Top 5 Best Travel Audiobooks You Shouldn't Miss

Indeed you've already started hearing about them, but do you know what an travel audiobook is? In recent years, this medium has experienced a tremendous boom, mainly due to the influence of companies such as Amazon, which breaks into the market with the Audible platform.

Top Travel Audio books

An travel audiobook is the recording of the contents of a document read aloud. These "talking books" have emerged thanks to the possibilities offered by technology for the dissemination of content, and although they began to be produced in formats such as CDs, they can currently be downloaded directly from the Internet to be listened to on laptops, cell phones, tablets or audio players.

The voice can be computer-generated, or it can be human. Some best travel audiobooks even give the option to choose between listening to a female or male voice, a specific tone and timbre, or preferred language.

They are made from existing books, but there are also those that have been created precisely to be disseminated in that presentation.

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While it is true that the availability of audiobooks in digital format is relatively new compared to other older technologies, but it had its origins in 1930. Back then, they were used as an educational medium. You may have heard of or remember the sale of this type of material on cassette tapes and vinyl records.

 Its main characteristics, the following can be highlighted:

It allows you to keep a book without deteriorating over time.

While listening to an audiobook, you can do other activities like cooking, walking, driving, etc.

This format is easily downloaded.

Cultural consumption is encouraged, which translates into more jobs.

It offers a large number of varied content such as a story, novel, interview or an article, but it is also helpful for companies that have created informative e-books, for example.

Limit digital piracy

Change the perception of stories, going from being read to heard

1. You Think It, I'll Say It' by Curtis Sittenfeld

In his hit debut novel "Prep", and since then, Curtis Sittenfeld has proved to be an unstable genius who is a cheerful chronicler of the inner workings of anxious or jealous minds. Set in the Trump era, this clever and entertaining collection of 10 episodes has many of its storytellers addressing unresolved issues since adolescence. When a storyteller meets a bad girl in high school, her lucrative career and attractive husband are of little use. Suburban housewives are crazy about the hugely successful lifestyle celebrities they meet at the summer camp. Former Co-Chairs of Senior Class meet for dinner. There is no forgiveness or forgetting on the menu.

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2. The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantú

The U.S.-Mexico border has been the subject of countless news stories but accounts with intimacy and immediacy from the grandchildren of Mexican immigrants who grew up in Arizona who joined the U.S. border guard in 2008 Almost none. In historical meditation, it follows a growing disillusionment with Cantu's service, which began with the vague intentions and hopes of a better understanding of the immigration crisis. The first section shows the brutal reality of his work. 

After leaving the patrol in 2012, the final absorption stretch follows the Cantu. He became friends with an undocumented immigrant, Jose, away from his wife and children after returning to Mexico to meet his dying mother. Jose's story is the driving force behind the beating heart and story that Cantu read from the bottom of his soul in this curious book. (Penguins Audio, 6 hours 30 minutes)

3. Education by Tara Westover

Her countryside Idaho with a profoundly delusional surviving father who makes a dangerous shift in a family junkyard and endures abuse from his brother seeking a path to education at Brigham Young University and Cambridge University. Education by Tara Westover is the best-selling nationwide. The audio editing read by actress Julia Whelan takes over the power and drama layer in her performance. We are witnesses of young women who think for themselves, develop their agencies and, in essence, learn to become people. "Educated", along with examples such as Jeannette Walls' "Glass Castle" and Augusten Burroughs' "Running with Scissors," firmly asserts its status as a classic in this genre.

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In Educated, Tara Westover reveals that her growing experience was never negative. For years, and perhaps to this day, he has found a strong attraction to the land. "There is a sense of sovereignty that comes from living in the mountains. 

This vast space allows you to navigate for hours without a companion and float on pine trees, bushes and rocks. It is the tranquillity born of pure vastness. Calm down at the same size, which simply makes humans unimportant.

Westover wrote this book at the age of 29. He was significantly younger because of such keen self-awareness. And his performance as a student at both Brigham Young University and Cambridge reveals that he is excellent. That is clear from the book itself. She also reveals that she is a talented singer. (When she was a teenager, one of the few ways she escaped being completely absorbed in her family was to appear in a musical piece at a local theatre.)

4. Milkman

An 18-year-old girl, known only as a "middle sister" who loves 19th-century fiction and long walks during the riots in Northern Ireland, doesn't really want it from older men than it does. It's starting to get attention. In her inner monologue of persecution, the pursuit of truth, and endless detours, Middle Sister is driven by suspicion and rumours, soaked in violence, separated by religion and politics, and breaks through the pitfalls of everyday life in her district. Navigate The extraordinary language and rhythm of the text is the driving force behind this Man booker Prize winner, and it is incomparably powerful to hear him read with the lyrical accents of Tony Award winner Brid Brennan. You may want to listen to it even if you have already read it. (Dreamscape Media, 14 hours 11 minutes)


2007 marks the 50th anniversary of this modern classic, and audio performance is a great way to experience Kerouac's flowing prose. Will Patton, known for his interpretation of James Lee Burke's book, fits perfectly into this text. ON THE ROAD is a winding journey, with Patton's performance as a narrator providing a map.

Her voice brings Kerouac's spontaneity to life. Patton makes a clear voice for the two protagonists, for Kerouac as an observer Sal Paradise and his friend Neal Cassady as Dean Moriarty for pleasure. Patton is appropriately quiet or vibrant, optimistic or cautious, and is an excellent guide to an on-the-road experience.

What are its advantages?

In addition to how beneficial they can be for blind people with vision problems or some other physical limitation, because in this way they can obtain information and knowledge, today travel audiobook are also an excellent alternative for those who work while driving, for example.

The types of reading offered by this format are as broad as that of traditional books. There are novels, biographies, poetry and even books on technical and complex subjects. In the latter case, sometimes it is necessary to listen to some information several times to fully understand it, but travel audiobooks offer the possibility of returning the audio and listening to it as many times as you want

You can enjoy any work of literature anywhere. While you are driving, you do the shopping, or you cook. You can listen to any text and carry out another activity at the same time since we only have to have our ears. Anytime is a good time to enjoy an audiobook!

Listening to an audiobook also fuels feelings. Since literature is a form of communication to make the reader feel, active listening to these literary works also generates and transmits those feelings.

Get people who don't like to read to approach literature in a different way. There are many people who do not find reading attractive. But with the audiobook, they come close to knowing exciting stories that they would not otherwise see if it were not for this format.

The audiobook also encourages the memory of stories to keep them alive. How many of us have read the classic stories? Maybe few. Most of the time, we keep the memory of the story that they told us as children in such a way that they have become part of the oral tradition, and the same would happen with the audiobook.

There are summary versions. If you do not have much time, you can take advantage of the option of listening to audiobook in their abbreviated version ( Abridged ), which, unlike the complete or upright ( unabridged ), are a summary of the original text but without losing the essence of the work.

Affordable prices. The big publishers know the pull that the audiobook currently has and have available most of the novelties.


In reality, even people who do other jobs spend a lot of hours in traffic on a daily basis, and that shortens the time they could spend on other activities, so listening to an audiobook can be an excellent way to make the most of your time, which is also invested driving, cooking or during gym training.

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