How to make Cheese Pizza with vegetable ?

Homemade Cheese Pizza with vegetable

Have you tried making pizza ever ? If yes , is there any difference in my recipe and yours ? If no , try making cheese pizza with vegetable it's supper yummy and delicious . I promise you’ll never want to order delivery again after you see how easy it is to make pizza at home using fresh ingredients.

In this blog I will teach you how to make cheese pizza just like one of leading food delivery in ranchi brand .

Which ingredients I will be needing ?

Pizza Base ( If needed )

Pizza Sauce


Mozzarella cheese.


chilli flex





Now , we know ingredients needed to make pizza but how to make it , soo for making pizza I have

divided steps into following mentions to make it more clear .

1. Method to make dough

homemade pizza dough

Add the flour, salt, sugar, and olive oil, and using the mixing paddle attachment, mix on low speed for a minute. Then replace the mixing paddle with the dough hook attachment.

Knead the pizza dough on low to medium speed using the dough hook about 7-10 minutes.

If you don't have a mixer, you can mix the ingredients together and knead them by hand.

The dough should be a little sticky, or tacky to the touch. If it's too wet, sprinkle in a little more flour.

2. Let the dough rise

Let the dough rise

Spread a thin layer of olive oil over the inside of a large bowl. Place the pizza dough in the bowl and turn it around so that it gets coated with the oil.

At this point you can choose how long you want the dough to ferment and rise. A slow fermentation (24 hours in the fridge) will result in more complex flavors in the dough. A quick fermentation (1 1/2 hours in a warm place) will allow the dough to rise sufficiently to work with.

Cover the dough with plastic wrap.

For a quick rise, place the dough in a warm place (75°F to 85°F) for 1 1/2 hours.

For a medium rise, place the dough in a regular room temperature place (your kitchen counter will do fine) for 8 hours. For a longer rise, chill the dough in the refrigerator for 24 hours (no more than 48 hours).

The longer the rise (to a point) the better the flavor the crust will have .

3. Let's prepare

sprinkle vegetables pizza

Now , ( alteast after 24 hr ) take some oil and brush it on the surface of dough . To prevent getting it soggy from oil let it lest for at least 15 minutes , My recommandation will be leaving it for 1 hr .

Chup the vegetables in meantime .Now transform it to flatten dough so it looks like a pizza base  .

Now, spread pizza sauce on the top , after spreading it sprinkle vegetables , cheese and chilli flex in the top . Be careful not to overload the pizza with too many toppings, or your pizza will be soggy.

4. Bake Pizza In Oven

Bake Pizza In Oven

Bake pizza in the 475°F oven, one at a time, until the crust is browned and the cheese is golden, about 10-15 minutes. If you want, toward the end of the cooking time you can sprinkle on a little more cheese.


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