Why Serviced Apartments can be a great stay option for vacationers?

Radical shift in Travel & Hospitality Sector

The travel & hospitality industry is undergoing a radical shift and that is evident from the way travel is conducted all over the world post-pandemic times. One of the biggest factors that can dictate the course and direction of the travel industry is safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of travel operation right from travel reservation to hotel stay to transportation booking. Most travel industry experts opine that it will take several years from now for the industry to restore what has been lost since 2020. It is an uphill task for the industry to return to its primordial state as in the pre-pandemic era. Another important area of travel is business travel which nosedived into a new low like never before. The great fall started even before the pandemic when economic recession hit most countries. All said and done safety and convenience are the two factors that can easily influence the travel and hospitality sector moving into the pandemic. 

Why Serviced Apartments can be a great stay option for vacationers?

Pre-pandemic strategies

When it comes to hospitality, there are a range of options to choose from. If safety is put at the centre of everything, then hotels need to be proactive in keeping infections at bay. Again the question lies in personalized safety for stayers such as improved social distancing strategies, better sanitation and hygiene periodically, crisis communication and use of technology to the maximum such as contactless technology, ozonisation, etc. Business travellers will be careful about travelling to even moderately affected pandemic areas anywhere in the world as they know uninformed decision-making can pose problems. Most of the travel reservations, accommodation and transportation bookings fall under the company travel policy to which the travelling employees need to comply for the reimbursement of T & E. Non-compliance to the company’s travel policy would dent its bottom-line. And at a time when revenues are at an all-time low, T & E spends when uncontrolled can greatly increase the travel costs of the company.

What is a serviced apartment?

There is a growing trend among the business travellers, usually millennials, to stay at serviced apartments. Many people confuse hotels with serviced apartments. And there are some that consider both serviced apartments and regular flats as interchangeable which, in fact, is not. So what exactly is a serviced apartment or a service apartment? A serviced apartment is one which is a go-between a hotel and regular flat but has all the conveniences of a home. A hotel may not have all the facilities of a home. A regular flat may not have the conveniences of a hotel. This is where the serviced accomodations like london corporate apartments stand out in terms of features as they come fully-furnished. With this understanding of what a service apartment is, we can further explore why serviced apartment is preferred over hotels and regular flats.

Why serviced apartments?

Millennial vacationers these days look for homely comforts. Group stay in hotels may require booking multiple rooms, and why do only a few have all the fun? Serviced apartments on the other hand may accommodate a family or more at one time creating a home-like atmosphere for everyone to partake in the fun and frolic. What’s more when stayers at a serviced apartment can help one another and do the chores. Business travellers, when they visit clients on-site, need to stay for days—or even weeks—together. Staying at a hotel is expensive and may sound impractical when the expenses don’t generally fall within the travel policy. The longer the stay, the higher the costs. Therefore, if you’re a business traveller, you can expect greater value by staying in a serviced apartment compared to a hotel.

Other benefits of serviced apartments

Next, the serviced apartment comes fully furnished with all the modern amenities including a kitchen, washing machine, air conditioner, electric heater, Wi-Fi and more. The practicality of having an in-house caretaker will make staying in a serviced apartment an attractive option.  There are serviced apartments that feature gym services for workout, swimming pool and other outlets for recreational activities. These are benefits that add up to the conveniences of staying in a serviced apartment. 

Because serviced apartments are usually located in a residential area, they offer you the option of shopping things from the local markets. You can learn a bit of history and culture of the place you are put up at. That’s awesome fun, right? A range of local crafts & arts, traditional foods and drinks can make life exciting to the core. You can visit the nearest exhibition or museum to know more about the traditional practises, and share the experience as well to your family, friends and colleagues back home much to their envy. The only way you can experience authentic local culture is staying in a heritage hotel which is usually expensive compared to regular hotels.

There is greater autonomy and freedom in an apartment hotel as you can cook your own food, especially if you are finicky about hygiene. You can make your favourite chutney for the dosa or prepare biryani and impress upon your guests. You don’t have to wait for the room service to run the daily chores of washing clothes or doing laundry for you. You expect quality in everything and self-service guarantees quality in every aspect. That is another benefit of choosing a service apartment over a hotel. 

Even when it comes to space, serviced apartments come with 30 percent more room than an equivalent standard of hotel. Generally, a one-bedroom service apartment is sized twice compared to that of the average hotel room. If that isn’t comfort, guess what it is? No more cramped space or pushing around things or adjusting a regular single-bedroom to fit like a double-bedroom. 

To conclude

The number of service apartments in coimbatore and in other tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India is increasing where there is a growing demand from different sets of travellers. The growing investment into serviced apartments presents compelling reasons why they can disrupt the traditional hospitality space in the future. Therefore, it comes as little doubt that serviced apartments are far better in terms of safety, hygiene and other conveniences.

Serviced Apartments can be a great stay option for vacationers and business travelers alike. What sets them apart from a hotel is that Serviced Apartments offer a more authentic experience of the country where the property is located and typically come fully equipped with everything you need to feel at home. Check out an apartment for rent in Savannah.

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