entire triangle through efficient routes and ample time in your hands. You will also have no risk of getting lost in these busy streets. 


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