The Best Australia Vacation Spots

Although Australia is the smallest continent, it offers numerous vacation spots. They are so many that some people may not have heard about some of these locations. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the less known places are not worthy of a visit. It merely implies that they have a scope of getting renown gradually.

Additionally, Australia offers some of the best places to stay. Any accommodation in Jindabyne is proof of that. The lodgings provide everything a traveler may need, from the check-in time to the check-out. 

Australia Vacation Spots

Let us review the best Australian vacation spots you might not know. 

1. Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

Located between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, Wycliffe Well is a small settlement in Northern Territory’s Barkly Tableland. The place boasts itself as the UFO Capital of Australia, offering a significantly high number of UFO sightings. It is so frequent that a person gets considered unlucky if they do not see anything when they stay up overnight and look at the sky. 

On top of that, Wycliffe Well offers one of the most varied beer selections in the Northern Territory. It also serves as a suitable place where tourists can get stunning views of the sunsets, sunrises, and star-filled skies.

2. Norfolk Island, Australia

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean that is off the coast of Australia. It's known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters and is a popular tourist destination for Australians. There are many places to stay on the island, including resorts, bed and breakfasts, and camping grounds. You can also find rental properties and apartments. The best time to visit Norfolk Island and choose accommodation in Norfolk Island is during the summer months, when the weather is warm and sunny.

3. Little Blue Lake, South Mount Cameron, Tasmania

Little Blue Lake offers what its name signifies. The water body portrays and delivers a vibrant and glossy blue color that looks otherworldly. The water shines exceptionally brightly under the sunshine, creating a glorious and marvelous look. 

Little Blue Lake is at an effortlessly accessible location, making it convenient for people to stop by for a quick visit and enjoy the view. However, the visitors and locals get advised and prevented from touching the water or swimming in the lake. It can get owed to the toxic, hazardous mineral wastes left behind from the previous tin mining time or era.

4. Nimbin in NSW

Located in the Northern Rivers area in New South Wales, Nimbin is a famous village known for its prominence in several fields and activities. They include environmental initiatives like sustainability, self-sufficiency, and permaculture. In addition to that, it is known for its cannabis counterculture. 

Nimbin offers various tourist spots and attractions. They range from the chain of rough outcrops named the Nimbin Rocks to Mount Warning, whose summit receives the first light in mainland Australia. The village has several rivers, water holes, and local creeks where travelers can go for a swim. The Nightcap National Park is another famous attraction.

5. Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach is a unique snow-shite beach located in Western Australia’s Shark Bay. It is famous because its entire 90-mile stretch has no sand. Instead, the beach remains filled solely with shells left behind by Fragum erugatum, a cockle species. 

The seawater that enters Shell Beach has high salinity. It is due to the area’s local climate and geomorphology. It has allowed the uncontrolled proliferation and growth of the cockle. On top of that, the lack of natural predators has promoted a significant population. 

Moreover, Shell Beach serves as one of the best nesting sites and conservation hotspots for turtles. 

6. Port Arthur Penal Colony, Tasmania

Located in the Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur Penal Colony was a former settlement for convicts and prisoners. Today, the town has become a renowned tourist spot where thousands of people come each year. 

Port Arthur is a part of the World Heritage property of the Australian Convict Sites. The penal sites got built back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now, they remain open as local attractions. 

Port Arthur offers various lookout areas, stone walls, and hiking trails. Natural wonders and landmarks such as the Remarkable Cave and the Isle of the Dead also make the list of must-go places.

7. Newnes Glow Worm Tunnel, Putty

The Glow Worm Tunnel lies between Newnes and Lithgow in New South Wales. The railway tunnel remains disused today but has become the thriving home of its new residents, the glow worms. The bioluminescent larvae belonging to Arachnocampa richardsae is a type or kind of fungus gnat that has made its home in massive numbers on the rocky walls of the tunnel. 

The presence of the bioluminescent fungus has enabled the inside of the Glow Worm Tunnel to have natural illumination. This natural wonder has managed to gain the attraction and attention of thousands of people in the abandoned space. 

8. Magnetic Island, Queensland

Located offshore from the Townsville city in Queensland, Magnetic Island serves as a haven for various wildlife. Almost 76% of the region is a part of the National Park. It remains situated on the hilly and steep interior, on the north-western side. The island has an estimated over 800 koalas. 

Magnetic Island is also renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Numerous fishes can get found there, ranging from fingermark to giant trevally. 

Overall, Magnetic Island gives tourists and travelers a feeling that they are exceedingly close to nature. Furthermore, it allows them to enjoy the beneficial aspects of the environment.

9. The Pinnacles, Nambung Desert

The Pinnacles are renowned limestone formations found inside the Nambung National Park. The area remains filled with thousands of weathered pillars made of limestone. 

The tallest pinnacles can reach a height of over 3.5 m when measured from above the yellow sand-covered base. The formations come in varying shapes and sizes. Some of them resemble columns, while the others look like tombstones. 

Several faunas can get found in the Pinnacles. They consist of western grey kangaroos, emus, cockatoos, carpet pythons, etc. In addition to that, flora such as firewood banksia, acorn banksia, parrot bush, and candlestick banksia are present here.

At the End

Australia offers numerous enthralling and appealing locations, attractions, and tourist spots. Some may be well-known, while others may have garnered less attention. Nevertheless, all these places are praiseworthy and allow for a memorable experience. 

On top of that, the varied flora and fauna enhance an individual’s time and memories in the country. Australia has an expansive list encompassing its nature.

As a cherry on the top, the food and accommodations in any part of Australia are exceptional. It implies that a tourist would have or face no issues or problems if they wish to enjoy a trip in the country.


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