10 Vital Invisalign Facts You Should Better Know to Make Informed Decision

There are many of us with crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are the teeth that are not in proper positions. This problem makes a deep damage to one’s self-confidence. That apart it is also known to lead to a number of health issues in course of time. Since the ages dentistry has been resolving the cases with braces. Recently the technology has made a significant leap with the advent of invisalign. 

10 Vital Invisalign Facts You Should Better Know to Make Informed Decision

Wearing braces is never the end of all problems. Rather it makes people extremely self-conscious. Conventional braces are made of metal brackets and wires that make individuals easily identifiable. Thus, it is obvious that people feel embarrassed wearing those tools. The problem of embarrassment becomes more acute after a certain age. To overcome this difficulty a reliable alternative has arrived that is picking up a storm. Just like conventional metal braces invisalign is meant to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Instead of metal brackets the modern procedure uses clear plastic retainers. In other words your treatment remains discreet and no can gets to know that you are on braces. Thus, you get your teeth straightened minus the embarrassment and the self-consciousness. 

If you are interested to get your crooked teeth straightened with invisalign you should better go through this blog post. It covers some crucial aspects to help you take informed decision. 

Wear the aligners as much longer as possible

This is one of the most vital tips for you or for anyone who’s on the plastic transparent aligners. You have to keep wearing the braces as much longer as possible throughout the treatment phase. This is the only way to get desired results. The first 48 hours of switching over to braces are crucial. You should better keep wearing the aligners almost this entire time phase. During this initial period the braces do a lot of work. Most importantly your teeth get used to them. You can only take the trays out only during brushing, eating or drinking anything other than plain water. 

Once the first 48 hours time gets over try continue wearing the trays as longer as possible. In you want desired and timely results, you have to wear it for 22 hours a day minimum. The longer you wear them every day the better it is for your treatment. Moreover, as you keep wearing it longer hours you get used to it more and more with the discomfort and the inconvenience getting completely eliminated. 

You need overcoming the lisp in your speech

Invisalign retainers affect your normal speech. Initially when you wear those braces suddenly lisp develops in your speech. This happens to everyone and it should not throw you off balance. It is possible to overcome the lisp in a few days time. You may be tempted to remove them from the mouth while speaking to someone but you must not go that way. Rather let those remain inside the mouth and you keep trying normally with people. Gradually the problem subsides and you speak clearly. 

Treatment length varies from case to case 

Before committing yourself to the hefty financial investment of invisalign you should better clear out with the dentist how long it will last. Usually, the procedure lasts about a year for adults. The time phase depends on lots of factors including the condition of your teeth. Based on those factors the volume of work to be done is determined. The work volume is directly proportional to time required. Thus, the exact time required for the treatment always varies from case to case. If the teeth have slight misaligned the procedure hardly continues for few months while in severe cases of misalignment it continues much longer. 

During the initial consultation all these factors are discussed and explained by the expert so that you can take informed decision. 

Faster results than conventional metal braces

One of the best advantages of this cutting-edge procedure for teeth straightening is it offers results pretty fast. As a matter of fact substantial changes start being noticed within a couple of months commencing the treatment. You have to be completely committed to it to enjoy fast results. Wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours a day is the only key to achieve success here. The treatment is done through a set of precisely made clear plastic trays or aligners that you wear on the teeth. Each of the trays gets replaced with the next one in the set after every couple of weeks on average. Depending on the condition of the teeth the number of the trays is determined by your orthodontist.

Do not ignore flossing

Flossing is very important during the period while you are on the braces. It is utmost important to keep the teeth and the gums clean and healthy as much as possible during this phase. And flossing is much helpful t keep the mouth free of food debris, tartar build-up as well as harmful bacteria. When you skip flossing food debris trapped between the teeth remain right there to develop plaque and tartar. Gradually this leads to harmful bacteria build up to set the process of the teeth and the gums decomposing. When you are on the braces the chances of plaque build up is much higher. However, it is important to note that flossing in the right way is actually what is needed. If you are in doubt about the right flossing technique, never hesitate to ask your orthodontist to guide you. 

Allocate some time every day for routine dental care

Usually, we can get away with a crisp dental care regimen hardly lasting for a few minutes. But when you are on invisalign treatment such miniature effort won’t work. You have to assign at least a few minutes more every day to ensure your mouth is sound and healthy. You have to brush and floss the teeth more frequently every day during the treatment. This is because the braces not only cover the teeth but also retains whatever you just ate on the teeth surface. Thus if you just had a candy or a cola drink it covers the teeth up with sugar for hours after. So you must brush the teeth well every time after eating or drinking anything other than plain water while undergoing invisalign treatment. In other words you need to invest greater effort and time day in and day out during this period.  

Clean the aligners at regular intervals

While undergoing teeth straightening treatment using clear aligners it is important to take care of the teeth and the gums. It is also equally important to take proper care of the aligners at regular intervals. The plastic braces must be cleaned daily. Use a toothbrush and a little toothpaste to clean the braces. In fact your invisalign dentist gives you the necessary guideline about this task. The braces must be clean to maintain optimum oral hygiene. 

Never eat with the braces on

Is there any special diet for invisalign patients? No there is not. The modern teeth straightening procedure allows you to eat anything and everything during the treatment tenure. But the catch is you cannot eat anything while wearing the braces. The plastic aligners are easily removable. So slip the braces out of the teeth every time before having anything. In other words you can eat anything during invisalign treatment. The revolutionary smile improvement technique never demands you to change your usual lifestyle – which stands in striking contrast to the conventional teeth straightening procedure using metal braces. While you are just on invisalign braces the mouth goes dry frequently and there is lot of discomfort. To overcome these issues do increase your daily water intake. Take a sip or two every now and then to deal with the aligners easily. 

Invisalign helps whitening the teeth

The clear aligners treatment is meant to realign the teeth to improve your smile. It also offers a positive side effect in the form of whitening the teeth. If you use whitening toothpaste, all the whitening agents stick to the teeth while the retainers hold it to the teeth surface longer. As a result the unsightly stains just get washed off. The procedure also helps keeping cavities at bay. Fluoride present in the toothpaste reinforces the teeth to fight cavities.  

Attachments can speed up results

Considering your overall condition the orthodontist can give you attachments to speed up the treatment results. The attachments are usually called invisalign buttons. However, it is to be noted that the buttons are not meant for anyone and everyone undergoing the treatment. Only your dentist can assess and prescribe you these buttons if he or she thinks you fit the bill. These buttons are attached to the invisalign trays and a tooth. The aim is to speed up the movement of that particular tooth to get it in sync with the rest faster in terms of alignment. These attachments are so tiny that no one ever notices them although you get faster results. 

As a completely patient-centric practice we possess excellent track record in handling teeth straightening cases using clear plastic aligners. We not only quote reasonable price along with easy payment plans but also float offers from time to time. Please feel free to click here for invisalign special offers.

Remember this cutting-edge smile improvement treatment has no age limit. It is meant for people of every age. Get the treatment done any time you feel like. However, getting it done sooner is better than later. You can also opt for an invisible aligner for crooked teeth like Byte. You can check an interesting byte review.

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