Top 10 Places to Visit in Glasgow - the Dear Green Place in Scotland

In this blog, the top 10 places to visit in Glasgow include some historical monuments, museums, and shopping areas.

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is knowns for its cultural heritage. It offers travellers a varied experience during their visit to museums, parks, historical monuments, and shopping sites. The city is full of characters and colours with a unique neighbourhood, amazing architecture, and an evolving destination for foodies. 

The vibrant city has plenty of sights and structures to visit if you plan a vacation in a Scottish city. If you are a history buff, the place has many cathedrals, churches, and museums to offer. It also has an eventful nightlife with some great clubs and a drinking scene.

Places to Visit in Glasgow

List of Places to Visit in Glasgow

The Dear Green Place can offer something to every type of audience. Here, you will find the top tourist attraction in the city of Glasgow to create an itinerary for your next visit.  

1. Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow cathedral is home to medieval architecture with brilliant memorial pieces and arches. You will witness a monument with a history of more than 800 years old. You should visit the place if you are into architecture, history, or photography. 

It is the only cathedral that has survived human conflicts and reformation over the past few centuries. You will find the stained windows as a post-war attraction for travellers. The structure is built in the area where St Kentigern/St Mungo was buried in the 6th century. 

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2. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Museum should remain on the priority list if you have very limited time to explore the city. You can walk inside the museum without an entry ticket. You will find it in Kelvingrove Park, another destination to visit.

The museum has an extensive collection of sculptures, paintings, furniture, and Art Nouveau items. In addition, you will find 22 thematic galleries that range from medieval weapons to natural history. It is the perfect afternoon activity to educate your kids about the rich history of the country while spending some quality time with the family.

3. Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre is another tourist destinations for families if you are travelling with kids. It was opened in 2001 near the River Clyde’s south bank. It features numerous interactive exhibitions that may sound similar to the Cité des Sciences of Paris.

They conduct workshops to engage the audience while learning something new. In addition, you can enjoy the planetarium, 3D cinema, or a panoramic view of the city from the Glasgow Tower. You should check the details regarding the entry fee, opening hours, and activities from their official website.

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4. The Tall Ship and Museum at Riverside

The riverside ship is an award-winning museum in the city of Glasgow that serves as a major tourist attraction. It was built to relocate the Transport Museum of the city near the riverside. You will find many Glasgow built transport displays that have been transferred from the previous museum.

The fans of locomotives, vintage cars, model ships, and other historical vehicles will find the place extremely interesting. You can spend hours looking at some of the finest machines from the past. Some major displays include the sinking of the Lusitania ship and 1938’s Glasgow streets reconstruction.

5. Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

With over a million items from the history of humankind, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery is a resource-rich museum to spend a few hours. You will find items from ancient Egyptian mummies to space meteorites. In addition, though, the permanent displays will include the artwork of some of the greatest artists such as Rubens, Glasgow Boys, Rembrandt, and Scottish Colourists. 

The diverse collections also include some wildlife, amazing art and artefacts. In addition, you will find displays related to archaeology, ethnography, geology, coins, and ethnography. The history section includes Romans, dinosaurs from Scotland, Bearsden Shark, and some ancient scientific instruments. 

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6. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Garden is a place to relax and appreciate the greenery with wonderful plant collection, woodland copse, and tropical trees. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature with a riverside walk. It is open throughout the year with various glasshouses as an attraction. 

You will find the famous Kibble Place inside the Glasgow Botanic Garden. It is a national collection designed by John Kibble with numerous tree ferns. Moreover, the palm house and tearoom are the new additions to make the place more exotic than ever.  

7. Buchanan Street

The shopaholics will not feel disappointed by the offerings of this city. Buchanan Street is the shopping district of Glasgow with shops in every direction. The shopkeepers are known to treat the locals and tourists alike with quality service and affordable prices.

You will find clothes, cookies, whiskey, and whatnot courtesy of its diverse shops in the same lane. If it rains, you can change the plan to visit Buchanan Street for some shopping. You might have to increase the vacation budget with holiday loans after returning the hotel room with plenty of shopping bags.

8. Glasgow Tigers Speedway

Glasgow Tigers are the only professional speedway team that hails from the west part of Scotland. These speedsters live up to the expectations with some amazing work in the circuit. You will experience the thrill of racing with the enthralling moments of almost falls. 

The seasons start at the end of March and runs until the end of August. You should check their schedule before planning your trip to make sure there is a match during your visit. Everyone will fall for the game, from children to adults, except for the riders on the track. 

9. The West End

Your exploration should not miss the most beautiful neighbourhood of the city, the West End. It has an independent, unique characteristic that leaves the tourist in awe while travelling through the streets. You will find many vintage shops, intimate bars, and restaurants in the alleys.

10. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

What makes the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland a special place to visit in Glasgow? The sole fact that it hosts more than 500 art or theatrical performances every year. It is one of the few places in the entire Europe that offers such a huge number of performances alongside the beautiful architecture and modern auditorium. 

Although, it is recommended to check the online schedule of the venue to find the list of performances before the visit. You may not have the taste of the art with the scheduled performance on the day of your visit. Also, the staff is very warm in the reception with answers to your queries in a polite manner.

Prepare the Itinerary with the Best Places in Glasgow

To sum up, Glasgow is indeed a city full of vibrant culture and activities. You will experience the history of the UK from the amazing architecture of the city. Even if you are not a history enthusiast, there are many places to sit back and relax or enjoy the nightlife with parties till dawn. 

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