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If you are finding the answer of "Does Starbucks have Boba?" then here read this article to cleared the doubt.

    Boba tea is one of the most cherish able flavors of tea around the world. You can see many social media challenges of drinking the Boba tea on social media. The Boba tea has its origin in the island nation of Taiwan and the tea is served here with chewy tapioca balls. The chewy tapioca balls also look like bubbles. This has given the tea the name of Boba around the world, and the costumes frequently inquire why it does not have the Boba flavor. If you want to know "Does Starbucks have Boba", keep reading this article: 

    Does Starbucks have Boba?

    Does Starbucks have Boba?

    Why Starbucks doesn't have the Boba tea: The method of making the Boba tea is just too complex, so it is difficult to implement its operation on uncountable chains of Starbucks. It can be just too expensive for the customers to buy from Starbucks, as the preparation process can be time-consuming. 

    Does Starbucks have Boba Tea

    Starbucks has to entertain a number of customers, so it is not offering the Boba tea to its Franchisees. You can easily prepare the Boba tea by yourself at your home if you have the “Starbucks Iced Tea '' along with the Tapioca Pearls. You need to find a location where you can find the Tapioca Pearls as you can find the pearls from every place, only special retail outlets have these pearls.

    Some of the grocery stores have the Tapioca Pearls, if you are having any difficulty in finding the pearls, then you can order them from Amazon. There are many local tea chains where you can drink quality Boba Tea, along with the snack. 

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    The method of preparing the Boba Tea: 

    You can make your own Boba, the ingredients are common if you are going to acquire them easily. The method can be easier, if you are relying on Starbuck for supplying the bulk of the main ingredients, the main missing ingredient here would be the Tapioca Balls, which give the drink the name of Boba. 

    method of preparing the Boba Tea

    Steps to prepare the Boba Tea

    You need to follow the steps to prepare the Boba Tea:

    1. The Starbuck App: Starbucks doesn't have Boba but you need to download the Starbucks app, this would make available all the ingredients required to make the Boba Tea. There is the whole method of making the Boba Tea, and it is also good to order all the required ingredients for making the Boba Tea.

    2. You need to scroll to the Iced Tea section of the Starbucks menu; you are going to add the Tapioca Pearls in the Iced Tea of the Starbuck. This would provide the best taste of the Boba Tea you have ever drunk. 

    3. You need to select the “Iced Black Tea” from the main menu of the Starbucks App, the size of the beverage is according to your requirements.

    4. You need to customize the taste and the Boba Tea especially if you are going to prepare the Faux Boba, the whole recipe is described here on this page.

    5. You can add the milk according to your requirement, the choice of the milk Half & Half is one of the most popular choices when making the Boba Tea.

    6. Now you need to head towards the flavor selection of the beverage customization, it is normal to remove the liquid can sugar normally which comes along with the beverage.

    7. You can add the Toffee Nut Syrup in place of the Liquid sugar cane sugar, this would make your Boba Tea more tasteful and of a great smell. You need to change the flavor according to your own taste and flavor.

    8. The beverage is now ready to drink, but you need to add the Tapioca Pearl into the Boba Tea.

    9. You need to boil the Tapioca Pearl as long as your brand of the pearl allows you. Now you can add the Tapioca Pearl into your Boba Tea

    10. Now you simply have to go to Starbucks, pick your own drink and add the prepared Pearls into the Tea and enjoy your boba Tea.

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    From where you can buy the Tapioca pearls: 

    You can buy the Tapioca pearls from various forums, there are various brands preparing the Tapioca pearls as you can supplement these pearls to other Teas as Starbucks avoid preparing the Boba Tea, due to operational difficulties. These forums may be like the:

    Tapioca pearls from Amazon

    Tapioca pearls from Walmart

    The large grocery stores also have the Tapioca pearls like the Safeway Giants, or even the local Walmart stores have various brands of the Tapioca pearls. If you want the best quality and quick delivery then you can go towards Amazon, to buy the Tapioca pearls of your favorite brands. The Tapioca pearls are also available from the local retailer due to the popularity of the Boba Tea. You need to boil the Tapioca pearls, before adding them to the Boba Tea. The Process is simple but it is time-consuming if you need to prepare the boba tea at your home. 

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