COVID-19 And Common Cold Symptoms: Advice For Carers And Parents

To parents/guardians

We understand how challenging these past few months have proven to be, especially for guardians and parents. Now that nurseries and schools have resumed, we have written this article to offer some recommendations on what to do when your child or a young person within your care manifests symptoms of cold or related signs during this pandemic. 

Following schools' resumption after an extended break, it is normal for colds and other related viral infections to spread. In most cases, kids will be healthy enough to resume school and proceed with their academics with zero or little interruption to their learning. In other situations, for example, when they suffer a pretty heavy cold, they may have to take one or two days off to recuperate. 

For young people and children with potential coronavirus symptoms, this is not the case; they are expected to undergo self-isolation and go for a private covid test, which we offer at Blood London. 

We know you do not want your child to miss out on her education. This is why you must understand how COVID-19 symptoms can be differentiated from those of other illnesses that we typically notice spreading during this period of the year. 

COVID-19 And Common Cold Symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms

It is necessary that everyone - including the individuals who comprise the community around a school - is alert for COVID-19 symptoms and know the steps to take if a child exhibits them, either at home or at school. 

The major symptoms to be vigilant of are:

• Change in, or loss of, sense of taste or smell 

• High temperature/fever

• New persistent cough

If a child or a young person in your care begins to experience any of the symptoms above, they should undergo self-isolation, and you should book a test for them as soon as possible with Blood London. 

It is recommended to test only for children with persistent fever, cough, or change in or loss of the sense of smell and taste. The senior clinicians in the UK continue to study the symptoms for case evaluation under review and proceed to use evidence to modify these if the need be. 

It is important for people with symptoms of COVID-19 or who live in the same house with a person who has the symptoms, not to go to nursery, school or other childcare environments, and must undergo self-isolation along with every other member of the family. Everyone can stop self-isolating if the test comes back negative. But if the test is positive, Blood London will give you additional advice and necessary steps to take. 

Cold-related symptoms

If, on the other hand, your child is not having symptoms of COVID-19 but presents other cold-related symptoms, like a runny nose, there's no need to get them tested, and neither they nor you need to undergo self-isolation. Your ward can resume school if well enough to do so. 

The British Government appreciates the great efforts being made by school staff, guardians, and parents to make sure the threat of coronavirus is alleviated and support children's education. 

Additional enquiries

Would you like to make additional enquiries or receive more advice regarding a private RT-PCR test London? Then give us a call today at Blood London for all the necessary information you need to know to keep you, your children and every other member of your household safe and protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to hearing from you today!


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